dreams of gods and monsters – laini taylor | review + discussion


Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor
Series: Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Genre: young adult, fantasy, paranormal, angels, romance

links: Goodreads | *Book Depository – hardcover/paperback

rating: ★★★★★


What power can bruise the sky?
Two worlds are poised on the brink of a vicious war. By way of a staggering deception, Karou has taken control of the chimaera’s rebellion and is intent on steering its course away from dead-end vengeance. The future rests on her.
When the brutal angel emperor brings his army to the human world, Karou and Akiva are finally reunited–not in love, but in tentative alliance against their common enemy. It is a twisted version of their long-ago dream, and they begin to hope that it might forge a way forward for their people. And, perhaps, for themselves.
But with even bigger threats on the horizon, are Karou and Akiva strong enough to stand among the gods and monsters?


Dreams of Gods and Monsters is one chunk of a book. It took me a month to go through the 613 pages. There were parts that I absolutely loved with all of my heart and some parts where I’m a little disappointed at. Overall, it’s a fantastic finale book to a fantastic trilogy.

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Laini Taylor’s writing is amazing as always. The whimsical writing made the world even more magical than it already is. However, the flowery prose can be a little problematic when it came to explanations. At least for me. I had to reread a couple of times before I understood what was going on. but! Laini Taylor does add a tl;dr paragraph to summarise everything so that her readers understand.

The weightage of Eliza’s character for the book was a surprising one. Unlike Rath, the Dashnag boy, who got some point of views in Days of Blood and Starlight, Eliza was a more impactful side character. It was refreshing to finally see the dots connecting, and questions being answered regarding to the background of Razgut and also, Akiva’s mysterious powers.

Amongst the chaos, I’m consistently yearning for some romantic development between the couples. There’s a new couple in Dreams of Gods and Monsters that I’ve been cheering on ever since it was hinted.

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A couple of scene stealers: Mik, Zuzana, Ziri

Mik and Zuzana were so lovable. They’re so loyal and fiercely protective of their friendship with Karou and they’re so freaking cute together. Their human presence in the midst of the chimaeras and angels was incredibly touching and gives the fantasy book a little normalcy. They literally threw everything behind and ventured into this unknown world with Karou because they love and trust her. And have I mentioned? They are bloody adorable together. 

Ziri. Precious, precious, precious Ziri. My heart is full of warmth because of this character. Never have I thought that this Kirin who has been silently chasing after Karou for ages could fill me with hope and happiness like this. His presence certainly influenced the course of the book.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend you to pick the trilogy up. 


omgggggg mik bought zuzana a ring!!! I’m so excited for night of cake and puppet! I love them so much!

“Aw,” responded Mik, “that’s so sweet. You’re going to tuck me into a fresh, steaming carcass to warm me up?”
“Not you. Me.”

“Better be good to her!” she called after him in Chimera. “Or I’ll let her turn you into a pegasus in your next body!”
“No!” he roared back. “Not that!”

virko is actually quite amazing.

He didn’t let her finish. “Don’t forget. Not ever. Not for a second.” He drew in breath. “Please.”
So much behind that word. Please don’t forget I’m not a monster. Please don’t forget what I gave up. Please don’t forget me.


my heart hurts for ziri. poor boy, he’s stuck in a monster’s skin, but his soul is so pure.

If anyone ever did love him, he thought bitterly, it might be nice to be able to touch her without drawing blood.

Liraz is amazing okay. she is hostile and unfriendly but the things she does without other people knowing.

  • provided mik and zuzana with warmth from her wings while they were sleeping because mik had asked her before.
  • was tortured and almost got both her arms chopped off but she wasn’t even angry about it. she kinda accepted it.
  • got a love story. the both of them need someone too.

It’s so interesting to bring in a new character now. After all the new characters that were introduced into the previous books like Rath, Eliza is my favourite and has a longer lasting image and impact on the storyline. Her being a descendant of an angel wasn’t something that I was expecting but I was so amazed and intrigued by it. When she was introduced, I knew somehow she’s going to be an important person because of the reoccurring dreams and her freaking out about this apocalypse. (another thing, i really hate morgan toth. he’s bitter, and a complete douche)


“And speaking of fair, you might have waited a few minutes before barging in earlier. I’m sure we were seconds from kissing.”
Liraz snorted, caught off guard, and the tension between them ebbed away. “I’m sorry if my almost dying interrupted your almost kissing.”

