2021 releases: october

hi friends, hope you’re having a wonderful day! a goal of mine is to read as many new releases as i could this year, and i’m actually succeeding in that. here are the release i’m looking forward to in october!


vespertine (vespertine#1) – margaret rogerson

Training to become a Gray Sister, Artemisia deals with the bodies of the dead, cleansing them to prevent any angry spirits from rising. To protect her convent from the attacking soldiers, she awoken an ancient spirit that will possess Artemisia at any time. With the threat of the restless Loraille spirits, only a vespertine can stop it. And who has information of these trained priestesses? The revenant.

Do you know how long I’ve been yearning for another Margaret Rogerson book? Ever since I finished Sorcery of Thorns in December 2019. Imagine the joy on my face when I heard about Vespertine. Though it isn’t a standalone, Verspertine will have its own plot and conclusion. Maybe the books will focus on different characters in the same world, like how it’s normally done in series of historical romances or contemporary romances.

when night breaks (kingdom of cards #2) – janella angeles

Read Where Dreams Descend recently and absolutely found myself immerse in the strange mystery behind disappearing female magicians. Kallia has always wanted to be more than just a showgirl but the idea of venturing outside was constantly rejected by Jack, the keeper of the club she’s working at. Surrounded by magic and striving to be the main headliner of the Conquering Circus, Kallia didn’t care about the dangers or any consequences. Demarco’s past will be revealed as he gets closer to the dazzling female magician.

When Night Breaks will answer all questions surrounding mirrors and magic, and the truth behind Jack’s insistence that Kallia remains hidden from the world. Demarco needs to find a way and continue on with searching for explanations regarding his missing sister.

kingdom of the cursed (kingdom of the wicked #2) – kerri maniscalco

Anything Kerri Maniscalco writes, I will read, especially romances. Kingdom of the Wicked is set in 1800s Sicily, Italy featuring witchcraft and demonic magic. Despite living in secrecy as a witch, Emilia’s twin sister was murdered. To find out why, Emilia used dark magic and meets Wrath, a Wicked Prince of Hell.

In Kingdom of the Cursed, readers will know more about the other Princes, more specifically, the Prince of Pride. Unable to trust anyone, Emilia will be surrounded by threats of danger without any support.

  • a spindle splintered (fractured fables #1) – alix e. harrow
  • Due to a terminal illness, Zinnia will never live past her 21st birthday and became obsessed with the story of Sleeping Beauty. For her birthday, her best friend threw Zinnia a Sleeping Beauty-themed party in which she was magically transported into a world that has an actual sleeping beauty.

    Read and enjoyed both The Ten Thousand Doors of January and The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow which basically means that I’ll be reading whatever she publishes. Although A Spindle Splintered is packed within 128 pages, I believe it will be an incredible retelling of The Sleeping Beauty.

  • daughter of the deep – rick riordan
  • Rick Riordan just surprised everyone with the news of Daughter of the Deep, unrelated to Camp Half-Blood or any mythology-based story. Daughter of the Keep follows Ana Dakkar who’s studying in a five-year high school that has produced the best marine scientists and underwater explorers.

    Honestly, I’m just excited that Rick Riordan is releasing a new book his year and that this setting hints at potential exploration under the sea where I can meet some incredibly marine creatures. Similarly, I’m not sure of the original story of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea but this setting is fascinating for me since I really love the ocean.

  • everything within and in between – nikki barthelmess
  • Ri finds out that her Mexican grandma had been hiding things from her this whole time. First is Ri’s biracial heritage while the second is her birth mother. All Ri’s grandma wanted was to push her away from her Mexican heritage and towards the “American Dream” of the white and rich.

    I’m extremely curious why Ri’s grandma, who is Mexican herself, refuses to let her granddaughter learn Spanish and why she hid the truth of Ri’s mother away. I think it’s going to be a touching novel about the two of them.

  • love, chai, and other four-letter words (chai masala club #1) – annika sharma
  • After Kiran’s sister disappointed their parents by not following their fixed plans, Kiran feels the need to be the good daughter. Working with children who are abandoned by their parents brings back memories of his own parents’s disregard for Nash. What happens when Kiran falls for a white dude while Nash’s fears rule his actions?

    I have quite a few South Asian romances in this list so you’re welcome. While Kiran is struggling with her family’s approval, Nash will be fighting his own demons. The two of them might resist the allure of falling in love but couldn’t stop the pull of fate anyway.

