heaven official’s blessing volume 3 – moxiang tongxiu

Heaven Official’s Blessing Volume 3
by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

Series: Heaven Official’s Blessing #3
Published July 12th 2022 by Seven Seas
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Representation: M/M romance, Chinese cast


Rating: 5 out of 5.



Gods should never meddle in the affairs of mortals, but Xie Lian is not one to follow the rules when lives are at risk. He spits in the face of heaven and its laws and descends in a fury to save his country from drought and civil war. Yet this golden child gets a harsh dose of reality when he discovers just how little one individual—even a god—can do to save a crumbling nation. As the people reject and betray him, one young soldier stands by Xie Lian—a boy with a face wrapped in bandages and a fierce loyalty in his heart. In this chaotic past, can an unshakable bond grow from the ashes of unimaginable destruction?


Before you venture further, just know that this post will contain all sorts of spoilers you don’t wanna know if you haven’t read the book and have intentions to do so. You’ll be spoiled from the start to the end. Wanna know what I think of the other book? Click the links below.

Volume 1 | Volume 2

The first half will be a throwback to the past which is both hard to read and fascinating to read. Due to his personality and values, Xie Lian refused to sit back and watch his kingdom fall. That is also precisely why the kingdom fell apart. The whole situation is just sad for Xie Lian.

For the remaining half, we are back to current reality. There is the Mid-Autumn banquet where Xie Lian won the Battle of the Lanterns because his sincerest and most devoted follower lighted up 3000 lanterns. Also, Hua Cheng and Xie Lian finally kissed! The plot of the spirit fetus and Lan Chang will start developing soon too.

“The power to end the world, but with a heart as gentle as a flower.”

@ a Xie Lian temple

Within 3 years of Xie Lian’s ascension to heaven, 8000 Temple of the Crown Prince was built within the Kingdom of Xianle.

  • A tradition in the temple, as requested by Xie Lian, is that no devotee should prostate while praying.
  • Qi Rong became so devoted to his cousin because Xie Lian stopped the bullying against him when Qi Rong was younger.
  • When Qi Rong was leaving the temple, he knocked against a poor man wearing rags.
  • That man is Lang Ying from Yong’an, a large city within Kingdom of Xianle.
  • Unbeknownst to Xie Lian, Yong’an have been experiencing a drought. Lang Ying stole money from the pond that was thrown in by Xie Lian’s followers. He need it to save his people.

To save Lang Ying from being caught by Qi Rong’s man, Xie Lian toppled his own statue which is considered a bad omen.

  • Both Mu Qing and Feng Xin never heard about the situation in Yong’an before this.
  • Xie Lian went to meet Lang Ying
  • Lang Ying was here with his dead baby son, who died on their road to escape. He buried his son under a tree, in front of Xie Lian.
  • Xie Lian gave the remaining red coral pearl earring that he wore during the Shangyuan Heaven Ceremonial Procession three years ago to Lang Ying.
  • Since Yong’an has only a few Temple of the Crown Prince and only the rich could enter, Xie Lian and his team didn’t hear about the plight of the Yong’an poor.

@ Mount Taicang, the Crown Prince Summit

  • Xie Lian went to find the state preceptor. He was the one who advised the king and queen to not mention anything about Yong’an in their prayers to Xie Lian.
  • It was here that the state preceptor said that Xie Lian ascended too early because his people haven’t died out.
    • “You’ve already become a god, but you can’t forget who you were as a mortal; you’re unable to let go and differentiate between two realms. You’re involving yourself but you are also powerless, and the results will be an utter mess.”

Hearing that he shouldn’t do anything, Then what can I do?! I can’t do this, I can’t do that; State Preceptor, there are people dying right now in my land! Are gods not called gods because they can save people?! If I don’t appear now, then when can I appear?! What will my ascension even mean?!”

