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Hello friends! It’s my privilege to be a participant on my first ever tour, the #KingdomColdTour which is hosted by Shealea. It is to promote Brittni Chenelle’s self-published book, Kingdom Cold. More details are at the bottom!

For this creative post, it’ll be all about the kingdoms that fascinated me. Whether they existed in the books or in reality. Personally, the ancient/past kingdoms interest me more than present rulers as the history and culture behind the past periods are richer so there won’t be any current kingdoms in this list.  

1. Goryeo: Korea 918–1392

Because I’m currently watching Goblin, and loving the history. I’ve also watched other Korean dramas (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart, Empress Ki) based around this era, so I’m really curious about how it’s like to live in this period of the Korean history. 

That’s about it. Oh, and I really want to try on a Hanbok but I guess I could wear a Hanbok in any era of Korea.

2. Three Kingdoms: China 220–280 AD

I’m not a huge history buff so these information are mostly from what I remember and Wikipedia (which I know is not a credible source but it’s not like I’m writing an essay for school). My interest in this particular era of China started because of a Taiwanese drama (are you guys seeing a pattern?) called 終極三國 (K.O.3an Guo) which I absolutely loved because it was filled with hilarious dialogue and interesting characters.

Basically, China was divided into 3 parts, thus it’s name. The television series don’t have much correlation with the actual history because it’s set in the present time and most of them wield normal weapons like swords while others produce magic via playing instruments. Despite its difference, the show prompted me to read up on the Three Kingdoms period which I found extremely fascinating.

I won’t go much on about it but it’s a place in time that I’d like to see with my own eyes.

3. The Tearling | The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

Recently, I read The Queen of the Tearling and I found myself wanting to explore the Tearling. I’m only done with the first book of the trilogy but I can’t help but feel like I need to do something about the situation in Tearling now. Families were ripped apart by the agreement with the Red Queen, the looming invasion because that contract was breached, and the these men just thinking they can do whatever they want with the women is infuriating and disgusting.

Aside from all these horrid happenings, I want to see the Tearling’s beauty and meet the people too.

4. Ravka | Shadow and Bone/ Six of Crows/ King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

Hands down, number one place I’d like to travel to. Mainly because of Nikolai and Kaz, and also the rest of the crew but my priorities are those two. I’ve not yet read King of Scars, I will soon, I promise, but I absolutely loved Nikolai in Six of Crows.

I want to see the magic that live and thrive there, it would be so fascinating to witness what they are doing. Honestly, I just want to share some waffles with Nina. Also, I’m excited that there’s a television show adapted on the Grishaverse. I hope they do a wonderful job with it, and cast really talented characters. PLEASE DON’T LET THIS FLOP!!!!! my heart is on the line here.

5. Besmium | Kingdom Cold by Brittni Chenelle

After reading Kingdom Cold, I was intrigued by Brittni Chenelle’s description of the castles. Yes, plural. Due to the attack on her kingdom, Princess Charlotte is forced to escape elsewhere. There’s mention of a variety of kingdoms in the book. I’d like to see Vires too, it’d be interesting to compare between Princess Charlotte’s Besmium and Prince Young’s Vires.

That’s the end of my list of kingdoms in the past, fiction and non-fiction that I’d love to visit and explore. Do you have any kingdoms you personally want to go? I’m not done with the book yet, but I’m intrigued by Black London from A Darker Shade of Magic trilogy even though it’s filled with bad magic. Let me know what you think!



“Married? To who?” I seethed. It didn’t even matter. “Married!”

My mom, Queen of Besmium, let out a breathy sigh. “Honestly, Charlotte, can we skip the theatrics?”

I rushed closer to her. “I’m only sixteen. You said I’d have more time, until eighteen at least.”

She crossed her arms. “And you would feel differently about marriage in two years?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Tears stung my eyes. I clenched my jaw, rage pulsing through me. Was this a punishment? Everyone knew I would make a terrible queen. I wasn’t cut out for rules or duty. My parents were never able to conceive another child, so they gave in to the fact it would have to be me. Married off for an alliance. “No. I won’t do it,” I said.

“I wasn’t asking your permission.” Her gaze cut into my resolve but I refused to surrender the modicum of freedom I had.

“I won’t say ‘I do’,” I said, locking my knees to keep them from shaking. Marriage? Even the word repulsed me. It sat at the back of my throat and I chocked on it. 

She stepped forward and leaned her face close to mine, her voice almost a whisper. “Could you be any more selfish?”


KINGDOM COLD is on sale for just $0.99 on Amazon Kindle.


Brittni Chenelle currently lives in Seoul, Korea which inspires her multicultural fantasy books. Her favorite genres to read and write are young adult fantasy, young adult romance, fairytale retellings, and young adult dystopian novels. She’s very passionate about equal representation and makes a point to include characters from different backgrounds and cultures in her fantasy stories.

Here are five fun facts about Brittni:

  1. She lives in South Korea. It’s true. She does most of her updates in the morning or at night to account for the time difference. She also infuses most of her novels with her observations about Korean culture.
  2. She’s a Type 1 Diabetic. She uses an insulin pump for survival and refers to her diabetes as “Beetie” which is what inspired her children’s book “Life with Beetie”. When she wants something from her parents she tells them, “My Beetie hurts.” It’s a trick that has never failed her.
  3. She doesn’t really BELIEVE in fiction. Despite all the; Dragons, Elves, and Magic present in her novel “Involuted the Tale of the Red Ribbon Tree”, Brittni INSISTS that it’s a true story.
  4. She’s OBSESSED with dark chocolate. She made me put that in and would also like me to inform you (on an unrelated note) that her birthday is in May.
  5. Sorry guys, she’s married. If you ask her, she’ll tell you her husband saved her life but every time someone asks “how?” she gives a different reason. I’ve overheard her give about 4 different reasons, but I bet she has more. He must be an amazing guy.

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