10 releases that i meant to read but didn’t | blogmas day 3

one of the woes of being a reader is having no time to devour all the books that are being published. while i was trying to catch up with the backlisted books in my tbr, i couldn’t keep up with all the 2020 releases i wanted to read this year. sadly, many of the books i had set out to read at the beginning of the year fell down the tbr as i got more interested in other releases.

in this blogmas post, i’ll be only mentioning books that were released in 2020. five of them are part of a trilogy/series and the other five are standalone. as someone who loves writing lists, i have over 30 books in this “2020 releases i couldn’t get to in time” list. these books are just some of the selected few that i’m gravitating more towards and most probably will reach for soon. probably being the keyword because 2021 releases are making me giddy and heart-eyed.

where dreams descend
by janella angeles

i was initially attracted to the gorgeous cover, and when i found out it’s set in a circus, i was sold. unfortunately, this book is sitting on my shelf unread. not sure why but i haven’t been reaching out for it recently. the sequel will be coming out in 2021 so i’m most likely going to pick this book up before that.

the silvered serpents
by roshani chokshi

with the silvered serpents, i have plans to reread the gilded wolves. i think i was pretty overwhelmed by book one so i couldn’t remember a lot of the details. also, it’s so loved in the book community that i feel strangely intimidated despite already started the trilogy.

my calamity jane
by cynthia hand, brodi ashton, jodi meadows

each book in the lady janies series can be read as a standalone. none of the books overlap in terms of characters, setting or plot. in the three books, the authors rewrite history in their own ways, all of them are about a main character named ‘jane’. everything is fresh and brand new.

i’m excited to read my calamity jane because i loved the first two books. there were hilarious dialogues, amazing chemistry and heart-pumping scenes. for the last jane, it’s set in the wild west, a setting which i rarely read about. didn’t read it this year because i only finished book two in september.

the shadow of kyoshi
by f.c. yee

i read the rise of kyoshi during the period when i was rewatching the last airbender last year so i definitely more hyped for it. weirdly, i didn’t feel the same motivation to pick up the shadow of kyoshi this year. however, i’m pretty sure i’ll be reading the shadow of kyoshi in the near future.

the damned
by renée ahdieh

the beautiful brought back the vamps into my tbr. after finishing book one, i wanted to pick up the damned. however, i found out that the author is expanding this duology into a trilogy so, like for where dreams descend, i’ll read book two before the righteous is out.


the silence of bones
by june hur

the silence of bones wasn’t on my tbr for very long. i only discovered it when book twitter started raving about it. i’m definitely picking this book up soon(ish) mainly because june hur’s publishing the forest of stolen girls next year, and i want to know what her writing style is before that. set in 1800 korea, this historical fiction mystery is perfect for me.

among the beasts & briars
by ashley poston

i’ve only ever read ashley poston’s contemporary romance series, once upon a con. with among the beast and briars, a fantasy standalone, i’m interested in how different the author’s writing style will be. and it’s a fairy tale retelling which i’m always ready for.

the cousins
by karen m. mcmanus

the main reason the cousins belonged in this list is that it was only published recently, on december 1. i didn’t think i would have enough time to get to it since i still have many books i need to read to complete my year-long reading challenges.

the kingdom of back
by marie lu

i fell in love with marie lu’s books after reading the young elites trilogy so that definitely bumped all her 2020 releases up the top of my list. (skyhunter is in the list too but i didn’t add it in here because i wanted to talk about books by different authors.) honestly, i don’t know much about the kingdom of back. i’m just excited for it because it’s marie lu and it involves music.

the devil and the dark water
by stuart turton

my plan to read the devil and the dark water in november was destroyed because i was occupied reading other books. my mood totally swayed my reading towards historical romances rather than the mystery genre. i’m hoping to my mood for the genre will come back earlier next year.


tell me:
what are some of the books you wanted to read in 2020 but didn’t? are any of them in this list? if you’ve read any of the aforementioned books, let me know what you think! 💖

graphics belong to belle @thisbellereadstoo

14 thoughts on “10 releases that i meant to read but didn’t | blogmas day 3”

  1. My Calamity Jane was quite funny; I hope you enjoy when you do get around to it!

    I was really looking forward to Where Dreams Descend too, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Maybe I’ll manage to sneak it in before the end of December! 🙂

    Great post!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’m so excited for my calamity jane! (and the mary trilogy that’s coming out from next year onwards).

      ooo i hope you’ll like it! i wanted to add it inside my tbr for december but already swarmed with books that i need to complete 😅

      thank you! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The beauty of being in the new year and having books that you didn’t get to read is that it means you’re going to have a great 2021 reading year! I wanted to read These Violent Delights but I have so many books on my TBR already 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. so true! i’m predicting that 2021 will be an awesome reading year for everyone. these violent delight is great, one of my favourites of this year! i hope you’ll love it when you get to it. 💖💖


  3. Ahh this post was so relatable, truly too many books and too little time is the ultimate reader struggle… I hope that you get to pick up The Kingdom of Back one day, it’s historical fiction, a new genre that Marie Lu dove into and I absolutely loved how she tackled it… it was so beautiful! For me, one that I haven’t read is also a Marie Lu book: Skyhunter! Thanks for the post!🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  4. recently, i’ve finally put together a document with most/all books i want to read that were published in the past three years and it was……….. yeah, pretty intense, hahah. and that’s considering i hardly ever pick up anything outside of the YA/contemporary genre, so it shouldn’t even be that much, hahah. but i’m actually glad i got to most of the 2020 releases i was excited about. however, i didn’t get around to dear justyce by nic stone or darius the great deserves better, and these are very high in my priority list for 2021, for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you basically summarised a reader’s life. never ending books to read. 😂
      oo i need to get to darius the great is not okay, it’s been on my tbr for awhile now. i hope you get to read them in 2021.


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