celebrating my birthday month with new releases!

i barely do blog posts like this but i wanted to shoutout some of my most anticipated books in october since it’s my birthday month! yay happy birthday to me~ i probably should do this more often on my non-birthday months but i’m a lazy bitch. procrastination is my best friend.

let’s just jump into it. *philip defranco voice*

crier’s war – nina varela
oct 1

i’m excited about this one. it’s another instant cover love. i only know it’s a f/f fantasy and nothing else. i like not knowing too much before i dive into a story. i’ve been seeing so many great reviews shouting out this book. i definitely want to read this debut novel soon.

the beautiful – renee ahdieh
oct 8

vampire time!!! it’s been so long since i’ve read a vampire book that my last recollection is reading twilight which is a gazillion lightyears ago. so with the beautiful coming out in oct, written by one of my favorite authors + bringing back the vampires, I’M HYPED!

ninth house – leigh bardugo
oct 8

after reading six of crows, i stan leigh bardugo so she’s one of my favorite authors ever. i can’t wait to get my hands on ninth house, LOOK AT THE COVER!! it’s flipping gorgeous. feast your eyes on the beauty.  & it’s coming out on my birthday so i have to get this and read it immediately. i’m excited to see her creating a darker and more sinister book that’s outside the grishaverse.

the dragon warrior – katie zhao
oct 15

putting in this asian rep book in this list because it’s time for some asian middle grade in my tbr. i can’t wait for some chinese mythology + there’s a dragon on the cover (WILL THERE BE A DRAGON IN THE BOOK? I HOPE). & i’m one of the chosen ones for the dragon warrior’s blog tour hosted by @caffeinebooktour and @shealea so look out for #dragonwarriortour for all the wonderful posts published by various bloggers. 💛 it’s going to be fun~
p.s. i read it and loved it. the setting was beautiful and i think i fell in love with my cultural heritage once again. reading about chinese mythology in books is so rare and this book is just perfection and nostalgic.

the never tilting world – rin chupeco
oct 15

heard about the author’s the bone witch trilogy before but i’ve never read it. what attracted me to this book was the beautiful cover. IT’S GORGEOUS. and the synopsis sounds awesome and magical and it has goddesses so i’m definitely in.

the fountains of silence – ruta sepetys
oct 22

read salt to the sea by ruta sepetys and i fell in love with her writing. it had the perfect balance of seriousness due to the world war 2 setting and the seedling of hope for the characters i’ve come to like. so, i’m really looking forward to the fountains of silence which i have high expectations of. historical fiction is starting to look like a genre i tend to reach for nowadays.

4 thoughts on “celebrating my birthday month with new releases!”

  1. Awww Happy Birthday!!! You’ve got some amazing books coming out in honour of your special day 😉 A Renee Ahdieh AND a Leigh Bardugo new release – girl, you’ve been spoiled! 😛 Hope you have a fantastic birthday month!

    💛 Ngoc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you ngoc!!! i’ve been saying i’m going to get some new books soon but kept delaying it. i hope i’m actually buying some books this month. ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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