the raven boys SPOILERS | reread

Hello friends, welcome to The Raven Boys reread post and this one contains spoilers FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES!! If you haven’t read the book yet, please exit this blog post unless you want to be massively spoiled. My spoiler free review is here!

spoilers everywhere

the introduction of adam and blue’s blossoming relationship isn’t what i’m looking for. this relationship was and still is a big no no for me. i’m saying this because i am bias, i love gansey and blue for life. sorry adam but there’s greater plans for you. wink wink.

i felt an inexplicable pain for ronan. he was the first one who found his father lying dead in the driveway and there was nothing he could do to make things better. he’s such a cinnamon roll  ♡ want to protect him forever.

GANSEY why are you just staring at the wasp buzzing on the window!? you have a freaking allergy and it’s what KILLED YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE. HELLO.


Instead of answering, he asked, “Do you not want me to come?” Something struck in Gansey’s chest. “I would take all of you anywhere with me.”

DAMN ALL THE FREAKING FEELS FROM THIS FRIENDSHIP. and Ronan is so vulnerable even though he has this tough, idgaf exterior. which tbh, makes him even more precious.

the part where they found noah’s skeleton, and his freaking last name is Czerny.. goosebumps appeared immediately. gives me the chills whenever i think about it. omg

// got spoiled the first time i read this because i was an impatient person, and was curious why we don’t know noah’s last name so i went to wikipedia it. *sigh* //

adam has really strong principles. he doesn’t want to accept anything from Gansey or Ronan because he will be “in debt” to them. he doesn’t see that they have his best interest at heart and not because of pity or see him as a charity case. it’s always because they care for him and value their friendship. when he argued with Gansey in the camaro after his father beat him shitless, i was turned off by his attitude.


Ronan said, “I’m always straight.”
Adam replied, “Oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told.”


found myself really invested into the forest scene even though i’ve read it before. i was so fascinated with everything… the fishes changing color, the seasons changing, the talking trees, the time pausing while they explore. it’s so freaking cool.

“Some of my favourite shirts are blue. However, I also like Jane.”

^WHY JANE? i don’t get it.

not to sound sadistic or anything like that but i really enjoyed reading about ronan when he’s vulnerable and unsure about something. because most of the time, he is really strong and tough. he doesn’t let people in that easily and he doesn’t voice anything. so when he does, it’s always worth a listen.


maggie stiefvater laces words together and make them sound so goddamn good. it’s like poetry. the words flow smoothly and beautifully together which makes the whole setting of the book so much more magical than it already is. i LOVE HER WRITING.


during the funeral, noah made blue tell his mother that he was sorry for drinking her birthday schnapps. and i was devastated. the first time, i was just a sobbing mess. and though i was already preparing myself for the shock and the information, i was still very upset about the fact that he is actually dead. it was really fascinating that the ley line was keeping his presence strong albeit he appears only once in a while.


the last part… ronan dropped a huge ass bomb that propelled the whole series after the raven boys. i totally forgot about this part because i was so numbed by noah’s funeral the first time.

hope you enjoyed this spoiler/discussion post!

let me know what you think about the raven boys because I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW! ♡ which part shocked you, amused you or made your heart clenched?


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