heaven official’s blessing volume 2 – moxiang tongxiu

Heaven Official’s Blessing Volume 2
by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

Series: Heaven Official’s Blessing #2
Published February 15th 2022 by Seven Seas Entertainment
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Representation: M/M romance, Chinese cast


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Xie Lian has confirmed that the bewitching youth San Lang is actually Hua Cheng, one of the Four Calamities and a supreme ghost despised by all heavenly officials. Still, he has trouble matching the terror of his companion’s reputation with the charming, clever, and protective young man he’s come to know.

When a distress signal leads Xie Lian into Ghost City, a bustling metropolis containing all the horrors and delights of the dead, he sees Hua Cheng in his element—and his true form—for the first time. But despite their chemistry and care for one another, there are missions to fulfill and secrets to uncover, and Xie Lian’s centuries of troubled history are never far behind.


Before you venture further, just know that this post will contain all sorts of spoilers you don’t wanna know if you haven’t read the book and have intentions to do so. You’ll be spoiled from the start to the end. Wanna know what I think of the other book? Click the links below.

Volume 1

In Volume 2, readers finally get the scene when Xie Lian meets the original appearance of Crimson Rain Sought Flower in the Ghost City. 😍 Furthermore, Crown Prince Xie Lian’s past is dug out after we meet more characters such as Lang Qianqiu, Qi Rong, the State Preceptor Fangxin, and little Hua Cheng aka Honghong-er. My heart knows that after this book, the future book will deep dive on the hardships Xie Lian went through during the Human Face Disease and the aftermath of it. I’m scared… But for now, we have Xie Lian and Hua Cheng’s interactions.

Let’s start with Xie Lian receiving Hua Cheng’s ashes as a keepsake but still not knowing the gravity of having this gift. But was swiftly called back to the heavens because Jun Wu is back!

@ Heavenly Realm

While on the Grand Avenue of Divine Might, Xie Lian turned back to a “Your Highness” call but realized the person was calling the Crown Prince of Yong’an, His Highness Tai Hua. This awkward encounter is fodder for gossip as Yong’an was the successor after the downfall of the Kingdom of Xianle.

Marital Gods

  • Pei Ming:
    Palace of Ming Guang; Martial God of the North; worshipped as God of Love due to his reputation with the ladies
    • [honestly, can’t wait for the person who will bring him down a peg.]
  • Quan Yizhen:
    Palace of Qi Ying; Martial God of the West
  • Feng Xin:
    Palace of Nan Yang; Martial God of the Southeast
  • Mu Qing:
    Palace of Xuan Zhen; Martial God of the Southwest
  • Lang Qianqiu:
    Palace of Tai Hua; Martial God of the East

Elemental Masters

  • Ming Yi: Earth Master Yi
  • Shi Wudu: Water Master Wudu (“Water Tyrant”); older brother of Qingxuan; ascended first
  • Shi Qingxuan: Wind Master Qingxuan; carries a whisk, long sword, and a fan; the mortals sculpted the Wind Master as a goddess because think that one male god and one female god provides completeness ⇒ hence why Qingxuan can change their appearance at will.

Three Tumors: best friends with bad reputation

  • Ming Guang
  • Ling Wen: was bullied when she first ascended because “how can a lady be an effective goddess in ensuring good fortune for scholars?”. her attendants rebuilt her statues into male forms (Ling Wen-yuanjun → Ling Wen-zhenjun)
  • Shi Wudu

@ Palace of Divine Might

Main discussion: Pei Xiu’s actions on Banyue Pass & Pei Ming being offended

Xie Lian tried to keep Hua Cheng from the conversation but Pei Ming brought up the “red-cloth young man”, and got confirmation from Mu Qing and Feng Xin. Pei Xiu got 200 years of exile.

When Jun Wu dismissed everyone, Lang Qianqiu was the last one standing there, fast asleep.
[This interaction is funny and light-hearted but everyone who has read this know how quickly this dynamic will change.😭]

A heavenly official sent up the Ascending Fire Dragon, call for help, from the Ghost City, seven days ago when Hua Cheng coincidentally left Puqi Shrine. Jun Wu sent Xie Lian there with Lang Qianqiu and the Lord Wind Master to check.

