2021 new series (jan-jun) | on my radar #2 & blogmas day 8

i’m continuing with my streak of shouting out 2021 releases as i did with sequels of series and fantasy standalone. i know, how original is my content, am i right? ha. anyway, this post will be about new series coming out in 2021, from january to june, that i’m HYPED for because all of them sound freaking awesome and their covers are beautiful. about 10 out of the 15 are new-to-me authors. though i don’t know how much i’ll like them, i’m still extremely excited to read all these lovely books.

click the title of the books to be linked to the respective goodreads pages for the synopsis and more information.

wings of ebony (wings of ebony #1) – j. elle

wings of ebony is about a half-god, half-human Black girl who was forcefully separated from her younger sister after their mother was shot dead. i’m looking forward to exploring ghizon, a secret island of magic wielders, and houston, rue’s old neighborhood.

🎁 preorder here

the gilded ones (deathless #1) β€“ namina forna

i mean, one of deka’s fate is to “fight for the emperor in an army of girls just like her”. how can i not be intrigued after reading that sentence? on top of that, i’ve heard stunning reviews from readers who’ve read ARCs of the gilded ones. definite must read in 2021.

🎁 preorder here

a dark and hollow star (a dark and hollow star #1) – ashley shuttleworth

a dark and hollow star was one of the earliest covers that was released, and IT’S FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. LOOK AT THE COVER. i’m hoping for insane fae politics, the all queer perspectives, and the characters solving these mysterious murders.

🎁 preorder here

a trial of sorcerers (a trial of sorcerers #1) – elise kova

elise kova is an author that i’ve been meaning to read from ever since i saw her air awakens series everywhere. i don’t think i read about elves that often in YA so a trial of sorcerers caught my attention right off the bat. the cover is gorgeous too!

pride and premeditation (jane austen murder mystery #1) – tirzah price

i’m not much of a classic reader but have read a couple of famous classics. i love reading reimagined stories so when i found out that pride and premeditation is of pride and prejudice with a murder mystery spin to it, i was sold. i’m interested to see how the author writes the romance between lizzie and darcy.

🎁 preorder here

the infinity courts (the infinity courts #1) – akemi dawn bowman

AI posing as queen, has a grand plan to dominate the world and force humans into servitude? I AM IN. also, i can’t imagine waking up at some place after i’m dead realising i have to rebel against a powerful AI. what a journey nami will be taking. akemi dawn bowman has only ever written and published YA heart-wrenching contemporary novels so when she announced the infinity courts, a sci-fi/fantasy series, i couldn’t hide my excitement.

🎁 preorder here

witches steeped in gold (witches steeped in gold #1) – ciannon smart

i can’t wait for this jamaican-inspired fantasy series!!! i heard witches steeped in gold is full of betrayals to the point you don’t know who to trust. with two sworn enemies needing to form an alliance? yes. please. and caribbean vibes!! it’s going to be epic and i know it.

🎁 preorder here

the last fallen star (gifted clans #1) – graci kim

another witchy book but this time it’s middle grade and with a korean-american main character. unfortunately for riley, she was born without magical powers unlike her sister, hattie. the two of them came up with a plan to violate the laws by casting a spell that would allow the siblings to share hattie’s magic. unsurprisingly, it didn’t end up well. i’m ready for riley to embark on an adventure not just to save her sister but to discover who she is, and for the korean mythology (and enchanted boba teas).

🎁 preorder here

realm breaker (realm breaker #1) – victoria aveyard

i’ve only read red queen of the whole red queen series so i don’t have the same sentiments as many who had already finished the whole thing and didn’t find it satisfying. still, i’m curious about a book that has a main character who is the “last member of a dying bloodline” and a “rag-tag group of allies” trying to save the world from “coming apart at the seams”.

🎁 preorder here

blade of secrets (bladesmith #1) – tricia levenseller

i really liked tricia levenseller’s daughter of the pirate king duology, and hence why blade of secrets came up when i was researching on 2021 books. firstly, our main character is a blacksmith who crafted a sword “capable of stealing its victims’ secrets”, “can cut far deeper than the length of its blade”, “with the strength to topple kingdoms”. then, i realised we’re getting not ONE but TWO romances. what’s not to look forward to?

🎁 preorder here

the jasmine throne (burning kingdoms #1) – tasha suri

captive princess + maidservant (priestess in disguise) + f/f enemies-to-lovers + indian folklore and setting + deposing of traitor brother the prince = the jasmine throne. do you feel that spark of interest? cause i definitely did when i first discovered the jasmine throne. I NEED THIS NOW.

🎁 preorder here

sisters of the snake (ria & rani #1) – sasha & sarena nanua

another fantasy that’s indian-inspired! princess rani and orphan ria does a twin-swap in sisters of the snake because they look identical. i don’t know anything more than but i’m still pumped to get my hands on it.

🎁 preorder here

for the wolf (wilderwood #1) – hanna f. whitten

for the wolf is a little red riding hood retelling which is extremely rare!! as the only second daughter born in centuries, red is sacrificed to the wolf in the woods while her older sister reigns the kingdom. though she might die, red isn’t that sad because she has deadly magical powers that endangers the people she loves. i only recently discovered for the wolf and am already 100% going to read it.

my contrary mary (mary #1) – cynthia hand, brodi ashton & jodi meadows

in my contrary mary, mary is the queen of scotland and is an eΓ°ian (shapeshifter) in the form of a mouse. i’ll forever read anything this trio writes together because i absolutely loved their my lady janies series (still need to read the last jane story but probably will love it anyway).

🎁 preorder here

generation misfits (generation misfits #1) – akemi dawn bowman

generation misfits is akemi dawn bowman’s first middle grade series, and i’m so excited!!! as of now, i don’t know much about the main character (not even her name). but, what’s known is her love for j-pop and her meeting like-minded people who band together to perform for their talent show. how wholesome and cute is that!

🎁 preorder here


that’s all from me today! as always, i had lots of fun compiling lists like this though most of my comments are just me gushing about the books and rarely mentioning the synopsis πŸ˜‚. not sure if i’ll be getting to all these books in 2021 but i’ll try my very best. also, i’ll do a part two with the july to december releases nearing mid-year when most of the announcements are out just so that i have more comprehensive list with the release dates and covers revealed.

let’s talk:
are there any new series that you’re on the lookout for? or those that aren’t on this list and you think i should?

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4 thoughts on “2021 new series (jan-jun) | on my radar #2 & blogmas day 8”

  1. hi, belle!! i’ve been a silent reader of your lovely blog for so long but i finally got the chance to comment lol πŸ’– your design is absolutely gorgeous and i’m so jealous!! 🀩

    and ahh i’m so excited for the gilded ones and the infinity courts too – they both sound amazing! i can’t agree with you more about the jasmine throne too, it has practically everything i could ever want in a book and i wish it was out already!! this was such a fun post to read πŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aww, you’re too sweet, ash! what a kind comment πŸ’• thank you so much for enjoying my blog. ✨

      i have a feeling 2021 releases are going to blow our minds! as much as i want to experience 2021, i want all the books in my hands asap.

      Liked by 1 person

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