2021 releases: september

hi friends, hope you’re having a wonderful day! a goal of mine is to read as many new releases as i could this year, and i’m actually succeeding in that. here are the release i’m looking forward to in july and august!


pahua and the soul stealer – lori m. lee

Worried that her accidental action of untethering an angry spirit from the haunted bridge caused her brother’s soul to be stolen, Pahua ventures to the said bridge in the hopes to find a way to bring his soul back. Filled with magic and adventure, in Pahua and the Soul Stealer, awkward Pahua finds out that she’s a powerful shaman warrior. Add in a spirit cat that nobody can see except Pahua, count me in. I’m definitely excited for Lori M. Lee’s debut middle grade inspired by Southeast Asian mythology!

Pahua and the Soul Stealer is actually a standalone novel but it might develop into a series in the future, so I’ll just leave it in this list. Also, I found out that this was a standalone after doing the graphics and my fantasy standalone 2021 list was already published by then.

  • a clash of steel: a treasure island remix – c.b. lee
  • Part of the Remixed Classics series and each book takes on its own individual story and retelling unrelated to one another, hence why I’m taking it as a standalone.

    No idea what’s the original tale of Treasure Island but since I’m promised pirates and two Asians treasure hunting, sign me up. In this retelling of Treasure Island, the author incorporated some legends of the Chinese pirate queen Ching Shih in A Clash of Steel. Gotta say, I just want this in my hands.

  • so many beginnings: a little women remix (remixed classics #2) – bethany c. morrow
  • So Many Beginnings is a Little Women retelling that follows four Black sisters during American Civil War. Settling down in the Freedman’s Colony of Roanoke Island, each March sister has their own troubles and problems to overcome. Meg wants to fall in love, Jo’s powerful with words, Beth desires for a greater purpose in life, Amy wishes for more.

    Confession time: I’ve never read Little Women before. Classics are usually outside of my comfort zone but with this retelling by Bethany C. Morrow, I think it’ll be interesting!

    the hawthorne legacy (the inheritance games #2) – jennifer lynn barnes

    The Inheritance Games featured Avery who unexpectedly inherited an insane amount of fortune from someone she doesn’t even know existed. Involved are the wealthy man’s four Hawthorne grandsons, two of who she got close to throughout the book. The Hawthorne Legacy will follow Avery, Grayson, and Jameson to discover more mysteries surrounding the Hawthorne family. I’m not one for love triangles but still intrigued by how things will develop with everyone.

  • among thieves – m.j. kuhn
  • Among Thieves is a heist novel that stars Ryia Cautella who’s on the run from the most powerful man in the five kingdoms of Thamorr, the Guildmaster. Forced to work with other morally grey characters, Ryia must proceed with caution. I’m ready for some epic fighting, schemings, and betrayals. I can’t wait to read about these fascinating characters.

  • the inheritance of orquídea divina – zoraida córdova
  • In The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina, a family inherits the matriarch’s assets and manifests abilities after. I believe the chapters will alternate between Orquídea’s perspective in the past and the grandchildren who are uncovering the secrets of Orquídea as well as their family’s history. This will be an atmospheric and whimsical book with lovely writing even though I’ve never read anything by the author.

  • the jasmine project – meredith ireland
  • Using Jasmine’s newly founded single status, her overprotective family secretly set her up with the three eligible bachelors during her graduation party. Their end goal isn’t for her to be attached once again. It’s to show her that she’s worthy of more than what Paul had offered and what she expects.

    I feel like I’m going to love The Jasmine Project, especially Jasmine’s large family. Not a huge The Bachelor/Bachelorette fan but I can see why it’s so addictive to people. This just alludes awkward yet cute moments with strangers who were recruited by Jasmine’s family.

    trigger and content warnings:
    • alcohol consumption, toxic relationship (theme), disownment mentioned, financial debt & difficulties mentioned, hurricane (off-page, discussed), displacement & loss of property from a hurricane mentioned
    • taken from rachel ☾’s goodreads

  • the shaadi set-up – lillie vale
  • To prove that Rita and her current boyfriend are perfect for one another, she signed them up on the Desi matchmaking site, MyShaadi.com. Instead of being paired with Neil, Rita is matched with her high school ex-boyfriend Milan. In need of Rita’s expertise in flipping a house, Neil requested her help. As they spent time together, old feelings resurfaced.

