19 sequels coming out in 2021 that i’ve been waiting for | blogmas day 4

not only is 2020 the year that i read the most books in my entire life, it’s also the year that i reached out for more series, especially those in the fantasy genre. started many series that i had been putting off for ages, and finished some of the series that were already fully published. but that’s another list of its own.

as a reader, i’m sure you are familiar with the bitter and agonising period (usually a year long) when you wait for the next instalment in the series to be published. today’s blogmas post will be about sequels coming out in 2021 from series that i, personally, have already started (and me squealing about every single one of them).

the release dates of the books mentioned below are subjected to changes. also, i’ll mainly talk about books coming out from january to june since details of many books in the later half of 2021 are still yet to be announced.

edit: removed written in starlight by isabel sterling due to the the problematic portrayal of indigenous people. read marquise’s review for an in-depth discussion. tessa dare’s the bride bet is indefinitely postponed.


we free the stars – hafsah faizal
jan 19

read we hunt the flame in may this year and fell in love with everything. the beautiful prose enhanced the lush arabic-inspired setting. i don’t know how readers do it but the cliffhanger at the end of book one left me desperate for we free the stars.

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winterkeep – kristin cashore
jan 19

imagine my surprise when it was announced that the graceling trilogy will have another instalment. many people are a little skeptical about this news, afraid that another book of an already completed series will ruin the conclusion with bitterblue. i’ve only read graceling and fire. nonetheless, i’m still excited because LOOK AT THE NEW COVERS, THEY’RE GORGEOUS!

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a vow so bold and deadly – brigid kemmerer
jan 26

incredibly conflicted about a vow so bold and deadly because of the ending in a heart so fierce and broken. i still adore the characters after their actions were explained but i’m worried about how things will proceed. regardless, i’m hoping for an epic conclusion for this trilogy.

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all the tides of fate – adalyn grace
feb 2

all the stars and teeth came when i wanted some sea adventures that has pirates and mermaids. the magic system is fascinating because everyone could choose what magic they want to learn except for the rulers. soul magic can only be practiced by the kingdom’s rulers. on demonstration day, amora lost control and was forced to be on the run. while amora’s finding a way to secure her place, she explores the islands that she would be leading in the future.

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a court of silver flames – sarah j. maas
feb 16

though this is a continuation of a court of thorns and roses series, a court of silver flames will star the combative and chaotic pair, nesta and cassian. the whole deal between them have been brewing since forever. not going to lie, it’s starting to get a little bit exhausting so i’m actually glad that this signals a possible conclusion about their whole thing.

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chain of iron – cassandra clare
mar 2

dude, i was torn apart with what happened in chain of gold. cassandra clare’s bound to destroy me sooner or later. every time i pick up her books, i’m worried about the characters. what will happen to james, matthew, lucie and cordelia????

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bridge of souls – victoria schwab
mar 2

i can’t wait to continue this middle grade series with cass exploring a new place that’s filled with paranormal histories and encountering haunting ghosts. perfect amount of scariness for me.

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act your age, eve brown – talia hibbert
mar 9

started the brown sisters trilogy this year so the current wait for act your age, eve brown isn’t that bad but i still need my contemporary romance fix soon. in the third book, eve accidentally hits jacob with her car which caused his B&B to be understaffed. their romance will start from there and I’M READY.

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rule of wolves – leigh bardugo
mar 30

i loved nikolai from the moment he was introduced in the shadow and bone trilogy, and had been waiting for his story. and thanks leigh bardugo for listening to my prayers. nikolai’s troubled. the dark magic inside him is getting out of hands. as this is a duology, rule of wolves would be the concluding the turmoil that’s brewing within nikolai. who knows what will even happen? just keep nikolai, zoya and nina save. I BEG YOU.

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aru shah and the city of gold – roshani chokshi
apr 6

roshani chokshi’s writing has always captured my attention. this middle grade series is no different. i was totally hooked by the indian mythology, the badass characters and the dangerous adventures. aru shah and her friends are consistently fighting the potential rise of the sleeper, discovering things about themselves and building strong friendships.