Everyone’s warning Xie Lian about Hua Cheng but our lovely cultivator is like “I’m just going to take this chance to see what San Lang is up to.” 😂 I love this.

Jun Wu: “be careful of the scimitar Eming, a blade of misfortune”, “don’t touch it, don’t let it touch you”
Xie Lian: San Lang probably wouldn’t strike me with a blade.
Me: yes, and and Eming would end up with a puppy personality, begging for Xie Lian to touch it.

Nan Yang was the one who privately approached Ling Wen and said that Xie Lian didn’t have to pay back the reconstruction cost of the palace he destroyed when he ascended for the third time.

Jun Wu granted Xie Lian a new Palace of Xianle & Xie Lian met male Shi Qingxuan there.

💬 “If I was beautiful, then there’s no but! As long as I look good!”

@ Ghost City

Xie Lian and Shi Qingxuan entered the Ghost City by following a group of female ghosts. They lost each other once inside and the communication array didn’t work.

Meanwhile, Xie Lian got accosted by a sex worker and the conversation went like this
    Lan Chang: “Hey there, little gege. Yer lookin’ mighty fine.”
    Xie Lian: “That’s not it. It’s because I have an unspeakable affliction. I can’t get erect.”

@ Gambler’s Den, Ghost City

Xie Lian read Hua Cheng’s calligraphy on the couplets and wonders who have such bad handwriting. Although he wanted to find Shi Qingxuan, most likely at a beauty parlour, something drew Xie Lian into the Gambler’s Den.

There, someone was betting his daughter’s life and marriage. While watching on, Shi Qingxuan appeared. For a righteous man, Lang Qianqiu made a fuss in Hua Cheng’s territory without fearing that his status, as a heavenly official, would be outed. Lang Qianqiu was caught by Hua Cheng, who was sitting behind red curtains. Whoever wins against Hua Cheng can bring Lang Qianqiu home. Despite his bad luck, Xie Lian tried his hands.

After a soundless sigh, Xie Lian stepped forward and said gently, “In that case, please let me have a try,” Upon hearing his voice, the shadow behind the red curtains paused. Then the figure slowly rose to his feet.

  • Hua Cheng taught Xie Lian the correct cup-shaking posture, using this as an excuse to touch his hands. & the ghosts in the Den went nuts!!!! & XIE LIAN MEETS HUA CHENG’S ACTUAL APPEARANCE!!!!
While he could still be called a youth, he could also be called a man. The shyness of boyhood had evolved into a composed calm. The sheer wildness between his brows reflected his pride. The same eye that twinkled like a star was now gazing deeply, unblinkingly at Xie Lian. However, though it was as bright as a star, there was only one eye. The left eye. The other was hidden behind a black eyepatch.
  • And when Xie Lian lost, Hua Cheng suddenly had infinite patience: “Don’t worry, this round doesn’t count. I’m teaching you right now, try again.”
Lang Qianqiu making noises while dangling on top.
      Xie Lian looked at Hua Cheng and pleaded in a small voice, “… San Lang.”
      Hearing his tone, Hua Cheng chuckled. “Leave him be. Let us continue.”

    Hua Cheng called Xie Lian “gege” in front of everyone & the reaction is hilarious. Hua Cheng asked what Xie Lian is betting with, and gege only has a half-eaten bun, which the ghost king accepted.

    • Lang Qianqiu: “I’m only worth a half-eaten bun?!”

    It seems like nobody has seen Hua Cheng in his original skin before. Only Xie Lian knows that it’s original, everyone think it’s just another appearance.

    “Gege, you’ve beaten me.”
    Xie Lian obviously knew what had happened and said in resignation, “Please stop teasing me.”
    Hua Cheng quirked his brow. “I’m not. Why would I?”

    Hua Cheng asked for the half-eaten bun. Everyone was speechless. & When Xie Lian was walking away, they made eye contact, Hua Cheng took a bite out of the bun.

    Outside Gambler’s Den

    Xie Lian found ghosts beating up the managed boy who has Human Face Disease, but the boy ran away.

    The Waning Moon Officer brought Xie Lian to Hua Cheng at the Paradise Manor, the Chengzhu’s sanctuary. Xie Lian will be the first guest there. The office had a cursed shackle around his wrist.

