5 backlisted series i’ll read in the new year | series to start #1 & blogmas day 7

in 2020, one of my goal is to read as many backlisted books as i could. out of all the 400+ books i’ve read this year, over 300 were released before 2020. personally, i’m pretty proud that i actually read this many backlisted books (or even this many books in the first place 👀). this achievement unlock can be attributed to the fact that i was joining novel knight’s year-long reading challenge, beat the backlist 2020, that encouraged me to find and read backlisted books.

similarly, i’ll be participating in beat the backlist 2021 to clear all the books that i didn’t get to (that blog post will be up soon-ish). blogmas day 7 is dedicated to yet another list of books that i plan to read next year. this time, it’s backlisted series that i should’ve already read but haven’t. while i’m only talking about 5 series today, the actual count is 40. i have a looooooooong way to go. the list will probably never end.

click the title of the books to be linked to the respective goodreads pages for the synopsis and more information. i’m just talking about my thoughts and explain why i never did pick up the books until (maybe) 2021.

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the bone season
(the bone season #1) – samantha shannon

release date: aug 20, 2013

what’s taking me so long to actually pick up is that the bone season series is projected to be 7 books long and there are at least a two year gap in between the released books. usually books are published year after year so i’m a little tentative about starting this series, not knowing when it will be done. however, with the fourth book, the mask falling, coming out in 2021, it felt like time to finally start the bone season.

to all the boys i’ve loved before
(to all the boys i’ve loved before #1) – jenny han

release date: apr 15, 2014

alright, i know. to all the boys i’ve loved before appeared on my tbr pile in 2014 because many readers who i trust liked the books. i’m worried that the series will be a little cringe-y for me now that i’m older. it’s the same reason why i’m hesitant to watching the movies. still, i hope the fake dating trope is well executed and that i find the romance cute.

the sword of summer
(magnus chase and the gods of asgard #1)
– rick riordan

release date: oct 6, 2015

slowly checking each rick riordan book off my tbr since 2017 so including the magnus chase and the gods of asgard series in this list isn’t that surprising. having read greek, roman and egyptian mythology reimagined by rick riordan and liked them, i can’t wait to read his take on norse mythology, and MAGNUS IS ANNABETH’S COUSIN. i’m expecting thrilling adventures, close to death experience and hilarious dialogues. please.

an ember in the ashes
(an ember in the ashes #1) – sabaa tahir

release date: apr 28, 2015

me not starting an ember in the ashes is absolutely embarrassing. since the finale of the series, a sky beyond the storm, was released earlier this month, i know that it’s finally time for me to read it. from what i’ve heard, many people loved the fantastic and lush world building, and the two unique main characters. i’m hoping for the best! *fingers crossed!*

the orphan queen
(the orphan queen #1) – jodi meadows

release date: mar 10, 2015

the orphan queen wasn’t a book that i heard a lot when i discovered it. though i never did forget, i never chose the orphan queen for any readathon prompts or chill reading. that being said, i did read jodi meadows’s other series, newsoul, and am left with the last book in that trilogy. once i’m done with that, i’ll start with the orphan queen.


let’s chat:
are there any backlisted series you want to read in 2021? do you see any in this list?

10 thoughts on “5 backlisted series i’ll read in the new year | series to start #1 & blogmas day 7”

  1. wow you read 300 backlist titles!! that’s awesome! ALSO i love the bone season series & an ember in the ashes series (though I haven’t read the latest book yet oops!). i really hope you love them too!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. as a huge fan of magnus chase and the gods of asgard, i really hope you enjoy it! it’s definitely one of my favorite series. it’s just different enough from percy jackson/heroes of olympus that feels refreshing, but has everything i love about rick riordan.

    i didn’t find to all the boys cringe by any means, but i do think you have to go into it remembering that these characters are supposed to be 15. i do love all of them, though, and to all the boys is my #1 comfort series.

    i keep thinking about reading the diviners, but i think it may be a little bit out of my range: it’s fantasy, horror, historical and the books are super long. but the premise sounds super intriguing, so i may give it a chance, who knows, hahah.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. i’m so happy to hear that magnus chase feels different yet similar! can’t help but be in awe with rick riordan’s ability in making each series so distinctive.

      yea, i most probably need that disclaimer when i read to all the boys. i’m crossing my fingers. hoping it would like it!!

      the length is the main reason why i put off reading the diviners too. but once i started i couldn’t put it down! when you do decide to, i hope the diviners will be a worthy read!

      Liked by 1 person

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