14 highly anticipated releases in my birthday month!

i have to say, october has some of my most anticipated releases of the entire year. since i’m sharing the same birthday month as these books, i need to shout them out to the world.

while compiling this list, i realised that about 6 of the books are under the ‘historical fiction’ genre, and i’m LOVING it. historical fiction is one genre that i want to read more of. i was blessed enough to receive ARCs for some of these upcoming releases so i’m having the best birthday month ever. i think my luck will run out after this. lol. but thank you for these presents (that you don’t know you gifted me)~

now that i’m writing this post up, i realised this will be a super duper long list filled with my nonsensical blabbering. basically, just me screaming about how excited i am. you’ve been warned! let’s go!


the invisible life of addie larue – v.e. schwab

this standalone is incredibly hyped. many early reviewers, that i trust, have highly praised the invisible life of addie larue. thankfully, i got an ARC and i’ll be reading it very soon. THANK YOU, ARC-GIVING GODS! i can’t wait to find out what made addie larue bargain for this life, and what happens with this person who remembers her.

the devil and the dark water – stuart turton

after reading the 7½ deaths of evelyn hardcastle by stuart turton, i told myself that i’ll be picking up whatever book he’ll be publishing next, AND I WILL BE! this is another historical fiction standalone BUT with mUrdER~~ on a ship! how perfect for halloween.

the tower of nero (the trials of apollo #5) – rick riordan

i started reading THE TRIALS OF APOLLO series this year, and am loving apollo’s character arc. not going to read the synopsis for this finale yet since i’m only at book three. i’m looking for to more adventures, meeting more greek mythology characters and witty dialogues.

mistletoe and mr. right (moose springs, alaska #2) – sarah morgenthaler

THANK YOU, ARC GODS once again because i got to be an early reviewer for mistletoe and mr. right (the “wish for this” thing isn’t a myth) and i’ve already uploaded my thoughts on the book. it’s filled with hilarious (but scary) scenes aka a taxidermy squirrel b&b date, and a sweet romance between two people who never thought the other would be attracted to them. great cozy book during christmas.

broken wish (the mirror #1) – julie c. dao

read julie c. dao’s rise of the empress books, and fell in love with her writing and world building. each of the four books in THE MIRROR series will be written by different authors, the first one will be by julie c. dao. broken wish is a darker take on fairytales. it’s perfect as a spooky read during october! also, the mirror series will encompass four generations of women in the same family which is super interesting.

i hope you’re listening – tom ryan

i hope you’re listening is another standalone book that i’ve received an ARC for a blog tour! WATCH OUT FOR IT, i’ll be uploading my review on OCTOBER 14. honestly, i was captured the moment i found out that the main character is a true crime podcaster (DREAM JOB!) and she’s on the hunt for the truth. it has all the elements of a mystery book that i want, so i’m so FREAKING HAPPY that i get to read it in advance.


a golden fury – samantha cohoe

the ARC gods were extremely kind to me as i got accepted into a golden fury blog tour. my review will be up on OCTOBER 17 so watch out for it! the story surrounds a to-be alchemist and the creation of the philosopher’s stone which offers immortality and the ability to turn metal into gold. i always love a good fantasy about alchemy especially set in historical time periods.

the fallen hero (the dragon warrior #2) – katie zhao

let me shout something: I LOVED THIS BOOK AND I LOVE KATIE ZHAO. as an ownvoices reader, this chinese middle grade fantasy is one that i will keep close to my heart for a long long time. it’s filled with chinese mythological characters such as sūn wùkōng (the monkey king) and niú mówáng (bull demon king). the fallen hero is set around the hungry ghost festival, a month whereby spirits are able to cross into the human realm more easily. i really loved it. the review will be posted during the first week of october!

the once and future witches – alix e. harrow

alix e. harrow’s the ten thousand doors of january was amazing so when i saw that she wrote another book, i immediately tried my luck on netgalley to try to get an ARC. and i got it! woohoo~ i’m looking forward to badass witches and whimsical writing. also, this book is darker as it explores heavier topics (hence, adult not YA) so take note of the trigger warnings.

tw: child abuse, both physical and psychological; parental death; arrest and imprisonment; mind control; pregnancy and childbirth, including forced hospitalization; racism; sexism; homophobia, both external and internalized; threat of sexual assault, averted; torture (mostly off-the-page, but alluded to); execution (attempted); child abandonment; major character death.