    Other than enemies-to-lovers and friends-to-lovers, I adore second chance romances! I was worried about any cheating possibilities since Rita is presently attached but the author cleared it up. Probably will pick this up when I’m in need of a sweet rom-com.

  • the city beautiful – aden polydoros
  • Alter, an immigrant, arrived in America for better opportunities. All he wants is to bring his family away from the oppression they’re facing in Romania. However, when his best friend died in the hands of a serial killer, Alter was possessed by Yakov’s dybbuk. Now, he runs the risk of the dybbuk taking over his body for good.

    First, love the 1893 Chicago setting. I bet it’s a compelling place to be with darkness lurking at every corner of the city. Second, historical fiction murder mystery? Yes, please. Thirdly, four words: queer Jewish gothic fantasy. That’s it.

    trigger and content warnings:

    defy the night (defy the night #1) – brigid kemmerer

    Ravaged by a sickness, that can only be cured by an elixir made from the limited Moonflower petals, the kingdom of Kandala is bordering chaos and rebellions are on the rise. King Harristan and Prince Corrick, the King’s Justice, ruled with an iron fist to quell any form of uprising. That’s the only way they know how to handle this disaster. In comes Tessa, an apothecary apprentice, who steals Moonflower petals and gives them to those in need with her best friend.

    I was swept away by Brigid Kemmerer’s Cursebreakers trilogy. Can’t wait to dive into a new series by her!

    the hollow heart (the midnight lie #2) – marie rutkoski

    Couldn’t stop thinking about The Hollow Heart when The Midnight Lie had that ending. In this world, there’s a caste system based on their Kith. Nirrim lives in the outer sector with people of the lower status. After meeting Sid, a traveler, Nirrim questions the status quo and finds out the truth behind the legends of the gods.

    The Hollow Heart will uncover more about the gods, Nirrim’s plans as well as the relationship development between Nirrim and Sid.

  • a dark and starless forest – sarah hollowell
  • Derry lives with her eight siblings, isolated from the world by an eerie forest. The more time she spends in the woods, the more Derry’s powers grow. She’s determined to find out where her missing siblings went. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect from A Dark and Starless Forest but I want to find out the mysteries behind the dark forest that stole Derry’s siblings.

    trigger and content warnings:

  • the lost girls – sonia hartl
  • Vampire girls banding together to kill the man who had turned and then abandoned them, although Holly isn’t 100% sold on that plan. Turned in 1987, Holly is stuck as a 16-year-old. Before Elton can turn a new girl into a vampire, Rose and Ida plan to murder him. What Holly didn’t expect was her attraction towards Parker, Elton’s next victim.

    Although I’ve been reading some vampire books these two years to clear my backlist TBR pile, I think The Lost Girls will be interesting and have a completely different feel to it.

    trigger and content warnings:
    • blood, body horror, coercion described through memory, gaslighting, attempted sexual assault (on page), physical assault and fight scenes (on page), parental neglect (on page & flashbacks)
    • taken from sonia hartl’s goodreads

  • the love hypothesis – ali hazelwood
  • Ph.D. student Olive landed herself in a pinch when she panic-kissed the first man she saw to convince her best friend that she was dating someone. Turns out, instead of finding Olive actions preposterous, grumpy Adam agreed to be her fake boyfriend. Sparks will be flying for these two scientists.

    Of all the adult contemporary romances that came out recently, I’m the most excited for this due to the high praises I saw from some of my trusted reviewers. The synopsis alone is perfection. Prediction: I’ll finish this within one setting.

