the sunshine blogger award | book tag

i believe this is the second time that i was tagged for the sunshine blogger award but it was years ago. i was tagged by both cherelle @aboltoutofthebook and becky @dustsofmagic last year. so yes, my procrastinating self finally stop dragging things out and started answering these questions by the wonderful bloggers. thank you, cherelle and becky for tagging me 💛 i had fun answering all your questions.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creativepositive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

How does it work?

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


☼ from cherelle:

🌻 tell us a quirky fact about yourself.

i only have one order from my only favorite boba tea place: large milk tea, no topping, 70% sugar. yes, i’m one of those people who don’t add pearl into my bubble tea except for when i buy brown sugar milk tea. 🧋

🌻 why do you absolutely adore blogging? (i assume you do by the amount of passion in your posts.)

being able to rave and rant about the books that i’ve read or am anticipating to read. plus, doing the designs for my blog is always a bonus. a definite way to showcase and explore my creativity.

🌻 stuck in a historical fiction or fantasy? any particular book?

i always wanted to experience victorian era london so probably the infernal devices trilogy.

🌻 what 3 books encompass who you are?/what is the greatest thing you’ve learnt from books?

three books:
• the dragon warrior by katie zhao ➯ because of the chinese heritage and culture that i’m so familiar with.
• clockwork princess by cassandra clare ➯ it’s one of the books that i was so impacted by and got into a reading slump and fell in love with all the characters.
• stalking jack the ripper by kerri maniscalco ➯ just for the murderino/true crime lover in me. bonus: the romance between audrey rose and thomas is just love.

greatest thing you’ve learnt from books:
• that everyone’s experience is different and unique to their own.

🌻 what are your other hobbies?

i’m a pretty boring person. other than reading, i could be found watching shows, painting, taking photos, sleeping, eating. just the typical hobbies.

🌻 a song/music album that you can belt out 40 hours a day?

any of IU’s albums especially modern times and palette. HER VOICE IS SO GOOD. there’s BTS too. i’m a kpop listener.

🌻 favorite post you wrote?

• 10 releases i meant to read but didn’t
• 6 outfits inspired by these violent delights | blog tour
• the burning god – r.f. kuang | arc review + spoiler section

🌻 full of snot, ugly-cry, paper-wetting, tissue-wasting book?

can i just say they both died at the end by adam silvera broke me. ABSOLUTELY, UTTERLY because they BOTH DIED AT THE END. how can i not? 😭

🌻 which book/movie character would you immediately be best buddies with?

all of the characters i wanna be best friends with are all badass women who might just side-eye me at how much of a coward i would be in their situations… if they don’t care about my timidity, then i would love to know rin from the poppy war, juliette from these violent delights and shae from jade city.

🌻 what do you not like about books? (treacherous if you dare to answer…)

don’t really dislike anything about books. but the book dramas? no thanks.

🌻 what is the biggest accomplishment in your life that you are willing to share?

• graduated from university this year with summa cum laude. whoop!
• read over 400 books in a single year.
• ongoing 9 years with my boyfriend. (who will look at me funny for this ❤️️🥺 )


☼ from becky:

🌻 if you could live anywhere (kingdoms and places inside books) where would it be?

victorian london in the infernal devices or 1920s shanghai from the violent delights sounds cool too.

🌻 give 10 reasons why you like blogging.

  1. books
  2. talking about books
  3. reading about books
  4. raving about books
  5. discovering new books
  6. creating graphics
  7. being creative
  8. interacting with other bloggers (love you all!)
  9. discovering new blogs
  10. writing about books and everything else that i’m loving currently

🌻 tell us a fact that nobody would think of.

i love keeping track of books that i read or am going to. other than my online notion trackers, i have two physical notebooks (1 bullet journal for the year, 1 for general tracking) AND an excel spreadsheet. so yea, i’m a little bit excessive.

🌻 where are you from?

from perpetually sunny island of singapore. 🇸🇬

🌻 which movie do you like that was a book?

i don’t really watch book-to-movie adaptations. either i read the book or watch the movie, not both. for example, i only read the perks of being a wallflower and won’t be watching the movie. i know, i need to change this soon.

🌻 what book do you think deserves to be world-wide famous (like harry potter)?

anything by FONDA LEE, JUNE HUR, R.F. KUANG, CHLOE GONG, KATIE ZHAO, AKEMI DAWN BOWMAN, RENEE AHDIEH, HANNA ALKAF. i love them all so much and want everyone in the whole planet to read their books.