    @ Paradise Manor

    “I did say that the next time we met, I would greet you with my real appearance.”
    Xie Lian grinned and said earnestly, “Not bad.”

    Xie Lian asked Hua Cheng about the keepsake.
      “By the way,” Xie Lian said, “did you leave this?”
      Hua Cheng glanced at the ring and smiled. “It’s for you.”
      “What is it?” Xie Lian asked.
      “Nothing important,” Hua Cheng replied. “Just keep it for fun.”
      Although that was what he said, Xie Lian knew that this object must be truly valuable, not something so insignificant. ”Then, thank you, San Lang.”
    House vs. Home conversation
        “So it’s your home,” Xie Lian commented.
        ”Residence,” Hua Cheng corrected. “Not a home.”
        ”Is there a difference?” Xie Lian asked.
        ”Of course,” Hua Cheng replied. “A home has family. A place where someone lives alone is not a home.” Hua Cheng continued, “If it’s home, then even a small place like Puqi Shrine is a million times better than my Paradise Manor.”

      Hua Cheng’s man found the bandaged boy, and Xie Lian named him Lang Ying (Lang = Yong’an surname).

      When Hua Cheng went away to settle an issue, Xie Lian followed the sneaky Waning Moon Officer but couldn’t find him after the officer rolled some dice and opened a door.

      @ Armory, Paradise Manor

      Hua Cheng brought gege to his armory.

      Sugar Daddy Hua Cheng: take anything and everything you want
          “since gege likes them all, I’ll give them all to you.”
          “no need to take it away. i’ll give you the property too. just come visit when you’re free.”

        Totally ignoring Jun Wu’s warning, Xie Lian said hi to Eming and touching it. This “bloody, cursed blade of misfortune” became puppy-like, begging for more. 💛🐶

        Eming wants more
            He turned to Hua Cheng. “I rather like it too.”
            At this words, the eye blinked madly, and the scimitar started shaking all of a sudden from where it hung at Hua Cheng’s waist.
            He reprimanded it, “No.”
            ”’No’, what?” Xie Lian asked.
            ”No,” Hua Cheng reiterated. Eming shook again, looking desperate to jump out of its scabbard.
            Xie Lian asked curiously, “Are you telling it ‘no’?”
            ”Yes,” Hua Cheng deadpanned. “It wants you to pet it, but I’m telling it no.”
            Xie Lian grinned. “Well, why not?”

          Hua Cheng lent Xie Lian some luck. 🙏🏻

          Shi Qingxuan snuck into Paradise Manor and wondered if Xie Lian remembered the reason they were here. He had pretty solid observation 😂
              “So, Your Highness, do you still remember our objective for coming to Ghost City?”
              Xie Lian regained his composure and replied, “Of course I remember. Back at the Paradise Hall, I was preparing for our mission.”
              Shi Qingxuan looked at him in confusion. “Really? What exactly did you prepare at the Paradise Hall? I only remember you playing around with Crimson Rain Sought Flower rolling dice. You guys weren’t even playing properly; you were feeling up his hands, and he was feeling up yours. What kind of new method was that?”

            In the tunnels,

            Xie Lian used the borrowed luck to pass through each door that required a dice roll. The doors work the same way as a Teleportation Array. Different rolls of the dice will take the person to different places.

            A Martial God of the West, Quan Yizhen, was banished a few years back.

            Shi Qingxuan and Xie Lian found Ming Yi, the Earth Master, who was the black-clad female at Banyue Pass. Ming Yi was the one who sent the Ascending Fire Dragon.

            Shi Qingxuan was offended by their BFF.
                “Is it so shameful to know me? What hurtful words, Ming-xiong! I’m your best friend!”
                The man denied it resolutely. “I have no friends who would run around in that sort of attire.”

              As they opened the last door, Xie Lian fell into Hua Cheng’s lap. Apparently, Ming Yi was sent to Ghost City as a spy and Hua Cheng found out, left Puqi Shrine after Banyue Pass to deal with this situation.

