2021 releases: june

hello, i’ve edited this whole 2021 “on my radar” series so that there’s better visibility of the book releases in the year. instead of the previous idea, i think organising the releases based on months is much easier.



one last stop – casey mcquiston

hold up! nobody told me that there’s an element of TIME TRAVELLING in one last stop. how am i only noticing that now? when august fell in love with her subway crush, jane, she never expected that her crush isn’t of the current time and august has to help jane get back to the 1970s. i thought this would just be a fluffy contemporary romance but turns out, it’s so much more!

for the wolf (wilderwood #1) – hanna f. whitten

for the wolf is a little red riding hood retelling which is extremely rare!! as the only second daughter born in centuries, red is sacrificed to the wolf in the woods while her older sister reigns the kingdom. though she might die, red isn’t that sad because she has deadly magical powers that endangers the people she loves. i only recently discovered for the wolf and am already 100% going to read it.

ace of spades – faridah àbíké-íyímídé

i’m thrilled for ace of spades. newly elected prefects, devon and chiamaka, are facing a faceless enemy who’s starting to spill their secrets that threatens their lives. as much as it’s a race against time to find out who is behind this, ace of spades explores important issues such as institutionalised and systematic racism, being a queer person of color, and socio-economic statuses.

trigger warnings:
  • homophobia, racism

the chosen and the beautiful – nghi vo

all you need to know is this: the great gatsby retelling with a queer asian-american main character. has that piqued your interest? because it clearly has mine. nghi vo’s the empress of salt and fortune was impressive and stunning. i was wowed by the author’s storytelling abilities and how effortlessly she created characters that i could feel so much for within 112 pages. i’m definitely excited for another masterpiece.

the force of fire (a kingdom beyond #1) – sayantani dasgupta

found out the force of fire recently when i was scrolling through twitter. i’m looking forward to delving into indian culture and mythology, and bengali folklore. pinki looks absolutely badass on the cover. her fire breathing amazingness accidentally sets her school aflame. how can i not be anticipating this middle grade series?

a chorus rises (a song below water #2) – bethany c. morrow

read bethany c. morrow’s a song below water this year and enjoyed the magical realism. it held many strong and important messages about Black women and Black lives. also, the author explores topics of racism and misogyny. in this version of america, mythical creatures roam around humans. can’t even begin to express how excited i was when a chorus rises‘s book deal was announced. now, i just need to wait till june.

an emotion of great delight – tahereh mafi

this is going to be a really sad book. an emotion of great delight is an in-depth and emotional look into a muslim family after US declared war upon iraq, and the consequences of that on the muslim community. while the world around shadi is high with tension, she’s facing troubles of her own. “Her brother is dead, her father is dying, her mother is falling apart, and her best friend has mysteriously dropped out of her life.” my heart will be broken.

the ghosts we keep – mason deaver

another book that i’ll have my heart broken over. liam finds solace in his late older brother’s friend, marcus, after ethan was killed in a hit-and-run. the ghosts we keep is about grief “But it’s also about why we live. Why we have to keep moving on, and why we should.” i’m going to be destroyed. prepare the tissues for the tears.

the jasmine throne (burning kingdoms #1) – tasha suri

captive princess + maidservant (priestess in disguise) + f/f enemies-to-lovers + indian folklore and setting + deposing of traitor brother the prince = the jasmine throne. do you feel that spark of interest? cause i definitely did when i first discovered the jasmine throne. I NEED THIS NOW.

love and other natural disasters – misa sugiura

nozomi and willow conspired a plan to make the latter’s ex jealous by fake dating. however, nozomi truly have feelings for willow and is determined to show willow how great of a girlfriend she can be. yes, this sapphic fake dating with POC should be on your tbr too!

fifteen hundred miles from the sun – jonny garza villa

trigger and content warnings:
  • physical parental abuse, anti-gay prejudice, anti-gay slurs, bullying, depiction of sex (not explicit), parental abandonment, death of parent (mentioned, in the past)
  • taken from cw’s goodreads

let me start off by thanking the ARC gods, i can’t wait to read fifteen hundred miles from the sun. my expectations are really high but i’m 100% for a soft romance between the main character and the love interest.

you just need to know one thing: mat from LA slides into julián’s DM. from the reviews that i’ve read, there are conversations about the struggles of queer latinx kids including a homophobic parent. what i gleamed from those reviews were that jonny garza villa discussed the serious topics with care and sensitivity.