  • jade fire gold – june c.l. tan
  • Added this into my TBR once I found out that the author grew up in Singapore. I’ve been obsessed with xianxia novels lately (re: Heaven Official’s Blessing & Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) so this is perfect for me. You know what? Even though there are not many details in the synopsis other than the names of the characters, I’m here to stay after realizing it’s an East-Asian-inspired novel with elements of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    trigger and content warnings:
    • self-harm (gouging/eye horror; non-graphic), child abuse (physical, verbal, emotional manipulation/gaslighting), parent death (implied and off-page), character deaths, mentions and descriptions of fantasy/magical violence (blood, war, politcal violence), mentions and descriptions of physical symptoms that might be triggering to those with emetophobia, alcohol consumption
    • taken from june c.l. tan’s goodreads

    the keeper of night (the keeper of night #1) – kylie lee baker

    Ren Scarborough isn’t fully accepted by the Reapers even though she has been collecting souls in London for centuries under their rule. When she couldn’t control her Japanese Shinigami powers, she fled to Japan for the acceptance she desires but finds out that she would have to prove her worth there as well. Serving under the Goddess of Death, Ren needs to kill three Yokai demons.

    The moment I heard about The Keeper of Night, I was ready for some Japanese folklore and badassery from Ren because she’s both a Reaper and a Shinigami. How insanely cool is that?! I’m prepared to go on an adventure with Ren into the underworld of Japan.

  • any sign of life – rae carson
  • Imagine falling ill and then waking up to everyone dead, leaving you the only survivor. That’s what happened to Paige. She needs to survive against all odds. Not sure what to expect of Any Sign of Life but I enjoyed Rae Carson’s Fire and Thorns series.

  • nothing but blackened teeth – cassandra khaw
  • I remember last year’s USS Halloween Horror Night and being freaked out by the Japanese-styled haunted house with the dolls as decoration. Nothing but Blackened Teeth is another release of Cassandra Khaw’s this year. Though I’m not a fan of the horror genre, this book thoroughly intrigued me with Japanese folklore. A house that’s built upon the bones of a dead bride and foundations by bones of girls who were sacrificed to keep her company. Talking about it is already sending chills down my spine.

  • little thieves (little thieves #1) – margaret owen
  • Instead of following the princess who got her identity and life stolen, Little Thieves is told from the perspective of Vanja, the villainess, a wicked maid. Succeding in living as Princess Gisele and tricking the nobilities, Vanja was cursed by a low-god for her greed. Vanja needs to right her wrongs. Otherwise, she will turn into stone.

    I’m a stranger to the tale of the Goose Girl but whatever Margaret Owen writes, I decided ever since The Merciful Crow, I would pick up. Wonder how Little Thieves would be like since we’re following a villain instead of a hero.

    trigger and content warnings:

  • within these wicked walls – lauren blackwood
  • Within These Wicked Walls is an Ethiopian-inspired retelling of Jane Eyre. According to what I obtained from the synopsis, the plot does follow that of the original story of Jane Eyre but I suspect it would divert in every other aspect. I’m here for the spooky haunted mansion that this is story is set in. Also, never really heard of a debtera before so I’m intrigued to see how Andromeda’s career would play into the story. Can’t wait~

    Let me thank the ARC gods for gifting me one of my most anticipated releases of 2021. So blessed! 🙏

  • city of shattered light – claire winn
  • Fearing that her sister would be reprogrammed after Kaya’s mind was uploaded to an experimental brain by their manipulative father, Asa is on the run. Sent after her is Riven, a gun-slinging smuggler, who desires to climb up the Requiem’s underworld hierarchy. An outlaw and an heiress working together to fend for themselves in the dark underbelly of their world while a deadly virus spreads.

    This debut novel sounds absolutely intriguing so when it was available for request on NetGalley, you bet I went for it so thank you ARC gods. I can’t wait to see what the characters will get up to especially when they’re supposed to be on opposite sides.

  • donut fall in love – jackie lau
  • After his mother’s sudden death, Ryan Kwok is taking a break from his movie’s promotional tour. The first interaction they had was him knocking over donuts in Lindsey’s bakery. Sparks flew despite the mess though. When Ryan signed up for the celebrity edition of Baking Fail, he asked Lindsey for help and things took off from then on.

    Mainly here for the baking component but will stay for the romance.

    the grimrose girls (grimrose girls #1) – laura pohl

    Four friends decided to find the truth behind the death of their friend. Though Ari’s death was ruled as a suicide by the police, Ella, Yuki, Nani, and Rory are on a mission to uncover the mystery. When they do, the friends realized they are stuck in a loop. Until they break the cycle, the four of them will repeat their disturbing deaths over and over again.

    Four fairytale retellings for four girls. Not sure if the plot will become too messy with four reimaginations mixed into one novel but I’m excited to see how things develop.

    trigger and content warnings:


    let’s chat:
    which sci-fi/fantasy standalone are you looking forward to?

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