can i balance work and reading? | july tbr

As an overambitious and competitive person, I couldn’t resist joining three readathon this July with an insane list of books to read. With me just starting work (yayyy!!!), the chances of me finishing 70% of this TBR is super low but I’m going to try.

My goal for July is just to have fun. Most of these books are backlisted and on my TBR for quite awhile. I tried to be more selective by picking up smaller books but most of the prompts are more appropriate with fantasy novels which tends to be longer.

If you asked me how many books are in this list, I don’t know and don’t want to know. LOL. It’s too daunting of a TBR for me to be serious about it. Also, I was very liberal with the interpretation of the prompts to make my life easier.

For Popculture readathon, I’m focusing on the TEENAGE DREAMS bingo board. I think I participated under Aphrodite’s team in the first Olympic Games but this time, I’m in Poseidon’s. Lastly, myth-take readathon this time lets participants choos between Paths and Pantheons. In this case, I’m going with paths.

I’m already somewhat half-way through Historical Romance Readathon that is occurring between June 28th and July 4th. I’ll be including the whole TBR since I didn’t add it to the previous month’s blog post.


historical romance readathon

promptbook chosenread
class differencewhen a duke loves a woman – lorraine heath
self-made man love in the afternoon – lisa kleypas
not in europea daring arrangement – joanna shupe
spinstera week to be wicked – tessa dare
wallflowerit happened on autumn – lisa kleypas
purple coverher scottish scoundrel – sophie barnes
grace callawayolivia and the masked duke – grace callaway
indie publishedthe heiress effect – courtney milan
clinch coverwhat a difference a duke makes – lenora bell
duke in titleduke of sin – elizabeth hoyt
one person on coverten ways to be adored when landing a lord – sarah maclean
seriesthe other miss bridgerton – julia quinn
marriage of conveniencewhen the duke returns – eloisa james
scottishlady isabella’s scandalous marriage – jennifer ashley
spywritten on your skin – meredith duran
single parentdarling beast – elizabeth hoyt


popculture readathon: 2000s movies edition

teenage dreams

promptsbook chosen
the princess diaries: royal romancetokyo ever after – emiko jean
a cinderella story: fairytale retellingof princes and promises – sandhya menon
meet the plastics: set in high schooltweet cute – emma lord
sisterhood of the travelling pants: MC goes on a tripdarius the great is not okay – adib khorram
saved!: religion different than yoursmisfit in love – s.k. ali
bend it like beckham: sports relateda kiss for a kiss – helena hunting
“no i’m dating john tucker”: name in titlethe tower of nero – rick riordan
bring it on: rivalry/competitionmade in korea – sarah suk
stick it: sticks it to the patriarchythe silvered serpents – roshani chokshi
the hot chicks: supportive best friendsit happened one autumn – lisa kleypas
take me away: another time/placeneferet’s curse – p.c. cast & kristin cast
sugar & spice: ‘&’ symbol in titleamong the beasts & briars – ashley poston

family reunion

promptsbook chosen
“welcome to sky high”: MC has secret identitytokyo ever after – emiko jean
shrek: green cover/spineof princes and promises – sandhya menon
scooby-doo: children’s/MG mysterythe emperor’s riddle – kat zhang
whale rider: indigenous authorancestor approved: intertribal for kids – edited by cynthia leitich smith
spy kids: save the world plotthe tower of nero – rick riordan
national treasure: mapthe bone season – samantha shannon
shark boy & lava girl: water/fire (cover/title)with the fire on high – elizabeth acevedo
cheaper by the dozen: MG seriesthe staff of serapis – rick riordan
just keep swimming: animal on coveramong the beasts & briars – ashley poston
pirates of the caribbean: on a shipthe devil and the dark water – stuart turton
school of rock: musicxoxo – axie oh
cars: with picturesautumn the falling leaves fairy – daisy meadows

