grandmaster of demonic cultivation volume 1 – moxiang tongxiu

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Volume 1
by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

Series: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation #1
Published December 14th 2021 by Seven Seas Entertainment
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Representation: M/M romance, Chinese cast


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Wei Wuxian was once one of the most powerful men of his generation, a talented and clever young cultivator who harnessed martial arts and spirituality into powerful abilities. But when the horrors of war led him to seek more power through demonic cultivation, the world’s respect for his abilities turned to fear, and his death was celebrated throughout the land.

Years later, he awakens in the body of an aggrieved young man who sacrifices his soul so that Wei Wuxian can exact revenge on his behalf. Though granted a second life, Wei Wuxian is not free from his first, nor the mysteries that appear before him now. Yet this time, he’ll face it all with the righteous and esteemed Lan Wangji at his side, another powerful cultivator whose unwavering dedication and shared memories of their past will help shine a light on the dark truths that surround them.

🪷 🪷 🪷

This recap/review/rant is making me want to rewatch the animated version of Mo Dao Zu Shi. Okay, I have to admit though that this isn’t that much of a review. I’m basically recapping all the events that happened within Volume 1 of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, highlighted the parts that I loved, and giving my reaction to those scenes.

My love for Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian skyrocketed after I watched The Untamed. The actors did such a great job in making sure certain feelings were conveyed even though CENSORSHIP. The producers/writers/directors managed to keep everything according to the original work despite the CENSORSHIP. The donghua had more scenes that alluded to the Wangxian romantic relationship, especially season three, so I was in love the whole time.

Anyway, let’s just get into it.

🪷 🪷 🪷

We’re introduced to our beloved Wei Wuxian, aka Yiling Patriarch/Supreme Evil Lord/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation from the start. Died at Burial Mound 13 years ago, after the fight for the Yin Tiger Tally, Wei Wuxian was offered Mo Xuanyu’s body in a sacrificial ritual. If Wei Wuxian doesn’t fulfil the wish of the caster, the curse would rebound, completely destroying his spirit.

@ Mo Estate

Mo Xuanyu was shunned his whole life because of his familial background having a father of a prominent clan. Wei Wuxian finds out that his new identity liked boys and was a madman of average talent.

Wei Wuxian finds out that juniors of the Lan Clan of Gusu (姑苏蓝氏) were there to catch spirits with the spirit-attraction/target flags created by Yiling Patriarch himself.

Wei Wuxian’s opinion about one of the Lan juniors (Lan Sizhui) and all I can think is “IT’S LAN ZHAN!!!”
    The child had set up the flag formation in a proper and orderly manner, and his upbringing really was quite commendable as well. Wei Wuxian wondered who among that terrifying group full of uptight sticks-in-the-mud known as the Lan Clan had managed to raise such a junior.

After stealing a target flag, Mo Ziyuan died with his life sucked out of him. Three other people subsequently died and all the wounds on Wei Wuxian’s arm disappeared. The curse was lifted.

Just when Wei Wuxian and the Lan disciples can’t take it anymore, HANGUANG-JUN aka LAN ZHAN aka WEI WUXIAN’S HUSBAND arrived!!!

night hunt on Mount Dafan

Jin Ling set up 400 immortal-binding nets during the night hunt (exorcise evil spirits). Immediately, Jin Ling and Wei Wuxian clashed. Without thinking, Wei Wuxian insulted Jin Ling’s manners and his parents. Soon he finds out that the young boy is 师姐 Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan’s son. They were “killed by” Wei Wuxian and General Ghost/Wen Ning. Uncle Jiang Cheng, Wei Wuxian’s ex-best friend, is out to kill him if Wei Wuxian ever returns. Jiang Cheng makes an appearance and was about to kill Wei Wuxian when Lan Wangji’s sword came.

Furthermore, no matter how thoroughly Lan Wanji was praised as an unrivalled rare beauty, nothing could help the fact that he looked profoundly embittered, as if he had lost his wife.

