the pumpkin spice latte book tag

hello everyone, welcome back to a book tag! in celebration of the spooky season, i was tagged to do the PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE book tag by Rafaela @The Portuguese Bibliophile. fun fact/confession: i’ve never drank pumpkin spice latte before. not even from starbucks. oops? i hope everyone’s having a wonderful october~ now, on with the prompts and my answers.

 πŸŽƒ rules  πŸŽƒ

  • Link back to the original post
  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Do the prompts below
  • Tag some friends
  • Most importantly – have fun!

 πŸŽƒ prompts  πŸŽƒ

a book you didn’t think you’d love

i wasn’t expecting to fall in love with my plain jane by cynthia hand, brodi ashton and jodi meadows. if you’re looking for a gothic retelling of jane eyre, my plain jane is the book for you. one of the character is charlotte brontΓ« herself. it has ghosts, humorous dialogues, a blooming romance with a supernatural investigator and a creepy manor filled with secrets.

a book that got you a bit hot under the collar

read take a hint, dani brown by talia hibbert recently, and absolutely adored the couple. zaf and dani were cute together, and their chemistry is off the roof. this contemporary romance definitely had some steamy scenes.

a book that felt like a warm hug

if you aren’t aware of katie zhao’s the dragon warrior series, you’re missing out on some awesome middle grade. although there are only two books currently published, i already know that i’ll be loving this series with all my heart.

the chinese mythology and culture is embedded into every single detail. it was such a blast when i could relate to the characters and the chinese heritage.

check out my reviews for the dragon warrior and the fallen hero.

a book you enjoyed that was hard to get into

truth be told, i tried twice before finally finishing red rising by pierce brown. impulsively, i bought the first half of the series before ever reading book one. the first time i read red rising, i managed to get 2 chapters in before i put it on hold. the second time, i read more but still couldn’t be immersed yet. i didn’t want to DNF red rising since i heard it was good.

when i read it this year, i finally read everything and it was amazing. it felt like the hunger games but more. darrow’s a main character that i’ll support all the way. if you are finding a book that’ll put you on the edge of your seat, try red rising.

a vanilla character

unfortunately, the characters in all your twisted secrets by diana urban were vanilla and one-dimensional. i only somewhat liked a few of them. i didn’t enjoy the motive of the person who set the whole situation up; it felt childish. but all your twisted secrets might be your kind of book.

a book that was velvety smooth to read

for this, i would have to go with Rafaela’s answer as well. laini taylor has one of the most beautiful writing style ever. i first fell in love with her writing with the daughter of smoke and bone series, and even more when i read strange the dreamer.

a character whose temperament is icy cold

ryder black in the scoundrel’s honor by christi caldwell has a cold temperament. he’s stoic and unflinching when it came to running his business. as an owner of a gambling hall, and because of his past, he cultivated a demeanour with high walls. he doesn’t let anyone into his life so it was fun reading how he fell in love with penelope.

a book that you’re salty about

wilder girls by rory powers. i wanted to like the book but i just couldn’t get into the plot, and thought that the romance was unnecessary.

a character who is sweet

from the bride test by helen hoang, there’s esme who travelled from a small village in Vietnam to the city in the United States. while in a foreign country, she worked through her difficulties and conquered her obstacles. after knowing that khai has autism, she treated him the same. with gentleness and kindness, esme showed khai that she’s there for the long haul.

a character you’d take home for christmas

forever and ever, my answer is will herondale from the infernal devices series (and thomas cresswell from the stalking jack the ripper series). the two of them will be my top fictional boyfriends.

 πŸŽƒ i’m tagging~  πŸŽƒ

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to the people i’ve tagged, don’t feel obligated to do this. for those who aren’t tagged but want to, feel free to~

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15 thoughts on “the pumpkin spice latte book tag”

  1. ahhh, loved reading your answers! i’ve heard so much about ‘take a hint, danni brown’ saying it’s so good! i should really start that series soon enough ❀️ thanks for the tag, i can’t wait to do it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. do it, tiffany~ the dragon warrior was incredibly fun to read. i loved it. looking forward for your answers to the prompts!


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