AHHAHA. i love these siblings. i wish hazael was here.


the parting between akiva and liraz was so painful to read about. it made me think of dependable hazael. liraz decided in the last moment to push akiva into the human world before she sealed to portal to eterz. i’m CRYING. gosh. i hate the guilt that akiva experienced. liraz wanted him to live, decided and chose him to be the one who live, to make a difference. i’m IN A PUDDLE OF TEARS.

poor eliza. when she recounted the things that the public did to her while she was younger. ugh.

also, what’s with the security. there’s only one driver bringing the prophet, a descendant of the angels, back to the city? eliza sounds important enough to me but there’s not more than two people escorting her back??

“If we’re going by the myths, then I would a thing of blood.”
“And of light,” she added, her voice so soft.

It must have been so awkward for Virko to be in the same bathroom as them while they were having a heart to heart talk. I can’t help but imagine him, a hulk of muscles, just staring into the air while anxiously waiting for zuzana to open the door so he can escape whatever was going on. HAHAH.

omg i was so pissed at esther. but thanks to mik’s quick thinking, we still got some wishes.

“So,” said Mik in a faux-lazy drawl, “when fake grandma said she didn’t have any more wishes? She lied. But look. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Now she really doesn’t.”

of all chimaera to be resurrected, it has to be haxaya……

i’m so bloody happy for karou and akiva, finally after so long, they can properly be together.


AHHHHH LIRAZ IS BLOODY ALIVE OMGGGGG!!!! I’M SO HAPPPPYYYYY. Poor liraz though. She was holding onto that canteen not knowing if she succeed in keeping Ziri’s soul or not. BUT I’M SO HAPPY FOR THE TWO OF THEM BECAUSE HE’S RESURRECTED AND HE CAN LOVE HER WHILE SHE LOVE HIM. AHHHHHH.

“Anyone who takes on my sister,” he had postured once, all puffed-out bravado, “will have to deal with… my sister.” And then he’d dived behind her and cowered.



She moved her hand away, and said, as clearly as she could – which wasn’t very – “I like it. You, I mean.”

“Good,” he said. “I like you, too.”


mik proposed to zuzana on the back of a storm hunter. G O A L S.

the info dump was quite confusing at the end.. my brain can’t handle flowery explanations.. sobs.

“People with destinies shouldn’t make plans,” Eliza would say later, laughing, but right now what she said was, “There never were godstars yet.”

Honestly, got really heartbroken when Akiva agreed to go back with the Stelians and Karou, right at that moment, walked into the cave. Why did you have to do that to my heart. goodness me. Eliza was to badass after she became fully her. I LOVED IT SO MUCH.


what was disappointing:

  • the souls in the cathedral in loramendi was only gleaned and collected after everything. i wanted to see the place again.
  • even though yasri’s thurible was collected, there wasn’t anything about what brimstone could’ve wanted for her to pass to karou like issa did.
  • there was no outright war or even a fight. we didn’t even fully see/flashback on the battle in the mountains. jael was let go so easily. to be honest, i don’t know what happened to him.. does anyone know?
  • brimstone is still dead. i was holding onto a tiny piece of hope that he’d be back but HE ISN’T and i’m broken. he’s an amazing character we don’t know much about & i’m mostly sad because karou would’ve wanted him to see what hope had done. 

what i want in my life:

  • a stormhunter. that would be amazing.
  • wings
  • the hot spring water bath thing in the kirin cave. it’s has healing properties, who wouldn’t want it?
  • a house in the middle of the island like the one akiva made for karou [it was adorable]
  • look good with blue hair

Let me know what you think about Dreams of Gods and Monsters! i love it with all my heart.


“Your soul knew,” said Issa. “Even if your mind didn’t.”


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