Jiang Cheng was 8 years old when Jiang Fengmian brought Wei Wuxian back to Yunmeng. He had puppies at Lotus Pier but had to give them away because Wei Wuxian was scared of dogs. Young Wei Wuxian used to fight with street dogs for scraps after his parents died. Though Jiang Cheng harboured a little animosity towards Wei Wuxian, they soon became best friends.

@ shrine of the heavenly maiden

The statue that looked like a lady dancing became a god after people started to pray there.

To distract the Maiden, Wei Wuxian played a flute and summoned the Ghost General, Wen Ning (#1 fierce corpse). He had shackles and chains around his limbs. AND he should’ve been killed before the Siege of the Burial Mounds. Wen Ning doesn’t have any consciousness of his own. To neutralize Wen Ning’s emotions, Wei Wuxian played another tune WHICH IS HOW LAN WANGJI RECOGNIZE THAT THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE IS BACK!!!!!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Jiang Chen used Zidian on Wei Wuxian but nothing happened cause he’s not possessed but was offered a body.

Get ready for an onslaught of my favorite scenes:

Wei Wuxian’s playing that one song and Lan Wangji recognised him
    Wei Wuxuan backed away as he played the flute, luring him over, and they walked for a while like this, retreating into the forest. Suddenly, he smelled the refreshing scent of sandalwood.
    He backed into someone and felt a sharp pain around the wrist, the sound of the flute abruptly stopping with it. Oh no, Wei Wuxuan thought. When he turned around and looked, he was met squarely with Lan Wangji’s eyes. Their color was so light, the man’s gaze appeared frozen.
    Wei Wuxuan was afraid Lan Wangji would give chase to kill Wen Ning, so he reversed the hold and seized him back. Yet unexpectedly, Lan Wangji’s eyes were locked firmly on him, and he’d never spared a single look Wen Ning’s way. The two stood there thus, clutching each other, face-to-face as they stared at one another.
Wei Wuxian: “Lan Wangji is my type.”
    “Your kindness is too much, thank you. But you’re also overthinking things. Even if I like men, I don’t like all men, and I definitely don’t just go home with any man who waves at me. I’m not interested in your type.”
    “Oh? Then please enlighten me, what is your type?”
    “What’s my type?” Wei Wuxian replied. “Mmm, I quite like Hanguang-jun’s type.”
    Yet unexpectedly, when Lan Wangji heard him, he turned around.
    “As you say,” he said expressionlessly.
    “Hmm?” Wei Wuxian said.
    Lan Wangji looked back. Without breaching etiquette, but allowing no room for discussion, he stated: “I am taking this person back to the Lan Clan.”
    Wei Wuxian was briefly speechless.

@ cloud recesses

Lan Wangji stood silently before the main gate, turning a deaf ear and watching on cooly. When Wei Wuxian’s voice quieted a little, he said.
“Let him cry. Drag him inside once he is tired.”

Lan Wangji’s bro being a supporter and Hanguang-jun letting someone into his room???!!!
    “It is rare for you to bring anyone back home and also to appear so happy. Treat your guest well; do not be like this.”
    Happy? Wei Wuxian scrutinized Lan Wangji’s face.
    Exactly where did he see that?!
    After watching Lan Xichen leave, Lan Wangji instructed, “Drag him inside.”
    Lan Jingyi asked, “Hanguang-jun, where do we drag him to?”
    “The Tranquility Room,” Lan Wangji said.
    But that’s the study and bedroom Hanging-jun has never permitted others to enter…

Wei Wuxian found out that Lan Wangji kept jugs of Emperor’s Smile in his room even though alcohol is prohibited at the Cloud Recesses.
Also, Wei Wuxian saw the scars on Lan Wangji’s back made from lashes of the discipline whip, and the same brand mark that Wei Wuxian had on his own body.

“I didn’t see! I didn’t see anything! I was definitely not here to peep at Hanguang-jun bathing!”

