13 fantasy standalone releasing in 2021 (jan-jun) | on my radar #1 & blogmas day 6

it’s only customary to babble and hype up upcoming releases when a new year is approaching. in my blogmas day four post, i mentioned 19 sequels coming out in 2021 that i’ve been waiting for ever since finishing the previous book in the series. unsurprisingly, while i was writing up that post, i created more and more lists about other 2021 releases i need to shout to the world. one of it was this.

although we’re only halfway through MY personal blogmas schedule and it’s already december 21, i’m excited to talk about some fantasy standalone, releasing from january to june 2021, that have been living in my brain rent free. most of the books mentioned are YA but there are a few middle grade and adult fantasies thrown into the mix.

lore – alexandra bracken

YA fantasy, greek mythology | jan 5

been excited for lore ever since i found out it was going to be a thing. greek mythology has always interested me but i’ve never read any retelling about medusa before. the synopsis immediately captured my attention. it’s about greek gods roaming amongst the human because descendants of ancient bloodlines are hunting them down to steal their powers.

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city of the plague god – sarwat chadda

MG fantasy, ancient mesopotamian mythology | jan 5 jan 12

mesopotamian mythology will be new to me. city of the plague god is going to be my first introduction into the mesopotamian culture and lore. truly, middle grade fantasies from rick riordan presents have never disappointed me before so i’m pretty sure that i’ll like this standalone as well. (i’m hoping that it’ll be more than a standalone.)

edit: book coming out on jan 12 instead.

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the trouble with good ideas – amanda panitch

MG fantasy | jan 5

i feel like the trouble with good ideas will be a touching story. leah’s going to summon a golem, a creature from jewish folklore, to take care of her ailing grandfather. at the same time, being the new girl at school is proving to be tough on leah who doesn’t like change at all. this middle grade might hit me harder than i expect because i get emotional with storylines that has ailing elderly family members.

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fireheart tiger – aliette de bodard

adult fantasy, novella, lgbt | feb 9

found out about fireheart tiger fairly recently and was immediately intrigued by this novella that’s only 96 pages. i mean, it’s pitched as “powerful romantic fantasy that reads like The Goblin Emperor meets Howl’s Moving Castle in a pre-colonial Vietnamese-esque world.” i see howl’s moving castle, i’m in.

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the wide starlight – nicole lesperance

YA fantasy | feb 16

first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful, magical cover. set in norway, eli is going on a journey to find her mother who disappeared during the northern lights. i can’t wait to find out more about the mysterious vanishing of eli’s mother and the norwegian folklore.

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the mirror season – anna-marie mclemore

YA fantasy, snow queen retelling, lgbt | mar 16

started my goal to read every book by anna-marie mclemore last year, and loved almost all the books that i managed to clear off the list. the mirror season is a snow queen retelling about two teenagers who were sexually assaulted at the same party. having read 3 of her works, i’m prepared to be absolutely decimated by anna-marie mclemore’s beautiful prose and this heart-wrenching story.

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lost in the never woods – aiden thomas

YA fantasy, peter pan retelling, lgbt, mystery | mar 23

alright, i’m one of the rare few who hasn’t read cemetery boys by aiden thomas. but i’m redeeming myself in 2021 by reading that AND their upcoming release. lost in the never woods is aiden thomas’s retelling of peter pan. children are disappearing and with peter, wendy needs to solve this mystery that had taken her brothers too. don’t think i’ve ever read a peter pan retelling before so this will be new to me.

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the last shadow warrior – sam subity

MG fantasy, norse mythology | apr 6

the last shadow warrior has norse mythology, a viking main character with an epic lineage, a grendel (ancient foes of the vikings) is hunting down said main character instead of the other way around. also, there will be “Ping-Pong-playing sea monster with a wicked backhand, and a dark Valkyrie with a fondness for bingo”. how do i ever resist such an adventure-filled book with a badass character? A VIKING? sign me up!

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the ones we’re meant to find – joan he

YA fantasy, sci-fi, mystery | may 4

absolutely adored descendant of the crane by joan he so it isn’t a surprise that the ones we’re meant to find ranks in my top 10 books to read of 2021. this is set in a dystopian world with a sister who has lost her memory and another who needs to use science to save the world. and that cover! fell in love immediately.

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black water sister – zen cho

adult fantasy, lgbt | may 11

after reading the order of the pure moon reflected in water, i had remarked about wanting to read a full-length novel from zen cho and i’m getting it with her upcoming release, black water sister. the synopsis got my heart pumping. i mean, ah ma using her granddaughter to settle a score against a gang boss who has offended the god, black water sister? HOW DO I RESIST?

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the chosen and the beautiful – nghi vo

adult fantasy, historical fiction, gatsby retelling | june 1

all you need to know is this: the great gatsby retelling with a queer asian-american main character. has that piqued your interest? because it clearly has mine. nghi vo’s the empress of salt and fortune was impressive and stunning. i was wowed by the author’s storytelling abilities and how effortlessly she created characters that i could feel so much for within 112 pages. i’m definitely excited for another masterpiece.

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the tangleroot palace – marjorie m. liu

fantasy, short stories, graphic novel | june 15

only knew about the tangleroot palace a few days ago because this dark, gorgeous cover caught my eye. this collection of short stories promises to have “unexpected detours, dangerous magic, and even more dangerous women” in the form of a graphic novel.

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gearbreakers – zoe hana mikuta

YA fantasy, sci-fi, lgbt | june 29

i’m ready for an action-packed sci-fi novel that has cyberpunk weaponry, mecha fights, and two girls who are supposedly on opposite ends coming together to destroy the overlords from within. HOW SICK!!! this is going to be an epic journey.

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i always find it enjoyable to talk about why i’m excitedly waiting for certain upcoming releases. i’m already compiling books for the continuation of this post for fantasy standalone coming out between july to december next year but i’ll wait till most of the information are out before doing so. hope you like the post!

now, let’s talk:
are there any standalone in this list you’re excited for too? what are other releases that are living in your mind rent free?

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