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blackpink in your area~ i don’t talk about my love for kpop often in my social media but blackpink is definitely a group that blew up when they first debut. all of their songs are pretty addictive and poppy. becky, the original creator, tagged me in her book tag last year but procrastination is real. thank you, becky! ❀️ do check out her BLACKPINK BOOK TAG! i had so much fun coming up with the answers and listening to blackpink’s albums on repeat while doing so.


  • Thank the person who tagged you and link to their post
  • Link to the original creator: becky @ dusts of magic ✨
  • Match books with given prompts
  • Tag as many people as you like
  • Feel free to use the graphic design (with the help of easil and flaticon)! Please credit the original maker.
  • Have fun!


πŸ’– how you like that πŸ’–
the most heartbreaking book you’ve read

i remembered crying while reading a list of cages by robin roe and all the bright places by jennifer niven. both were heartbreaking and while i’ve read them a couple of years ago, i still think about them. also, i received an ARC of the ones we’re meant to find by joan he recently. that book utterly broke me. don’t even know where to begin with my love for it. JUST READ IT.

πŸ’– ice cream πŸ’–
a book you would read in summer

this past february, i read the spanish love deception by elena armas which has all the tropes that i adore reading about. there are enemies-to-lovers, unrequited love, grumpy/sunshine, fake dating and ONE BED ONLY. i made a promise to myself that every time i mention the spanish love deception, i’ll declare that “aaron blackford is bae”.

πŸ’– forever young πŸ’–
a book that made you think of yourself

the dragon warrior by katie zhao will probably always pop up in my mind whenever it’s related to a prompt that made me think about myself. with the first book of the series stemming from one of my favorite holidays ever, the lunar new year, i could relate with the festivities and celebration. on top of that, witnessing my own heritage, culture and legends on paper was an amazing feeling. faryn’s a badass twelve-year-old in search of her father while being thrown into the world of the deities.

πŸ’– ddu-du ddu-du πŸ’–
a book that instantly got your heart

christina li’ debut, clues to the universe, had been on my priority list ever since i discovered this painful yet heartwarming middle grade. ro and benji are both trying to search for their fathers; ro through science and benji via comic books. the portrayal of grief was brilliant; i definitely cried more than once. on top of that, i adored that it’s set in the 1980s with ro aspiring to be a rocket scientist.

πŸ’– kill this love πŸ’–
a book that made you furious at the end

i didn’t enjoy all your twisted secrets by diana urban. the characters fell flat and the motive of the person that locked them together didn’t feel substantial.

πŸ’– like it’s your last πŸ’–
a book that took your breath away

are you guys tired of me talking about jade war by fonda lee? even if you are, i don’t care because the book absolutely blew me away. the world building, the character development, the freaking TWISTS AND TURNS, the politics which i usually don’t care about, and the clan wars. yes. please. give me more!! jade legacy is coming out this year and know that i’m going to preorder it.

πŸ’– playing with fire πŸ’–
a book that contained a character you fell in love with

another recent favorite for me was amari and the night brothers by b.b. alston. wanting to discover the truth behind her older brother’s disappearance, amari entered the bureau of supernatural affairs as a trainee. i loved amari’s bravery and relentlessness. she’s consistently showing others her true, intrinsic, good self even when thought otherwise. her tenacity and honesty helped her through tough times.

πŸ’– whistle πŸ’–
a book with best fantasy

now, the poppy war trilogy is INSANE. r.f. kuang threw me into loops, multiple rollercoaster rides and tore me apart after. i can’t DEAL.

πŸ’– boombayah πŸ’–
a book you would happily burn to ashes

while i do have books that i dislike but none that i would burn. maybe i’ll burn those racist and discriminatory reads.

πŸ’– kiss and make up πŸ’–
a book with the best romantic couple

as always, tessa gray and will herondale is my number one couple. followed by audrey rose wadsworth and thomas cresswell from stalking jack the ripper series.

πŸ’– don’t know what to do πŸ’–
a book that had the most strongest alpha female character

i’ll just go with rin from the poppy war. if you read it, you know it. i never want to cross path with her.

πŸ’– stay πŸ’–
a book you would reread again and again

as an indecisive reader, i have multiple series and standalone that i would gladly reread time and time again. in that list, there are stalking jack the ripper by kerri maniscalco, the girl and the ghost by hanna alkaf, jade city by fonda lee, and the wrath and the dawn by renΓ©e ahdieh.


tiffany @read by tiffany | ahaana @ windows to worlds | sara @ words with wings | ash @ starlight strands | april lee @ booked till midnight

it’s okay if you aren’t a listener of blackpink music, just enjoy the process of doing the tag ❀️

7 thoughts on “blackpink (in your area) | book tag”

  1. thank you so much for the tag! i’ve got to agree with you about all your twisted secrets! it had so much potential but felt so anticlimactic and like it was mostly for shock factor!! also yesssss audrey rose and thomas cresswell supremacy!! love this post, can’t wait to participate in the tag!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yessss. i was looking forward to reading all your twisted secrets but was sadly disappointed. sigh.

      kerri maniscalco really made me fall in love with audrey rose and thomas cresswell. i can’t get over them.

      hope you have fun coming up with the answers!


  2. ahh belle!! thank you so much for the tag!! πŸ₯Ί i don’t really listen to blackpink, but the few songs i’ve heard of theirs – i love!! i also adore all the questions in this tag, so i’ll definitely be doing it soon!! can i just say how gorgeous the formatting is as well!! love this post!! πŸ’“

    Liked by 1 person

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