Wei Wuxian jumping into Lan Wangji’s bed thinking he would hate it, but ends up sleeping on him. hehe
    At that moment, Wei Wuxian made a decision and threw himself onto the bed.
    He remembered that Lan Wangji despised physical contact with others. Wei Wuxian straddled Lan Wangji, his legs spread wide and bent along the man’s side.
    Lan Wangji said, after a moment of silence, “Get off.”
    “Nope,” Wei Wuxian said. “You should’ve expected something like this would happen when you made me sleep here.”
    “Like this? Are you certain?” Lan Wangji questioned.
    For some reason, Wei Wuxian felt this was a question he had to consider carefully before answering.
    Just as he was about to curl his lips, he suddenly felt his waist go numb, his legs weakening. Then his entire person collapsed on Lan Wangji’s body.
    “Stay like this tonight, then.”

back to the past.

Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian went to Lan Clan of Gusu to study for 3 months when they were 15 years old. Lan Wangji caught Wei Wuxian trying to sneak in Emperor Smile after curfew. Wei Wuxian tried to bribe Lan Wangji with the alcohol and they fought. Wei Wuxian was punished to copy Lan Clan’s scripts and Lan Wangji was there to supervise. On the last day, Wei Wuxian swapped the book LWJ was reading with an erotica. Lan Wangji was furious.

Lan Xichen = a fan
    Li Xichen added, “Besides, were you not amenable to the offer of his company?”
    Lan Wangji was dumbfounded.
    Li Xichen explained, “I only agreed because I saw you looked like you might want Sec Leader Jiang’s eldest disciple to come with us.”
    It was a good moment before Lan Wangji said arduously, “Nothing of the sort.”

back to the past: @ caiyi town

Caiyi Town was haunted by water ghosts. It’s there where Lan Wangji finds out Wei Wuxian’s sword is called “Whatever” (随便) and gave an eye roll.

I didn’t realize Su She was the only who followed Lan Wangji’s method and sent his sword into the waters, but it didn’t resurface CAUSE HE WEAK. Su She lost his sword and We Wuxian had to save him. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Lan Xichen, however, said, “Shall we buy a basket of loquats, if you want to try some?”
“…” Lan Wangji swept his sleeve and turned. “I do not!”

back to the past: @ cloud recesses

Lan Wangji caught Wei Wuxian sneaking alcohol in after curfew for THE SECOND TIME! While fighting, both of them tumbled out of Cloud Recesses boundaries. Voluntarily, Lan Wangji brought Wei Wuxian to be punished the next day and they were both whipped. Lan Xichen told Wei Wuxian about the healing abilities of the spring waters. Wei Wuxian saw Lan Wangji there.


Jin Zixuan’s fiancée is Jiang Yanli but he want this engagement. Wei Wuxian and Jin Zixuan fought because Wei Wuxian heard him talk bad about his shijie. The adults ended up cancelling the engagement since it was only there as the two mothers were friends. This incident caused Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng to leave Cloud Recesses abruptly.

    Wei Wuxian: can i roast these rabbits?
    Lan Jingyi: what! these are kept by hanguang-jun. we only help watch them occasionally.
    Wei Wuxian: reminisces the time when Lan Wangji didn’t want the rabbits in the past.

in the nether room @ cloud recesses

Wei Wuxian managed to open the doors of the Nether Room while it shut on the other Lan disciples. Lan Wangji was trying to calm the arm for soul-summoning. They realized that the soul of the deceased was split along with its corpse.

I loved that Wei Wuxian started to become more aware of Lan Wangji when they were older because the latter kept letting him do ridiculous things without flaring up. Honestly, I think Lan Wangji is just happy that his love is back by his side.

@ qinghe, xinglu ridge (“man-eating ridge”)

Rumors of Xinglu Ridge, where men disappear without traces, intrigued Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian. Currently, the Nie Clan is governed by the “Head Shaker” Nie Huaisang (doesn’t know anything) who studied at Cloud Recesses with Wei Wuxian.

Upon hearing Jin Ling’s dog, Fairy, barking viciously, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji ventured into the mausoleum. Instead of finding corpses in the coffins, the Nie clan placed sabers inside. Using “Inquiry” (Lan Clan’s way of communicating with the deceased), the soul (Jin Ling’s) replied that he was trapped in a wall. Realising that an evil curse was left on Jin Ling’s, Wei Wuxian transferred it to himself.