              Shi Qingxuan started a wind to bring all of them away from Hua Cheng. Before Lang Qianqiu can start fighting Hua Cheng, Xie Lian blocked their moves with a random sword. To create a distraction, Xie Lian started a small fire, but with the wind, Paradise Manor started burning down. [OH NO!!! 🔥]

              The Flower-Crowned Martial God:
              Sword in One Hand, Flower in the Other.

              Back at the Heavenly Realm,

              Lan Qianqiu was acting weirdly because he recognised Xie Lian as the State Preceptor Fangxin of Yong’an and as his teacher (after Xie Lian saved young Lang Qianqiu from kidnappers).

              • State Preceptor Fangxin is one of the Dual Evil Masters after the Gilded Banquet Massacre of the Yong’an monarchy (Lan Qianqiu’s birthday). Xie Lian was said to murder the entire royal family for revenge of the downfall of Kingdom of Xianle. Lang Qianqiu saw Xie Lian land the last blow on his father.

              When Jun Wu asked, Xie Lian readily admitted he’s the State Preceptor. Xie Lian requested Jun Wu to “remove my godhood and banish me to the Mortal Realm.”

              Xie Lian refusing to fight Lan Qianqiu
                  Xie Lian looked at the sword, then looked at him. In the end, he shook his head slowly. “I swore many years ago to never kill with the sword again.”
                  “I don’t need you to banish yourself. Ascension is based on ability alone. I only want a duel.”
                  ”I don’t want to fight you,” Xie Lian said.
                  ”Why not?!” Lang Qianqiu shouted. It’s not like we’ve never fought before. Life or death, the outcome doesn’t matter, let’s just put an end to this!”
                  Xie Lian said plainly, “No reason. But fight me and you will surely die.”

                Xie Lian refused to say the full story so Jun Wu detained him in the Palace of Xianle for interrogation.

                @ Palace of Xianle

                Xie Lian shook the dice Hua Cheng gave him previously. 🦋🦋 [WE KNOW WHAT WHO IS ANSWERING THIS~]

                Mu Qing visited Xie Lian to pass him a bottle of medicine for his injured arm. & Xie Lian’s weirded out.🤨
                    Since his third ascension, there could only be one phrase to describe the way Mu Qing treated him: passive-aggressive. It always felt like he was waiting for Xie Lian to get booted for the third time so he could make snide remarks. Yet now that Xie Lian might actually get booted that third time, he suddenly became pleasant–he even came specially to deliver medication. This complete reversal in attitude made Xie Lian feel quite disconcerted.

                  and Feng Xin came to visit.

                  There was a loud bang and then silver butterflies rushed towards the three. 🦋✨
                      “Your Highness, be careful! Don’t just stand there–come behind the shield!”
                      And yet, when Xie Lian turned his head, not a single hair upon it had been harmed. He frowned. “Huh?”
                      The two looked closely and almost spat blood on the spot from their furious shock. Xie Lian was staring at them in blank confusion, a wraith butterfly held on one hand.
                      Earlier, when the butterflies were gusting through like wild winds, there was one that was a little slow and couldn’t keep up with the rest. As it flapped arduously in front of Xie Lian, he had a simple thought: that poor little sliver butterfly was working really hard, but it couldn’t fly anymore. And so he unthinkingly extended his palm just beneath it. Wings flapping happily, that silver butterfly had landed on his palm and now wouldn’t leave.

                    Hua Cheng rescued Xie Lian from his banishment and brought him to a mountain valley via the Teleportation Array.

                    Hua Cheng rescued Xie Lian from his banishment and brought him to a mountain valley via the Teleportation Array. & entered the communication array via Xie Lian 🙌🏼👻 [ i love how they capitalised That Person when mentioning Hua Cheng 😂]
                        Those cold digits gently touched his temple, and Hua Cheng chuckled. ”Long time no see. How is everyone doing?”
                        With the soft touch of his two fingers, Hua Chng entered the heavenly communication array through Xie Lian. That nonchalant greeting was heard not just by Xie Lian beside him but by every flustered heavenly official within the communication array. Instantly, they fell into a dead silence.
                        There was a silent uproar. No wonder! Such arrogance could only come from That Person!
                        Hua Cheng continued, “I don’t know if you missed me, but I haven’t thought about any of you at all.”