  • it all comes back to you – farah naz rishi
  • When her sister suddenly announced that she’ll be moving cross-country with her new boyfriend, Kiran has no idea what to think. Happy that the pressure and spotlight might be shifted away from him, Deen rejoiced at the news of his brother having a serious girlfriend. However, things get awkward since Deen and Kiran dated each other before.

    Exes-to-lovers, second chance romances, online relationships? I’m in. One of them is determined to stop their older sibling’s relationship while the other is fixated on making it happen.

    trigger and content warnings:

  • a lot like adiós – alexis daria
  • At 18, Gabriel left the Bronx and behind his best friend, Michelle, with who he was in love. Willing to do anything to escape the suffocating expectations of his parents, Gabriel sets off to open LA’s hottest celebrity gym. However, he returns back to NYC when an investor wants to open an outlet there. Gabriel has to make the trip back to a place where he thought he would never return. Hired to work for the gym’s marketing campaign, Michelle is thinking of launching Friendship 2.0 with Gabriel back, even if temporarily.

    I’ve already read A Lot Like Adiós and found myself loving the couple’s second chance romance. Their individual growth and development as a couple were a delight to read!

  • not here to be liked – michelle quach
  • trigger and content warnings:
    • racism, slut-shaming, sexism and misogyny, internalized misogyny, consumption of alcohol, public vandalism, bullying
    • taken from ness’s goodreads

    Eliza thought she would have the editor in chief position of her school paper down with her immense qualifications. However, when Len decided to run against her on a whim, nothing truly matters. Just because he looks like he can be a leader, Len’s lack of qualification doesn’t mean anything. Eliza’s frustration, in the form of a viral essay, sparked a conversation about feminism. Following that is a movement to question sexism in their school.

    As the title says, Eliza isn’t here to be liked. Not sure how I’m going to react to Eliza’s unapproachable personality but I’m extremely excited to read about her change and experiences.

  • last gamer standing – katie zhao
  • Knowing that she has what it takes to win the grand prize, Reyna Cheng decides to compete in a VR battle royale game. With the gaming scene populated by males, keeping her identity is of paramount importance. Everything was fine until the day an online troll threatened to dox Reyna and leak her personal details to the public. Through Last Gamer Standing, the toxicity in the gaming community will be highlighted and, with Reyna, we’ll see a badass gamer girl striving towards what she wants.

    I loved The Dragon Warrior by Katie Zhao and since then, I’ve been waiting for news about her upcoming books. Truth be told, Last Gamer Standing had me with “sports anime” and “gaming culture.”

    iron widow (iron widow #1) – xiran jay zhao

    Iron Widow follows a vengeful Wu Zetian who offered herself as a concubine-pilot to assassinate the male pilot who killed her sister. When she shockingly murdered him through the psychic link between pilots, she became an Iron Widow. Not only that, boys often pair up with girls to pilot Chrysalises, towering robots that can battle the mecha aliens beyond the Great Wall. However, the mental strain from operating such robots can kill the girls.

    Though I grew up knowing that Wu Zetian’s a powerful and incredible empress in her time, the details were blurry and foundational, to say the least. Set in this alternative history of ancient China is the polyamorous relationship between Wu Zetian and two other characters. I need to know why everyone is obsessed!

    trigger and content warnings:

  • first love, take two (the trouble with hating you #2) – sajni patel
  • Second chance romances are taking over my TBR in this post. Preeti moved into her new place recently and found out that her neighbor is her ex. They broke up in the past due to their families. With the perfect man next door, all Preeti can think is to not jump on him.

    Another fun one! I adored The Trouble With Hating You when I read it last year so I’m definitely looking forward to First Love, Take Two. Preeti’s a badass woman who’s becoming a doctor. She’ll probably have lots of things to juggle throughout the book and love isn’t quite on her agenda. Of course, fate doesn’t give a damn. I need to pick this one up soon.

    the bronzed beasts (the gilded wolves #3)
    – roshani chokshi

    Everyone is probably looking forward to the finale of The Gilded Wolves series. I still need to read The Silvered Serpents which I have high hopes for. I re-read The Gilded Wolves earlier this year and fell in love with the setting and the characters once more.