Now, Jiang Cheng know about Mo Xuanyu’s real identity: Wei Wuxian

Wei Wuxian joking around with Jin Ling
    “What were you gonna do?! Where are my clothes?! Where’s my sword?! Where’s my dog?!”
    “I was just going to dress you,” Wei Wuxian said.
    Wei Wuxian was delighted. “What a coincidence, I am!!!”
Wei Wuxian: “thank you”, “sorry”
    Wei Wuxian strode over with his hands clasped behind his back.
    “Young man, sometimes in life, there are a few sappy things one must say.”
    “What?” Jin Ling asked.
    “‘Thank you’ and ‘I’m sorry’,” Wei Wuxian replied.
    Wei Wuxian suddenly said it himself.
    “I’m sorry.”
    Jin Ling was taken aback. “What?”
    “What I said to you back at Mount Dafan. I’m sorry,” Wei Wuxian said.
    “Stop. Don’t go,” Lan Wangji said.
    “Why? Are you going to carry me?” Wei Wuxian said.
    “…” Lan Wangji gazed at him quietly, and the smile hanging off of Wei Wuxian’s lips froze. A foreboding shadow arose in his mind.
    Sure enough, when Lan Wangji heard him, he moved in front of Wei Wuxian and seems to really be bending at the knees, lowering himself to carry him on his back. Wei Wuxian was stunned once again.
    He quickly said, “Hold on, wait, I was just joking. I just got zapped by Zidian a couple of times, that’s all. It’s not like my legs are broken. A full-grown man needing to be carried on someone’s back is too unsightly.”
    “Is it unsightly?” Lan Wangji asked.
    “Is it not?” Wei Wuxian countered.
    After a moment of silence, Lan Wangji said, “But you’ve also carried me on your back before.”
    “Really? How come I don’t remember?” Wei Wuxian said.
    Lan Wangji replied impassively, “You never remembered these things.”
    Then suddenly, one of Lan Wangji’s arms circled around his back. He bent forward slightly while the other hand swept beneath the crooks of Wei Wuxian’s knees.
    He cried in alarm, “Lan Zhan!”
    Lan Wangji, with Wei Wuxian in his arms, walked very steadily and answered very steadily. “You said not to carry you on my back.”
    “But I didn’t say to carry me like this!” Wei Wuxian protested.
how did you know it was me?
    “Lan Zhan, did you already know it was me back at Mount Dafan?” Wei Wuxian asked.
      “Mn,” Lan Wangji replied.
        “How?” Wei Wuxian was curious.
          Lan Wangji lowered his eyes, “You want to know?”
            “Yes.” Wei Wuxian said affirmatively.
              “You told me yourself.” Lan Wangji said.
                  He said sternly, “Think for yourself.”

Lan Wangji kicked open the doors to their room with Wei Wuxian in his arms. The person outside the tomb was Nie Huaisang and he explained the lore behind “Man-Eating Ridge”. Apparently, Nie Mingjue’s qi deviated during an important symposium and died violently. After the Sunshot Campaign (射日之征), Lan Xichen, Jin Guangyao, and Nie Huaisang became sworn brothers.

Currently, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian found three limbs of the body but is still missing the torso.

“strip later”
    “How’s the curse mark?”
      “It’s faded a little.”
        LWJ asked, “How little is a little?”
          WWX gestured a measurement with his hands and replied, “A little is a little. How do I explain? Do you want me to strip to show you?”
            LWJ’s brows twitched slightly, seeming to really be concerned that he would strip on the street. He said flatly, “Strip after we return.”

Chang Clan of Yueyang was massacred, rumoured to be by Yiling Patriarch.

Here are the connections to Wei Wuxian:

  • Xiao Xingchen:
    • emerged under the tutelage of Baoshan-sanren 12 years ago (Cangse-sanren’s martial brother).
    • Baoshan-sanren’s disciples swore to focus only on cultivation and never descend the mountain. If they did, they are never allowed to return.
    • Disciples that descended the mountain: Yanling-daoren, Cangse-sanren (Wei Wuxian’s mother), Xiao Xingchen
    • Xiao Xingchen descended the mountain at 17 years old (after Sunshot Campaign and Siege of the Yiling Burial Mounds). Xiao Xingchen rejected invitations to join clans but established a sect that didn’t emphasize on blood ties with his best friend, Song Lan.
    • True killer of Chang Clan: Xue Yang, a thug. His father had a grudge against Chang Ping. When Xiao Xingchen caught Xue Yang, he brought him to the four Clans. Nobody had objections to executing Xue Yang except for Jin Clan.
  • Yin Tiger Tally (阴虎符)
    • Wei Wuxian created the tally which possessed commanding power over corpses, ghosts, and belligerent spirits, forcing their obedience. Wei Wuxian wasn’t expecting it to be so powerful. He just wanted to use it as a supplement.
    • He only used it twice:
      1. Sunshot Campaign
      2. Burial Mounds where he destroyed half.
    • Xue Yang could piece together the other half of the tally so Jin Clan shielded him from execution. Angry at Xiao Xingchen, Xue Yang exacted revenge on his friend, Song Lan. Xue Yang blinded Song Lan’s eyes with caustic powder.
    • Xiao Xingchen took Song Lan back to Baoshan-sanren to heal his eyes. Ridden with guilt, Xiao Xingchen gave Song Lan his eyes.

Xiao Xingchen, bright moon, cool breeze, ever-distant; Song Zichen, dauntlessly scorns the snow and frost.

    *Young waiter puts an arm around Wei Wuxian while chatting with him*
      Young waiter: Bro, why is that gentleman glaring at me? Look at the way he’s glaring, you’d think I was putting my arm around his wife…”

Wei Wuxian changing his surname to “Lan” after he finished a jug of the inn’s alcohol. & Lan Wangji’s stride faltered when he heard that. HAHHA

@ chang clan mansion

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian found someone digging the Chang Clan’s grave. They realized that the gravedigger was familiar with Lan Wangji’s sword technique, but couldn’t decipher the identity because the person’s face and sword were concealed with a spell.

All the pieces of their “good buddy” except the head has been found. However, one shocking revelation was that the sword that inflicted the thousand cuts (lingchi) was Xiao Xingchen’s Shuanghua. When Lan Wangji tried soul-summoning for Xiao Xingchen, it was unfruitful. Either he hadn’t died or Xiao Xingchen has passed and his soul was dispersed.

drinking session with Lan Wangji:

After drinking a bowl of alcohol, Lan Wangji promptly fell asleep (totally skipped being drunk). Wei Wuxian summoned Wen Ning and took out two long, black nails from General Ghost’s skull. Wanting to use Lan Wangji’s Bichen to shatter Wen Ning’s chain but Wei Wuxian found Hanguang-Jun standing right behind him. Still intoxicated but walking about.

“you only can play the flute for me”
    Presently, Lan Wangji seemed to think this slap wasn’t quite enough to express his ire. He shoved Wen Ning with one hand and pushed him meters away.
    He very unhappily said to Wen Ning, “Go away.”
    Wei Wuxian finally noticed something was off.
    Lan Wangji’s two moves, whether they were action or speech, were both very… childish.
    After pushing Wen Ning far enough away, Lan Wangji seemed to finally be satisfied. He turned around and walked back, stopping beside Wei Wuxian.
    Then he pulled out the bamboo flute. However, before the flute made it to his lips, Lan Wangji snatched it over.
    He stated, “You are not allowed to play for him.”
    Wei Wuxian teased, “Why are you so bossy, huh?”
    Lan Wangji repeated unhappily, “You are not allowed to play for him!”
    He would have to smooth his ruffled fur a bit, and thus, he promised, “All right. I will only play for you, is that okay?”
    Lan Wangji gave a satisfied “mn,” but he was still fiddling with the flute in his hands and appeared to have no intent to give it back to him yet.
    Wei Wuxian turned to Lan Wangji. “Lan Zhan, how come your face doesn’t even turn a little bit red when you’re drunk?”
    Yet unexpectedly, when Lan Wangji heard him, he suddenly reached out, hugged Wei Wuxian’s shoulders, and yanked him into his arms.
    Caught off guard, Wei Wuxian crashed headfirst into his chest.
    He was still dizzy when Lan Wangji’s voice came form above. “Listen to the heartbeat.”
    Lan Wangji said, “The face doesn’t show it. Listen to the heartbeat.”
    “I can’t tell from your face, so I have to figure it out by listening to your heartbeat?”
    “Mn,” Lan Wangji honestly replied.