                      In the tunnels,

                      Xie Lian apologised to Hua Cheng about burning down Paradise Manor & Hua Cheng got upset )”:
                          “Why should you have to repay me?” Hua Cheng interrupted. His tone was a little harsh, as if he couldn’t listen anymore, and he abruptly turned around.
                          “Did you forget that my blade wounded your arm? I hurt you, not the other way around. Why should you have to repay me?”

                        Knowing how the dice and Teleportation Array worked, Shi Qingxuan helped Mu Qing and Feng Xin to find Xie Lian & Feng Xin rolled a 4.

                        San Lang, what does a roll of four open to?”
                        ”Depends,” Hua Cheng replied. “The door will open to whatever the roller fears most.”
                        Just as Hua Cheng answered, Mu Qing cooly snapped, “You fought to roll first and rolled out a women’s bath! Give me the dice, I’ll roll!”

                        Mu Qing rolled to a place with Black Marsh Crocodiles.

                        Xie Lian asked Hua Cheng about rolling a 2. 🎲
                            He spoke as he walked, “I rolled snake eyes earlier. Does that mean every time I roll a two, I can see you?”
                            As soon as he asked the question, he realized his words implied a bit too much, as if he had dearly wanted to see Hua Cheng.
                            But Hua Cheng replied, “No.”
                            Xie Lian felt a little awkward and scratched his cheek. “Oh. So that’s not it. I was wrong, then.”
                            Hua Cheng, walking in front of him, said, “If you want to see me, it won’t matter what you roll, I will appear.”

                          Lang Qianqiu appeared and he passed Fangxin, the State Preceptor Fangxin’s sword, back to Xie Lian, wanting to fight him.

                          After Xianle Kingdom fell, its surviving citizens cannot blend in with the people of the new kingdom, Yong’an people. There were undergound alliances of Xianle citizens to plot assassinations of the Yong’an nobility. However, during Lang Qianqiu’s generation, the attitude changed and his parents wanted peace.

                          Hua Cheng transformed Lang Qianqiu into a budaoweng doll. They brought the doll with them.

                          @ Qi Rong’s Lair

                          Hua Cheng changed their appearances and moved towards Qi Rong who was sitting on his throne. In front of the Night-Touring Green Lantern was a kneeling statue of Xie Lian.

                          Our lovely Crimson Rain Sought Flower beat the shit out of Qi Rong, forcing him to tell Lang Qianqiu the truth about the Massacre.

                          • Prince An Le was never Lang Qianqiu’s friend and was in cahoots with the Xianle rebels
                          • Little Lang Qianqiu’s kidnapping was planned by them too.
                          • Xie Lian ruined their plans and became the scapegoat after he found Lang Qianqiu’s father dying painfully.

                          Qi Rong:

                          • Xie Lian’s cousin, Prince Xiao Jing, son of the younger sister of Xie Lian’s mother
                          • Idolized Xie Lian since young
                          • very immature and cruel to others but nobody scolded him because he’s royalty
                          Xie Lian punching Qi Rong
                              Before he could finish, Qi Rong’s own sight went dark again, and his cheek exploded in agony as he spewed blood from his mouth–he got himself socked again! However, this punch wasn’t from Hua Cheng, it was from Xie Lian.
                              Xie Lian’s fist was faster than the eye could possibly track, and he said coldly, “Just because I’ve never hit you before, it doesn’t mean I would never hit you.”

                            After finding out the truth, in a rage, Lang Qianqiu threw Qi Rong into a bubbling cauldron. The only thing that floated up was some green cloth.

                            “Is the truth so important?”
                                Xie Lian was completely stunned. “Why must he know the truth? Was the truth that important?”
                                ”Very important,” Hua Cheng replied. “He needed to know what you did and what you didn’t do, and why you had to do it.”
                                His voice was full of conviction, leaving no room for doubt. ”You weren’t wrong. No one could’ve done it better than you.”
                                “You never know. I don’t care if anyone else is disappointed. But to some, the very existence of a certain person in this world is in itself hope.”
                                Although he didn’t specify who “some” were, or who “a certain person” was, and though his tone was plain and casual like he was making an offhand comment, Xie Lian’s heart suddenly lifted, and he felt light.