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the serpent’s curse – lisa maxwell
apr 13

frankly, i’m terrified of this book. it’s a hefty 912 pages long!!! in the last magician trilogy, i’ve only read the last magician which means i still need to read the devil’s thief (700+ pages) before getting to this behemoth of a book. i really want to pick this up as soon as i can because the plot is so fascinating. i mean, esta can time travel!

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heartstopper volume 4 – alice oseman
may 13

one of my favorite graphic novels out there. i need charlie and nick’s cute romance to blossom and grow. also, adorable friendships built with amazing people. i just can’t wait!

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mister impossible – maggie stiefvater
may 18

this trilogy is about the lynch brothers. i’m so hooked on their stories and dreams and desires and destinies. maggie stiefvater’s writing is dreamy and whimsical, perfect for the setting. people are coming after them and the dreams. there’s a mysterious group of girls who have mysterious objectives.

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a chorus rises – bethany c. morrow
jun 1

read bethany c. morrow’s a song below water this year and enjoyed the magical realism. it held many strong and important messages about Black women and Black lives. also, the author explores topics of racism and misogyny. in this version of america, mythical creatures roam around humans. can’t even begin to express how excited i was when a chorus rises‘s book deal was announced. now, i just need to wait till june.

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the box in the woods – maureen johnson
jun 15

couldn’t believe my eyes when maureen johnson blessed us with the news that she’s writing the box in the woods and it’s coming out NEXT YEAR. i just need to wait for 5+ months. different from the rest of the truly devious series, the box in the woods is a standalone companion novel. stevie will be investigating a crime outside of the familiar ellingham academy for the first time.

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broken web – lori m. lee
jun 15

liked forest of souls when i read it this year. don’t think i’ve read any fantasy settings inspired by hmong culture before. i’m interested in the magic system and the potential expansion of the world. with the ending, the situation is definitely ramping up.

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witchshadow – susan dennard
jun 22

i’ve only started reading the witchlands series this year. with truthwitch and windwitch, the world building and character developments were great. safiya and iseult’s friendship is rare and genuine, even when they’re apart, they’re consistently thinking about each other’s safety. i can’t wait to read bloodwitch before witchshadow is released!

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second half of 2021

just to mention a few releases from july to december next year that i’m looking forward to. some of them have titles, covers and/or release dates. i’ll probably be doing another similar post when june comes.

  1. the heart principle (the kiss quotient #3) – helen hoang
  2. isn’t it bromantic? (bromance book club #4) – lyssa kay adams
  3. the hollow heart (the midnight lie #2) – marie rutkoski
  4. girls of fate and fury (girls of paper and fire #3) – natasha ngan
  5. jade legacy (the green bone saga #3) – fonda lee
  6. kingdom of the wicked #2 β€“ kerri maniscalco
  7. these violent delights #2 – chloe gong
  8. the righteous (the beautiful #3) – renΓ©e ahdieh
  9. loveboat, taipei #2 – abigail hing wen
  10. the black volume of the dead (the eldest curses #3) – cassandra clare & wesley chu
  11. the gilded wolves #3 – roshani chokshi
  12. the dragon warrior #3 – katie zhao


let’s chat:
what are the sequels you’re desperately waiting for? do you see any in this list?

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16 thoughts on “19 sequels coming out in 2021 that i’ve been waiting for | blogmas day 4”

  1. So many good books! I’m SUPER excited for Rule of Wolves and The Box in the Woods!!

    And the graphics in this post are so, so gorgeous!! Thank you for such a nicely-designed round-up ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yess!! especially for all the tides of fate and rule of wolves since they’re both the second book of their respective duologues. i can’t wait for kingdom of the wicked #2, i loved the characters. i hope namesake would be good for you!

      Liked by 1 person

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