Back at the inn, Wei Wuxian cleaned up Lan Wangji before putting him to bed. Seeing that Lan Wangji kept looking at him, Wei Wuxian decides to tease the drunkard.

wei wuxian: bichen or me?
    “Hanging-jun, are you gonna do whatever I tell you right now?”
    “Mn,” Lan Wangji said.
    “You’ll answer anything I ask of you?”
    Wei Wuxian pushed a knee onto the bed and crooked a smile. “Well, then. Let me ask you: have you ever snuck a sip of the Emperor’s Smile you hid in your room?”
    “Do you like rabbits?”
    “Have you ever violated the rules?”
    “Do you have someone you like?”
    He continued, “What do you think of Jiang Cheng?”
    A frown. “Humph.”
    “What about Wen Ning?”
    Clearly disinterested. “Heh.”
    Wei Wuxian pointed at himself with a wide, happy grin. “What about this one?”
    “Mine,” Lan Wangji answered.
    Lan Wangji gazed intently at him and repeated, impeccably, clearly, emphasising the word, “Mine.”
    Wei Wuxian thought it was Bichen that he was carrying that Lan Wangji was referring to. He moved left and right with Bichen in his hands.
    “Want it?”
    “I do,” Lan Wangji replied.
    He seemed to think that wasn’t enough to demonstrate his desire, so he seized the hand that was holding Bichen, his light-coloured eyes gazing directly at Wei Wuxian. He breathed a soft sigh, then pronounced each word with force as he repeated himself.
    “… I do.”
    Wei Wuxian knew full well the man was a drunken mess, knew what he said wasn’t directed at him, but still those two words struck him so hard his arm went weak, as did his legs.
Lan Wangji then proceeds to push Wei Wuxian down the bed to sleep.

The next day:
Lan Wangji asked Wei Wuxian what he said last night when he was drunk. Wei Wuxian teased him and said that “you said you really like….. rabbits!” I bet our dear Hanguang-Jun had an internal panic attack.

Wei Wuxian mumbled to himself, “Well, ain’t that strange. How can such a dull person always make me so happy?”


Lan Clan of Gusu [姑苏蓝氏]
Family Insignia: rolling clouds
Disciples: Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi
🪷 Lan Xichen/Lan Huan/Zewu-jun: Łan Wangji’s older brother; clan leader
🪷 Lan Wangji: sword called Bichen, guqin called Wangji

Jin Clan of Lanling [兰陵金氏]
Family Insignia: white peony
🪷 Jin Ling: vermillion mark on his forehead; Jiang Yanli + Jin Zixuan
🪷 Jin Guangshan: ex-head of Jin Clan who has passed on; playboy, womaniser; multiple illegitimate children
🪷 Jin Guangyao/Lianfang-zun: illegitimate son but current family head; Jin Ling’s uncle
🪷 Jin Zixuan: the only legitimate son of Jin Guangshan

Jiang Clan of Yunmeng [云梦江氏]
Family Insignia:
nine-petal lotus
Family heirloom ring called Zidian (shock the soul possessing the person)
🪷 Jiang Cheng: rule the clan alone; sword called Sandu; Wei Wuxian’s ex-best friend
🪷 Jiang Fengmian: Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli’s father; ex-clan leader; friend of Wei Wuxian’s father

Nie Clan of Qinghe [清河聂氏]
Family Insignia:
head of a beast
Profession: butcher
🪷 Nie Huaisang: second young master
🪷 Nie Mingjue/Chifeng-zun: older brother of Huaisang; clan leader

With this, I’m done. After Hualian, Wangxian is my favorite couple. The difference in their personality is great; Wei Wuxian being more cheerful and carefree while Lan Wangji worries more and is calmer in situation. I loved that they’re both dependable characters. While they had issues when they were younger, the both of them still ended up being together.

I really can’t wait for book two. Out of the three series, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation is the most steamy. I wonder why that is. Hmmm… 🤔🤔

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