                              “I’ve always had the feeling that you’re someone from my past and that you must’ve known me from very early on. Maybe it was during my first ascension; no, maybe even earlier. Yet… I really don’t remember. When have I ever met a character like you?”

                              Shi Qingxuan and Feng Xin appeared in the lair after Lang Qianqiu left.

                              “I’m not talking about him,” Shi Qingxuan said.
                              “I’m talking about you! Your Highness, look at you: the marital gods of the southeast and southwest are both your old buddies, the Martial God of the East is your disciple, that Night-Touring Green Lantern is your little cousin, Crimson Rain Sought Flower is your sworn brother, and I, Lord Wind Master, am your friend. Ain’t that something?”

                              • and Hua Cheng’s eyebrow is like “since when i’m gege’s sworn brother?” hehe 🤭

                              “You think too much,” Hua Cheng said lightly.
                              Xie Lian was slightly taken aback and tilted his head.
                              ”Just focus on doing what you want to do,” Hua Cheng said.

                              Back in the heavens,

                              Jun Wu was the one who sent Ming Yi to Ghost City as a spy, but claims that Hua Cheng planted a spy in the Heavenly Realm first. No proof though.

                              @ the Royal Holy Temple, Mount Taicang

                              When Xianle Kingdom fell, angry devotees started a fire to burn down the Crown Prince Temple but ended up burning down the entire mountain.

                              Xie Lian went to the Imperial Mausoleum, hidden beneath the mountain, to talk to his parents. He found a young child hiding in his mother’s coffin. To escape Lang Qianqiu, Qi Rong took over the little boy’s father’s body.


                              In the Heavenly Procession of the Shangyuan Festival, the God-Pleasing Martial Warrior (Xie Lian) and the Demon (Mu Qing) were the two more important roles. The warrior has to march around the capital many times and perform the Marital Match for at least 4 hours. In between the warrior and the demon fights.

                              Xie Lian stopped the match after 3 rounds, which symbolised how many years of prosperity and peace for the kingdom, to save young child from falling down the city walls. It was baby Hua Cheng.

                              One of Xie Lian’s red coral pearl earring went missing. [It’s on Hua Cheng now~~~]

                              Mu Qing was from a poor family. He often picked fruits from the mountain and pass it to his mother who lived in the city.

                              When Mu Qing, Feng Xin, and Xie Lian reached the bottom of the mountain, Qi Rong was driving his new carriage erratically dragging a large sack. Inside was the young boy Xie Lian saved. While stopping Qi Rong, Feng Xin accidentally injured him (he was punished by Xie Lian’s parents for hurting a royal and kowtowed thrice to Qi Rong). Qi Rong wanted to punish young Hua Cheng because Xie Lian was scolded for stopping the procession.

                              Xie Lian brought the boy to the physician, and Honghong-er (10 years old) didn’t let anyone touch him except for Xie Lian. 🥺🥺💔 & Honghong-er didn’t want to show anyone his hands cause it’s “ugly” 😭

                              “Little guy, what’s your name, really? Hong what?”
                              The child gazed at him attentively and answered in a small voice. “I…I don’t have a name.”
                              Xie Lian was taken aback. “Your mother didn’t give you a name?”
                              The young child shook his head. “My mother is gone.”
                              Sympathy sprouted in Xie Lian. “Then what did your mother used to call you?”
                              The child hesitated for a moment, and then he replied, “Honghong-er.”

                              The Crown Prince Hall caught on fire and Honghong-er was inside. All the resentful spirits went after him. When the State Preceptors asked Honghong-er for his birthday, the calculated that the boy bears a fate of extinction, the sign of the Star of Solitude. he will bring destruction to all except for himself.

                              Young Honghong-er screamed and shouted. Only Xie Lian could comfort him. Honghong-er escaped the temple and never returned.

                              At 17 years old, after traveling around, Xie Lian defeated a nameless ghost at Yinian Bridge and ascended to the heavens.

                              It was the sensation of the Three Realms.

                              I’m done with Volume 2! I lived for every single moment Xie Lian and Hua Cheng had in the Ghost City. The first time I read this, aka the fan translated version, I was just drunk on their interaction without realising what was coming next. The flashbacks at the end of the book barely touched the iceberg of what’s to come. Everything still feels okay but oh man, the next book (at least) is going to be tough.

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