♛ preorder

the marvelous – claire kann

since i’ve only read claire kann’s let’s talk about love, a contemporary romance, when i realised the marvelous will be a mystery novel, i was immediately intrigued with how the author would handle another genre.

though six teens are trapped in a mansion together to play a game, there are only three main perspectives: nicole, luna, and stella. lured there by an irresistible cash prize, secrets will be revealed while the characters searched for clues. mystery + game solving = bait for me. the game master, jewel van hanen, will be a mystery to unravel as well.

♛ preorder

of princes and promises (st. rosetta’s academy #2) – sandhya menon

of princes and promises is based on the retelling of the frog prince which i know nothing about except that the frog needed a kiss to transform back into a prince. honestly, any book sandhya menon is writing, i’ll be reading.

in the second instalment of st. rosetta academy, having pined over caterina for years, rahul finally have an opportunity to show that he isn’t just dorky person. with a pot of hair gel, that has the mysterious power of transforming his appearance to whatever he desires, comes blurry lines.

sisters of the snake (ria & rani #1) – sasha & sarena nanua

another fantasy that’s indian-inspired! princess rani and orphan ria does a twin-swap in sisters of the snake because they look identical. i don’t know anything more than but i’m still pumped to get my hands on it.

the box in the woods (truly devious #4) – maureen johnson

couldn’t believe my eyes when maureen johnson blessed us with the news that she’s writing the box in the woods and it’s coming out NEXT YEAR. i just need to wait for 5+ months. different from the rest of the truly devious series, the box in the woods is a standalone companion novel. stevie will be investigating a crime outside of the familiar ellingham academy for the first time.

the tangleroot palace – marjorie m. liu

fantasy, short stories, graphic novel | june 15

only knew about the tangleroot palace a few days ago because this dark, gorgeous cover caught my eye. this collection of short stories promises to have “unexpected detours, dangerous magic, and even more dangerous women” in the form of a graphic novel.

broken web (shamanborn #2) – lori m. lee

liked forest of souls when i read it this year. don’t think i’ve read any fantasy settings inspired by hmong culture before. i’m interested in the magic system and the potential expansion of the world. with the ending, the situation is definitely ramping up.

my contrary mary (mary #1) – cynthia hand, brodi ashton & jodi meadows

in my contrary mary, mary is the queen of scotland and is an eðian (shapeshifter) in the form of a mouse. i’ll forever read anything this trio writes together because i absolutely loved their my lady janies series (still need to read the last jane story but probably will love it anyway).

witchshadow (the witchlands #4) – susan dennard

i’ve only started reading the witchlands series this year. with truthwitch and windwitch, the world building and character developments were great. safiya and iseult’s friendship is rare and genuine, even when they’re apart, they’re consistently thinking about each other’s safety. i can’t wait to read bloodwitch before witchshadow is released!

gearbreakers (gearbreakers #1) – zoe hana mikuta

i’m ready for an action-packed sci-fi novel that has cyberpunk weaponry, mecha fights, and two girls who are supposedly on opposite ends coming together to destroy the overlords from within. HOW SICK!!! this is going to be an epic journey.

this poison heart (this poison heart #1) – kalynn bayron

first, the cover is freaking beautiful. second, drawing from the secret garden, this poison heart stars a Black main character who has an affinity with plant magic. add in an abandon mansion with strange visitors asking for an immortality elixir, briseis is thrown into danger.


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which book are you looking forward the most to?

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