thrill seeker

promptsbook chosen
ginger snaps: shiftertiger’s quest – colleen houck
donnie darko: YA horrorthe devil and the dark water – stuart turton
paranormal activity: ghost storywatch over me – nina lacour
“twinkies”: food on coverwith the fire on high – elizabeth acevedo
zodiac: published during your birth monthduke of desire – elizabeth hoyt
jennifer’s body: femme fatale characterthe wisteria society of lady scoundrels – india hotton
eight legged freaks: deals with phobialord of wicked intentions – lorraine heath
men in black II: sequelmisfit in love – s.k. ali
cabin fever: ft. wood/forestamong the beasts & briars – ashley poston
cursed: ft. curse that needs to be brokenthe tower of nero – rick riordan
the ring: 7 words in titlepizza, love, and other stuff that made me famous – kathryn williams
the skeleton key: bones (title/cover)the bone season – samantha shannon

the adult agenda

promptsbook chosen
love & basketball: childhood friends to loversisn’t it bromantic? – lyssa kay adams
“scotty doesn’t know!”: secret romancea kiss for a kiss – helena hunting
perfect date: april 25th: set in springtokyo ever after – emiko jean
gladiator: epic adventurethe emperor’s riddle – kat zhang
the devil wears prada: deal with devil/demon/villainthen came you – lisa kleypas
deliver us from eva: black romancego deep – rilzy adams
charlie’s angels: trio of MCthe cousins – karen m. mcmanus
remember the titans: found family trope by AOCheaven official’s blessing – moxiang tongxiu
where the heart is: home/house in titlethe house in the cerulean sea – t.j. klune
orange is not the new pink: orange/pink cover/spinedarius the great is not okay – adib khorram
phat girls: plus sized MCfat chance, charlie vega – crystal maldonado
blue crush: color in titlethe silvered serpents – roshani chokshi


olympic games

poseidon challenges

promptbook chosen
blue coverthese hollow vows – lexi ryan
MC use swordbroken web – lori m. lee
non-human MCheaven official’s blessing – moxiang tongxiu
book you haven’t heard much about beforethe tiger’s wife – téa obreht
book make you happyxoxo – axie oh

extra challenges

promptbook chosen
sword & shield: ft. character whom you wouldn’t get along withtiger’s quest – colleen houck
archery: < 200 pagesneferet’s curse – p.c. cast & kristin cast
pegasus riding: published within last 5 yearsdarius the great is not okay – adib khorram
monster fighting: ft. magical creaturesthe tower of nero – rick riordan
canoeing: takes place on/near body of waterthe devil and the dark water – stuart turton
climbing wall: next book in seriesisn’t it bromantic? – lyssa kay adams
capture the flag: most anticipated booktokyo ever after – emiko jean



path of beauty

promptbook chosen
aphrodite: romanceisn’t it bromantic? – lyssa kay adams
freyja: animal on coveramong the beasts & briars – ashley poston
hathor: artlady isabella’s scandalous marriage – jennifer ashley
kichijōten: musicxoxo – axie oh
osun: feminist themeswith the fire on high – elizabeth acevedo

path of war

promptbook chosen
ares: dark storythe tiger’s wife – téa obreht
tyr: disabled MCdarling beast – elizabeth hoyt
montu: ft. battleheaven official’s blessing – moxiang tongxiu
hachiman: ft. archerythe tower of nero – rick riordan
ogun: metallic cover/metal object on coverthese hollow vows – lexi ryan

path of the home

promptbook chosen
hestia: fire (cover/title)fire & brimstone – r.l. mathewson
frigg: ft. familydarius the great is not okay – adib khorram
bastet: young female MCthe girl who drank the moon – kelly barnhill
kōjin: ft. food/cookingpizza, love, and other stuff that made me famous – kathryn williams
oba: ft. waterthe devil and the dark waters – stuart turton

path of wisdom

promptbook chosen
athena: set in citytweet cute – emma lord
odin: morally grey characterbroken web – lori m. lee
thoth: about authors/booksa rogue of one’s own – evie dunmore
omoikane: thought provokingthe cousins – karen m. mcmanus
orunmila: MC follows destinythe silvered serpents – roshani chokshi

path of the underworld

promptbook chosen
hades: first in seriesthe wisteria society of lady scoundrels – india hotton
hel: 2 perspectivesa kiss for a kiss – helena hunting
osiris: green coverof princes and promises – sandhya menon
izanami: on an islandtokyo ever after – emiko jean
olorun: MC creates somethingmade in korea – sarah suk


let’s chat:
what book are you looking forward to picking up in July? mine’s probably heaven official’s blessing so that i can finish this amazing series.

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