v’day romance recommendations: fantasy & historical fiction

hello, hope everyone is having a great day. though v’day is WAYYYYY over for a few days already, here’s part two of valentine’s day romance recommendations by genre with the focus on fantasy and historical fiction. be it exploring the past or present, reality or a fictional world, i always love it when romance is present.

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out of all the genres, fantasy is my favorite. while the characters are exploring treacherous terrains or encountering deadly creatures, it’s always nice to have a little romance involved. it could be enemies-to-lovers or forbidden love, i’m there for it.

clockwork angel – cassandra clare

if you have been here for a while, you probably know that one of my most beloved couple pairings is will herondale and tessa gray. i remembered entering the worst reading slump after the epilogue of clockwork princess. while the love triangle trope belongs on the “never again” tier (if i ever do a trope tier list), the connection and romance between will, tessa and jem never did bother me as much as i expected. i thought that everyone’s feelings were so genuine and believable that it could be overlooked. still have fond memories of the days when i first read the infernal devices series, and will forever love will herondale and tessa gray and jem carstairs.

these violent delights – chloe gong

trigger and content warnings:
  • violence, deaths, description of involuntary self-gouging, murder, parental abuse, transphobia, colonialism

set in 1920s shanghai, the blood feud between the scarlet gang and the white flowers grows. heirs of these two rival gangs, juliette and roma, have to work together to stop a deadly contagion from spreading even more. chloe gong didn’t hesitate in pulling out all the stops for readers to start longing for the forbidden romance between juliette and roma with the angst and tension. not to mention, they have to deal with everything while trying not to reminisce their happier past together. frankly, i’m terrified with what might come next, and i’m hoping for the best that this romance doesn’t end like the tragedy in romeo and juliet. our violent ends comes out on november 16th 2021 so be on the lookout!

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the wrath and the dawn – renée ahdieh

after falling for will and tessa, the couple in the wrath and the dawn absolutely captured my attention. volunteering to be the caliph’s next queen, shahrzad’s plan to enact revenge for her friend and the other women who kept mysteriously dying can finally be fulfilled. unknowingly, shahrzad found herself developing a fondness for khalid’s tortured soul. oh, this was a heart-wrenching duology. renée ahdieh’s beautiful writing style enhanced the lush persian culture and setting.


one of the genres that i wanted to read more of is historical fiction. i managed to do that in 2020 by reading the three historical fiction books i’ll be mentioning today.

the fountains of silence – ruta sepetys

a storyteller via his photographs, daniel explores spain under the regime of the fascist dictator, francisco franco. daniel catches glimpses of the true spain once the governmental veneer unveils. working as a hotel maid, ana is charged with making sure the american family is well taken care of. while ana might ask many questions, she guards her secrets close to heart. daniel and anna’s romance was beautiful and bittersweet. while i adore their slow burning romance, i was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

lovely war – julie berry

oh, the romances were so difficult to read knowing that the setting is during world war I. james, hazel, colette, and aubrey’s fate intertwined in the most fascinating of ways. these endearing characters deserved the best. set in such precarious times, there was no knowing what might happen next. adding in the element of greek gods and goddesses discussing about love and war was brilliant.

the song of achilles – madeline miller

going into the book knowing who achilles was but not patroclus turned out to be a little confusing since the song of achilles is written in the perspective of the latter. witnessing their journey as they become older and started developing feelings for one another was cute. as i read on, all i could feel was bittersweetness and fear for the both of them since i knew what will come is tragic and dangerous.


that’s all for this post. i had the best time coming up with lists and talking about books. hope you guys had a wonderful valentine’s/galetine’s/palentine’s/all-the-tine’s day!

let’s chat:
which historical fiction or/and fantasy romances do you love the most? if you’ve read any that i’ve mentioned, do you agree? ❤️️

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