    Honestly, I’m a little terrified to be continuing on. Reading books with a large cast makes me worry. I know I’ll be attached to most of the characters and if one of them dies or betrays the others, devastated would be an understatement.

  • the wolf’s curse – jessica vitalis
  • Cursed when his grandpapá’s soul was stolen by a Great White Wolf, Gauge needs to decide what’s the next best move. A beautiful, emotional story about two boys finding solace and comfort with one another as they travel together. There would be an exploration of grief and death but also of life and healing.

  • all these bodies – kendare blake
  • Girl confesses to boy, who wishes to be a journalist, about the Carlson family murder case where she was found drenched in blood that isn’t hers. Unraveling of the mysterious case that left 16 people without a single drop of blood in their bodies, Michael is confused why Marie chose a nobody like him. The only conclusion available to the case are vampires.

    This intrigued me at first because of the murder mystery aspect. I’ve read Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood duology which surrounds a ghost named Anna and the supernatural elements. I believe this would have a similar vibe to that since All These Bodies is about the bloodsuckers.

    once upon a broken heart (once upon a broken heart #1) – stephanie garber

    Brought up on stories and legends about immortals, Evangeline knows the danger of falling into a bargain with the Prince of Hearts. For three kisses, she could stop the wedding of the love of her life with another. All I know is that the Prince of Hearts might have other plans for Evangeline.

    Without knowing who Jacks is, I’m diving straight into Once Upon a Broken Heart. I’ve already encountered him in the Caraval trilogy since I finished reading book two. Not sure how his character would be developed in Finale but I’m all for Jacks having his own series. Can’t wait for another beautiful book of love and curses.

  • the cursed carnival and other calamities: new stories about mythic heroes – edited by rick riordan
  • This is another anthology on my radar. Read from most of the authors who are contributing to this collection of short stories. In total, there’ll be ten stories, and I’ll be reunited with familiar heroes such as Aru Shah (Pandava), Riley Oh (The Last Fallen Star) and Sikander Aziz (City of the Plague God). A new hero’s tale would be told by Rick Riordan.

    Anthologies aren’t my go-to but since The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities has the authors under Rick Riordan Presents collaborating together, how can I resist? Not only can I revisit worlds and characters that I already know but I’m also able to read works by new-to-me authors too.

    dark rise (dark rise #1) – c.s. pacat

    Trained to fight against the Dark in an upcoming battle, Will is thrust into the world of magic while on the run from those who killed his mother. Paths crossed again for the descendants of Light and Dark.

    My first interaction with C.S. Pacat is with her Captive Prince trilogy which was a lot. Don’t really know what to expect but I’m looking forward to this young adult fantasy series.

    lakesedge (world at the lake’s edge #1)
    – lyndall clipstone

    Once at Lakesedge mansion, Leta realizes that the rumors surrounding Rowan Sylvanan, who had drowned his entire family, and estate aren’t completely true. After finding out that Rowan’s bound to Lord Under, the death god in the waters of the lake with who Leta strangely feels a connection, she strives to free Rowan.

    The cover itself just promises of gothic setting with mysterious characters and a possible sinister plot set in a creepy estate. I’m excited to explore this place and discover why Leta has such a link with the death god.


    let’s chat:
    Well, that’s the end of it all. Do you see any of your most anticipated releases, for the rest of the year, in this list? Which one is it?


    7 thoughts on “2021 releases: september”

    1. All of these look amazing Belle!! I cannot wait to read Our Violent Ends and Kingdom of the Cursed. The first books in each of those series were some of my favorite reads from 2020 so I can’t wait to see how the story continues 🙂

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    2. so many good sequels on this list! I also need to read Blood and Honey but am anticipating the third book 🙂 and The Bronzed Beasts cover is so PRETTY I cant wait to read it!!

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