contemporary & historical romances for valentine’s day (or any day)

while it might be a few days after valentine’s day, i’m back with a romance recommendations list sorted by genre: contemporary, historical romances, fantasy and historical fiction. in this post, i’ll be talking about the contemporary and historical romances first. with the lunar new year starting on the 12th of february AND my boyfriend’s birthday being on valentine’s day itself, i’ve been out celebrating and having fun so this is late. regardless, you can read all these books year round~

contemporary romances became my go-to genre whenever i need a little pick me up or a break from intense world-building in fantasy reads. since contemporary novels easily reflect the lives of reality, the characters within have serious and current issues to deal with such as racism, self-doubt, disabilities, and many more. at the same time, i can easily devour the light-heartedness and cute romances within a day.

love from a to z – s.k. ali

trigger and content warnings:
  • islamophobia, racism, loss of loved one, mention of drone attacks and murder

rep: pakistani-guyanese-trinidadian MC, canadian-chinese-finnish LI, filipino-black SC.

s.k. ali beautifully wrote a romance story set in doha, a predominantly muslim country, starring zayneb and adam. both characters are coincidentally connected by a journal idea which they wrote their marvels and oddities. while there’s a fluffy, budding romance, in love from a to z, conversation surround more serious topics such as islamophobia, losing a loved one, and drone attacks. adam, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, tries to come to terms with his illness which he’s desperately hiding from his father.

get a life, chloe brown – talia hibbert

rep: black plus-sized MC with chronic illness (fibromyalgia, chronic pain)

many swoon-y, steamy and cute moments between chloe and red. for shy and reserved chloe, she appeared standoffish and unfriendly towards others. however, when one knows her, she’s actually very loving and wonderful. one cannot deny red who’s kind and caring. their discussions about past relationships, mental health and trauma felt earnest and realistic. do note that this is an adult romance so there’ll be sexual content.

a taste for love – jennifer yen

rep: taiwanese MC, chinese-american SC

meddling asian mother is on another level in a taste for love. mama yang should be acknowledged as a highly skilled tactical manoeuvre specialist when she turned the baking competition into something of the bachelorette so that her daughter can find a good asian boy to date. while defending herself from the onslaught of boys thanks to her pushy mother, liza falls in love with a grumpy boy and tries to convince her parents that she rather enter a culinary school than a normal college.


2020 was the year when i fell in love with historical romances. often, i gravitate towards regency settings with wallflowers and rakes as main characters. i adore series that expands on each member of the family or the friend groups. do note that all three books are targeted to the adult audience, there will be explicit scenes.

chasing cassandra – lisa kleypas

every book in the ravenels series caught my attention and heart; ranked all of them from four to five stars. chasing cassandra features a headstrong heroine who wants to marry for love but couldn’t help but be attracted to tom who seemed to be devoid of an ability to love or so he thought. watching cassandra break every single belief that he could never fall for someone was incredibly satisfying and adorable.

the duchess deal – tessa dare

having read all the published books in the girl meets duke series, i can say that i absolutely adored each pairing. the bride bet‘s publication date is indefinitely pushed back but i’m sure it’ll be splendid too. ash became a recluse after returning from war. his physical battle scars diminished his self-confidence. frequently, ash referenced himself as a monster. emma’s a wonderful heroine. undaunted by ash’s injuries and temper, emma showed ash that he deserve love and happiness.

yours until dawn – teresa medeiros

gabriel in yours until dawn lost his eyesight and despite winning the war, he never felt like a hero. as samantha nursed gabriel back to health, her infinite patience and witty comebacks softened gabriel’s abrasive attitude and defensive personality. the romance was filled with sexual tension, unspoken attraction and secret pining. i was so invested with what was happening in front of me that i was totally thrown into a loop by the twist.


we’ve reached the end of part one of the valentine’s day recommendations posts. hope you enjoyed this~ i’ll have part two uploaded soon.

let’s chat:
what’s your favorite contemporary/historical romances? or do you have any recommendations in this two genres?

13 thoughts on “contemporary & historical romances for valentine’s day (or any day)”

  1. Ahhh, happy Valentine’s Day too Belle and happy birthday to your boyfriend as well (it might be too late)! I’m definitely going to try out ‘Love from A to Z’, it sounds too cute to be real💚
    Loved reading this post (;

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  2. It’s beyond time for me to finally read a Tessa Dare book! I’ve been dipping my feet into historical romance (thanks, bridgerton!) and am eager to give her a try since she’s so so loved! Loved this post ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i really want to read more historical romance! i think i’ve only ever read one, which was to have and to hoax by martha waters. the conflict was a bit over the top, but i did love the dynamic between the characters.

    i already have another lisa kleypas book in my TBR, but i love the premise of a hero who’s not interested in love falling for someone. i’ll definitely be adding chasing cassandra to my TBR too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’ve seen ‘to have and to hoax’ on goodreads once in a while, i think it’s time for me to pick it up then.

      i always love watching the hero falling in love with the heroine when he least expects it. hehe hope you like chasing cassandra!


  4. loved the duchess deal and chasing cassandra!! I also really wanna check out A taste for love – it looks so cute! Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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