the assassin’s blade – sarah j maas | discussion

18243700The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas
Series: Throne of Glass
Published March 4th 2014 by Bloomsbury Childrens
Genre: fantasy, young adult, romance

links: Goodreads | *Book DepositoryPaperback, Hardcover

rating: ★★★★


Celaena Sardothien is Adarlan’s most feared assassin. As part of the Assassin’s Guild, her allegiance is to her master, Arobynn Hamel, yet Celaena listens to no one and trusts only her fellow killer-for-hire, Sam. In these action-packed novellas – together in one edition for the first time – Celaena embarks on five daring missions. They take her from remote islands to hostile deserts, where she fights to liberate slaves and seeks to avenge the tyrannous. But she is acting against Arobynn’s orders and could suffer an unimaginable punishment for such treachery. Will Celaena ever be truly free? Explore the dark underworld of this kick-ass heroine to find out.


spoilers everywhere

the assassin and the pirate lord.

ben’s death is a bit suspicious. maybe it was arobynn who asked georgi to get rid of ben? I’LL FOREVER BE SUSPICIOUS OF THINGS HAPPENING AROUND AROBYNN

celaena sarodathian may be a deadly assassin, but she’s such a compassionate human being. she saved 200 slaves from getting sold to the evils out in the world. though i have no idea how they are going to survive out there, but this showed how passionate celaena is about having a choice and making a decision. she just couldn’t turn away from this slave trading.

“Because if we don’t fight for them, who will?”

also, what a change in feelings. sam and celaena probably caught feelings earlier on, and was probably fighting the emotions by going head-to-head with each other all the time?

rolfe was an interesting character. i want to know more about the map on his hands. it stopped moving when the fae/magic disappeared. who did the exchange for him, was it a fae? and of course, rolfe was stunned when he saw celaena without the mask. pfffft.

witnessing celaena in her element was an amazing sight. she’s so calculative and cunning when it comes to ensuring that everything will not come back to bite her in the butt. she made rolfe sign two messages – one to ensure abroynn doesn’t get involved in slave trade again, and the other to warn rolfe to steer clear of the trade and to let skulls bay be a safe haven for slaves. WONDERFUL.

the assassin and the healer.

celaena fighting in the mist was AMAZING. I loved it so much.

there’s two sides of celaena that really shone out. the first is her ruthlessness – she kills people without blinking and is always itching for a fight with anyone who will entertain her. the second side is her compassion – she just couldn’t turn away from yrene, she helped yrene learn self-defence and left the bag of money (and her ruby brooch) so that yrene could use it for her trip to terre cesme.

it’s so interesting to see her as an unflinching assassin but her heart is still moved by people who were affected by the disappearance of magic. however, i’m more convinced that the reason celaena helped yrene was because yrene has her life ahead of her (she knows what she wants to do, is passionate about it, her education will allow her to heal many more others and she’s going to return to the continent to help the poor and helpless) while celaena already has a reputation of being the best assassin who doesn’t have a future (because she’s bounded to arobynn by money and gratitude?).

i hope the two of them will meet again the future. IT WOULD BE AMAZING. and also, yrene doesn’t even know celaena’s name, but i guess it doesn’t really matter after crown of midnight happened. oh wells.

the assassin and the desert.

i feel really horrible for mikhail, he had real feelings for ansel, and thought that it was returned, but in the end, she was the one who killed him just because she wanted revenge.

i’m so excited for whenever in the near future where celaena is going to the ruhnn mountains to kill the stygian spider that took 20 years worth of life off the merchant.

this particular novella cuts my heart so deeply for celaena. it pains to to know that she could’ve had a perfectly normal (in the sense of her world) female friendship, one that she cherished and learned to open her heart to. but ansel had to the bad person. i remember the dread that washed throughout my being when i first found out ansel was the betrayer, and all i could feel was despair and anger. that scene when celaena shot the arrow on the 21st minute, because she had promised ansel 20, was so emotionally draining.

“When you give your master his letter, also give him this. And tell him that in the Red Desert, we do not abuse our disciples.”

This Mute Master is the epitome of a good role model but he makes mistakes like TRUSTING ANSEL TO “TRUST ME AND TELL HER WORRIES TO ME HERSELF”???!

the assassin and the underworld.

“IT’S A TRAP” was circling my brain the entire time arobynn was being nice and sensitive towards the slave topic. damn it, he really knows how to manipulate celaena using the situation.

i love sam and celaena together. and i like seeing celaena happy. she’s far too gloomy and alone and snarky and sad for the most part.

arobynn is a manipulative bastard. i hate that she’d killed the people who was doing good things in the world just because you wanted to be a fucking disgusting human being.

as much as i disliked lysandra, it shouldn’t have been arobynn or anyone else. it should’ve been her choice, and her choice only. ew, you disgusting pig. but lysandra’s reaction and remark about how arobynn had put celaena’s gold into good use (on her) was revolting as well. yuck.

i’m so scared for their future. despite leaving the assassins keep, i doubt they’ll have much freedom if they’re going to stay in arobynn’s territory. i can’t wait for the fight between arobynn and celaena though. it’s going to be epic and celaena has to win it and claim the title of queen of assassin. i need that. just for her to prove a point to arobynn’s stinky character.

“The moment I woke up after he beat me, I realised I had to leave. Because I was going to kill him if I didn’t. But I couldn’t.” He studied her face. “Not until you came back. Not until I knew you were all right – until I saw that you were safe.”

In the silence of her bedroom, she swore an oath to the moonlight that if Sam were hurt, no force in the world would hold her back from slaughtering everyone responsible.

MY HEART IS BREAKING. and i’m waiting for the moments she put this oath into action.

the assassin and the empire.

i kept thinking. what if they actually did what sam wanted, just up and move, would he still be alive?

the pain, the agony, the rage. it’s a jumble of emotions after reading this novella. i hated arobynn so much – for plotting against sam and celaena – just because he didn’t like “sharing his possessions”, go fuck yourself you self-entitled asshole. my heart broke even before celaena knew sam was dead. it was set up to be that way and i hated that arobynn was the one to break the news. because he was the one to set it up and farran probably sent it to him as they planned it.

the defeated and broken celaena was something that i didn’t expect to punch me in the gut. despite her showing jealousy and insecurities, most of the time she doesn’t give a damn about anything and she’s sure of herself and her skills but seeing her in that wagon, feeling weak and vulnerable and her mourning about sam was so painful.

Sam’s eyes opened, and, finding her watching him, he gave her a sleepy smile.
It hit her like a punch to the gut. Yes – for him, she could someday give up being Adarlan’s Assassin, give up the notoriety and fortune.


sam not bothering about how arobynn is trying to divide celaena and him with celaena’s tendency to hide her background is so satisfying to watch. it showed how much trust sam had in her.

i bet the farran loving adventure books was a ruse by arobynn. and i can’t believe sam persuaded celaena to be far away from the day he was going to kill farran. i mean, he isn’t the second in command of the biggest crime lord if rifthold for no reason right? ugh and i hate it that arobynn was the one to rely to news. fuck you.

omg wesley tried to warn her but she assumed that he was wholeheartedly in arobynn’s side. fudge.

i loved the stag moment, especially because it’s rounds back to the assassin and the desert when celaena mentioned that the lord of the north guides people of terrasen home. and that gave celaena the strength to persevere through the hardships of the salt mines.

She would tuck Sam into her heart, a bright light for her to take out whenever things were darkest. And then she would remember how it had felt to be loved, when the world had held nothing but possibility. No matter what they did to her, they could never take that away.
She would not break.

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