happy birthday month to these books and me!

Hello! This will be the third year I’m shouting out my most anticipated releases that share the same birthday month as me. Although I have many books on my radar, these are on the top of my list for October 2021. The release dates are subjected to changes. Also, if you know any trigger and content warnings that I need to add, do let me know (:

Without further ado, here are the 10 books coming out this month!


vespertine (vespertine #1) – magaret rogerson

Training to become a Gray Sister, Artemisia deals with the bodies of the dead, cleansing them to prevent any angry spirits from rising. To protect her convent from the attacking soldiers, she awoken an ancient spirit that will possess Artemisia at any time. With the threat of the restless Loraille spirits, only a vespertine can stop it. And who has information of these trained priestesses? The revenant.

Margaret Rogerson’s finally not writing a standalone. Ever since her first two books, I’ve been wondering how a series would be like written by her. Can’t wait for this one!

when night breaks (kingdom of cards #2) – janella angeles

If you haven’t read Where Dreams Descend, you’ll be spoiled by this synopsis!

Continuing from the mysterious disappearance of female magicians including Daron’s young sister, Kallia’s lost to this world under the hands of a dangerous magician from the mirror. Determined to not lose anyone else close to him, Daron will venture into the unknown to find Kallia. Now with Jack, the magician who had sheltered Kallia, she has to figure out whether he can be trusted and what his motive truly is.

I’m hoping Janella Angeles won’t break my heart too badly.

kingdom of the cursed (kingdom of the wicked #2) – kerri maniscalco

If you haven’t read Kingdom of the Wicked, you’ll be spoiled by this synopsis!

Caught between two Princes of Hell, in a foreign and scary place, Emilia needs to protect herself from the vices it offers. Accepting the hand of the king of demons and selling her soul to become Queen of the Wicked might not be enough for Emilia to take revenge for Vittoria who was murdered.

With Kerri Maniscalco’s writing style, I have no doubt that this would be wicked and romantic. Will I find another side of the Prince of Pride or will I continue rooting for the Prince of Wrath?

a spindle splintered (fractured fables #1) – alix e. harrow

In this retelling of the Sleeping Beauty, Zinnia, who has a terminal illness, will never experience life after her 21st birthday. Knowing that she’s obsessed with the fairytale, her best friend threw Zinnia a Sleeping Beauty-themed birthday party. Magically transported into a world with an actual sleeping beauty, Zinnia is determined to make sure the girl wouldn’t end up in the same state as her.

Got news that this standalone is expanded into a series known as Fractured Fables! Can you imagine the joy on my face when I realised Alix E. Harrow will be writing more reinvented retellings of fairytales that I’m familiar with.

daughter of the deep – rick riordan

Ana Dakkar is studying in a five-year high school that has produced the best marine scientists and underwater explorers. When her class embark on a secretive weekend trial at sea, Anna and the others witnessed a tragic event. On top of that, the cold war between their rival school and Harding-Pencroft Academy is threatening the lives of all the students.

Rick Riordan never fails to surprise me with the twists and turns in his books. Since this will be the first book that is entirely unrelated to the Percy Jackson series and its spin-offs, I wonder how different the experience will be.


jade fire gold – june c.l. tan

With my recent obsession with xianxia novels, such as Heaven Official’s Blessing and Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Jade Fire Gold is perfect for me, especially since I grew up watching xianxia shows. Inspired by Chinese mythology, Jade Fire Gold will no doubt be spectacular. I’m looking forward to epic fight scenes and the slow-burn romance.

the keeper of night (the keeper of night #1) – kylie lee baker

Despite her ability to collect souls in London for the Reapers, Ren Scarborough will never be fully accepted. Unable to control her Japanese Shinigami powers, she fled to Japan for the acceptance she desires. Unfortunately, with the Shinigami, she has to prove herself worthy once more. Serving under the Goddess of Death, Ren needs to kill three Yokai demons. 

I have an ARC for this so I’m definitely reaching for The Keeper of Night as soon as possible. It just sounds amazing.

aristotle and dante dive into the waters of the world (aristotle and dante #2) – benjamin alire sΓ‘enz

After the events of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, they’re now fully in love. Aristotle became more vocal about his thoughts, standing up to bullies and opening up to more people. With Dante at his side, there’s nothing the both of them can’t do. However, Ari experienced a loss that greatly affects him.

Think I gasped a little when I found out there’ll be a continuation to Aristotle and Dante’s love story. Benjamin Alire SΓ‘enz definitely surprised me with this news.

city of shattered light – claire winn

When the risk of Kaya’s mind potentially reprogrammed after being uploaded to an experimental brain, Asa ran away with whatever is left of Kaya. Sent after Asa is Riven, a gun-slinging smuggler, who wants to ascend the Requiem’s underworld hierarchy. Working together, an outlaw and an heiress, they have to fend for themselves in the dark underbelly of Requiem while a deadly virus kills the citizens.

little thieves – margaret owen

Adopted by Death and Fortune, Vanja is demanded to pay the price of their care. To do that, Vanja stole Princess Gisele’s life and took over Gisele’s place leaving her penniless. While pretending to be royalty, Vanja offended the wrong god and was cursed to turn into jewels for her greed.

Though I don’t know the original tale of The Goose Girl, I’m highly anticipating Margaret Owen’s standalone novel after reading The Merciful Crow duology.


let’s chat:
which book in this list are you highly anticipating?

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  1. Lovely post!!! Happy belated birthday or happy birthday in advance! πŸ’• Hope you have a wonderful month! Thank you for putting so many new books on my radar! πŸ₯°


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