🌻 who are the most romantic couple in a book you like?

audrey rose and thomas from stalking jack the ripper series by kerri maniscalco. also, tessa and will (and jem) in the infernal devices by cassandra clare. 💖💖

🌻 which book turned out to have the most unexpected ending?

the silence of bones by june hur that i read recently MADE ME SOB with the ending. without any warning, i started tearing up.. my goodness…

🌻 which house are you in (harry potter) and do you like it?

ravenclaw and yes

🌻 which book have the most annoying character?

imogen from much ado about you by eloisa james.. this essex sister had her head in the clouds and so goddamn naive.

🌻 why is reading so special to you?

i think being able to experience the author’s imagination and their own personal experiences that they’ve incorporated into their works is always fun for me. also, like every bookworm, i love exploring different magic systems, circumstances and places in fictional world. on top of that, i just love books ever since i was a little girl. i have fond memories of my mom bringing me to the library with me spending hours upon hours just roaming through the shelves and quietly reading books.


☼ from me to you & i’m tagging:

  1. what’s one thing you would want to achieve in 2021?
  2. how has reading impacted your life?
  3. a current show you’re watching and loving.
  4. if you could live a character’s life for one day, who would you pick?
  5. predict a five-star read that you’ll be raving about.
  6. what’s one challenge you faced while blogging that you wish you knew earlier?
  7. name a book that reminds you of the past.
  8. what’s the inspiration behind your blog name?
  9. how long have you been blogging?
  10. use three words to describe yourself.
  11. lastly, which country would you want to visit after COVID?

nadia @thejourneyingbibliophile | erin @readingonastar | ursareads | erin @rinsreads | katie @whisperingpages | ash @starlightstrands | rafaela @theportuguesebibliophile | ahaana @windowstoworlds | lais @thebookishskies | dezzy @thethoughtfulvoice | leyanis @thebloggerandthegeek


the end

12 thoughts on “the sunshine blogger award | book tag”

  1. I really liked reading your answers 😀 this is such a cool concept for a tag!
    I can’t believe you read 400 books in a year!! Wow!
    Your questions at the end were all so good too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ahh belle!! thank you so much for tagging me, i loved reading your answers!! they both die at the end is SO SO heartbreaking, and i was a messy puddle of tears when i finished reading it 🥺😭 congratulations on graduating from uni with summa cum laude!! that is so so amazing, and you’re practically GOALS at this point!! i mean ~ 400 books in a year?? everytime i read the titles of your monthly wrap-ups it feels like clickbait, because you always manage to read so much!!

    i love all of your questions, and i can’t wait to answer them!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. aw thank you belle for doing this! i had so much fun reading all your answers (; I’m a proud hufflepuff and DAMN i was tearing up when i was rereading the harry potter series and when fred weasley died along with sirius black-
    i just cannot talk about how i was SOBBING SO HARD! And omg i love milk tea too! but i’m much prefer with 100% sugar with white cream on the top . . . i just cannot get enough of the sweetness❤️

    loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. the amount of tracking of books is relatable. i also have two separate trackers and i thought about also having a spreadsheet, but i don’t know how to use excel that well, lol. in notion, i track just books i want to read and anticipated releases as well as what i’ve read and in my notes i like tracking specific representation (so like, lgbt+ rep, poc rep, own voices, etc). it’s excessive obviously, but i love looking at the stats at the end of the year!

    the question “3 books that encompass who you are” is really interesting, but also rather challenging. i’ve also been trying to come up with 3 songs that encompass who i am and i think that’s even harder, just because there’s SO much to choose from!

    thank you so much for tagging me, belle! i’m excited to answer these questions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i do mine on notion nowadays for new releases too. it’s so much easier. i’m trying to continue with the excel one but it’s getting tedious especially with how much i read.

      i can’t wait to read your answers, lais!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. i loved reading this post and your responses so much, Belle! thank you so much for the tag, i feel so touched that you thought of me 🥺 you’re so sweet! congratulations for graduating summa cum laude from university, as well as reading 400 books in one year – both are such impressive accomplishments haha 🤯 i really relate to your childhood memories with books, my mom also used to take my sister and me to the library every week and i remember always borrowing the max limit amount of books that we were allowed to (30 books) haha, fun times 😂 thanks again for the tag! i’m so excited to answer your questions 💞

    Liked by 1 person

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