i felt this was important to add in, so the author mentions that “This book is darker than my previous work, and I want to make sure readers are forewarned. I tried hard to find the line between accurately representing the historical experiences of women (and especially women activists), and dramatizing their pain and suffering in an exploitative way, but I wouldn’t want anyone to stumble into a reading experience they didn’t want.”

swamp thing: twin branches – maggie stiefvater

found out about this graphic novel release by maggie stiefvater recently, and since i love her books, i’m interested to read swamp thing: twin branches. it’s about two brothers, alec and walker, who are quite opposite of one another. the color scheme and drawing looks amazing!

OCTOBER 20 & 27

among the beasts and briars – ashley poston

i’m really excited to read among the beasts and briars. i loved ashley poston’s ONCE UPON A CON series which is a contemporary romance. i’m curious to how her fantasy standalone would be like. and this is a COVER LOVE.

phoenix extravagant – yoon ha lee

i’d read yoon ha lee’s dragon pearl this year. thoroughly enjoyed his writing and the world he created. phoenix extravagant is an adult standalone which is VERY different from the dragon pearl (middle grade). i’m looking for steampunk and DRAGONS!!!! andddd, i got the ARC for it. will definitely read it asap.

trigger warnings: torture, attempt to trap and eat cat, mass death, earthquake, bombing, injury

kingdom of the wicked (kingdom of the wicked #1) – kerri maniscalco

kerri maniscalco’s STALKING JACK THE RIPPER series is one of my favorite series ever so i’m definitely picking her first book of the new series, kingdom of the wicked. there’s a pair of twin sisters, witches and dark magic. I’M IN. also, i’m in a blog tour for this new release so do watch out for my review coming out on OCTOBER 8 (MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!)

edit: i read it, and loved it. you don’t want to miss this out.

crazy stupid bromance (bromance book club #3) – lyssa kay adams

i enjoyed the bromance book club! the concept’s really cute cause it’s basically a group of guys providing guidance to a bro in need of some wooing tips which they get from reading romance books. in crazy stupid bromance, it has the friends-to-lovers trope which i will always pick up to read. i believe there’s some hacking and, unquestionably, cats involved.

that’s all from me. are you excited for any of these october releases? let me know~ stay safe and healthy, everyone!

16 thoughts on “14 highly anticipated releases in my birthday month!”

  1. Woah, I am so so excited!! I have also read many early reviews of The Invisble Life of Addie La Rue and they are all SO GOOD. I can’t wait for this one. And, I am so curious about your thoughts on Kingdom of the Wicked. I HAVE to know how you liked it, how the characters are, the story, agh.. just want to have it in my hands rn. Plus, I just noticed your new blog design and I am in love with the aesthetics. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh, i liked kingdom of the wicked so much! it’s different from SJTR. kerri manisalco is an amazing writer. i can’t wait for you to read it since you’re huge fan of her and SJTR!!

      thank you, linda ❤️️ i thought it was time for a change. hehe


  2. Hello ahhh yes I share the same birthday month with you and all these books!! I am so looking forward to The Invisible Life Of Addie Larue and many rare indeed eviews going crazy over it! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! And lovely blog btw. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hello, cherelle! HAPPY (ADVANCED) BIRTHDAY MONTH TO YOU!! i’m so excited to read the invisible life of addie larue next month. thanks! ❤️️


  3. because i mostly read contemporaries, i hardly ever keep up with the fall/winter releases as they’re mostly fantasy or holiday titles. but tower of nero looks amazing! i thought the once and future witches was actually YA – the cover gave me YA vibes -, and it has a very interesting premise! i probably would never read it just because of the trigger warnings (thanks for sharing, btw!), but i hope you enjoy your read!

    my most anticipated release would have to be crazy stupid bromance. i loved the first book in this series earlier this year, and this one sounds adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oo, as a huge fantasy reader i never noticed that fall/winter releases are mostly fantasy, that’s interesting. i thought the once and future witches was YA too until i read the synopsis!

      i’m looking forward to crazy stupid bromance as well, especially since i just finished book two which was amazing. i hope you enjoy the release~ (:

      Liked by 1 person

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