Every time I think about Xie Lian at this point of his life, I can’t help but feel sad. He truly wanted to do right by his people after his ascension. Even if he shouldn’t. But because of his actions, he was pulled down by the people who had adored him all these time. In times of fortune and prosperity, they prayed and praised and loved Xie Lian, their Crown Prince who ascended. Contrary, when times became arduous and disastrous, they reprimanded and blamed and hated him. How did this bitter experience even make him become more understanding and humble of the world? Since I read the book before, I know things won’t turn good for him even after his parents’ death. How in the world is Xie Lian still so good?

@ A Shrine of the Crown Prince

This statue of Xie Lian is not the best. He’s more like a big, clay doll than a divine being.

  • Xie Lian saw that his statue was holding a snow-white flower on his left hand. Most of the time, the flower would be made of gold, gems, or jade. This is the first time Xie Lian statue is holding a real flower.
  • A young boy (12/13 year old) ran into the shrine carrying a fully bloomed white flower and exchanged it with the one on the statue’s hand.

It had been three years. Among all of Xie Lian’s followers who had prayed, he could count government officials, nobles, names that were known across the land and talents who would impress the heavens. And yet Xie Lian felt the sincerest of them all was this child who looked barely over thirteen, and who probably been barred entry to those fancier golden temples simply because of his humble clothing and had no choice but to pay his respects at this simple shrine.

  • When the boy was bullied by others, Xie Lian interrupted by splashing muddy water on them. The boy doesn’t like his home. The mother he has now is not his mother. He’s bruising underneath all the bandages.
  • Although the boy was hungry, he just stayed at the foot of the statue. Xie Lian then threw a fruit at him but the boy still placed it back on the offering plate.
  • Feng Xin and Mu Qing appeared in the shrine. They wondered if this boy was the same one that Xie Lian saved at the procession three years ago.

Xie Lian left an umbrella at the entrance of the shrine for the boy since it was raining. Perceptively, the boy knew that it was Xie Lian.
“Your Highness! Is that you?!”
“If you’re here, please, answer my one question!” the boy begged. “I’m suffering! Every day, I want to die. Every day, I want to kill everyone in this world, and then myself! I’m living in agony!”
“What should I live for in this world? What does it mean to live?”
To his surprise, a voice from above suddenly broke through the silence. “If you do not know how to live on anymore, then live for me.”

“I have no answer to the question you asked. However, if you do not know the meaning of your life, then make me that meaning, and use me as your reason to live.”

  • And when Mu Qing and Feng Xin pulled Xie Lian away, he shouted “Thank you for your flower! It’s beautiful–I like it very much!” 🥺😍

the Yong’an situation

  • Xie Lian’s plan: borrow the Rain Master’s spiritual device to transport rain from other places. Rain Master knew that Xie Lian was coming and left their device (grass-coloured bamboo hat) with a farmer to pass it to Xie Lian.
  • King of Xianle decreed that the Yong’an refugees will be given some money to move further east because they can no longer hold so many people within.
  • On the fifth day, a child was sick and the father frustrated with the lack of actions by the guards at the gate, climbed the wall. The rope was cut by a superior officer. Together with the father, the baby died. The mother committed suicide seeing her family die in front of her.
  • Xie Lian descended.
    • “I won’t know until I’ve tried. Even if the heavens say I must die, if that sword doesn’t pierce my heart and nail me dead to the ground, then I am still alive, and I will struggle till my last breath!”
  • Xie Lian’s relationship with his father is still bad. He used to idolise his father when he was younger. Now, he doesn’t know why the king hasn’t done anything to better the Yong’an situation. Xie Lian realized that it’s hard for his father to have failures showcased to everyone, especially his son. Xie Lian also discovered that out of the 8000 temples, only 20 were constructed by his father.
  • With the tension rising between Yong’an refugees and the city locals, they decided to push all the refugees out of the gate, not leaving a single person within. And, since Xie Lian has descended, they have a martial god at their side. And war was declared, Yong’an citizens were killed.

The word kept appearing in his mind. Before his might, mortals fell with a single blow; he could destroy them with even a single light squeeze. It was so easy to steal another’s life, just as that palace attendant had stomped on the ants. He had almost lost his heart for reverence in between the swings of his sword.

  • Xie Lian showing his appreciation to Mu Qing and Feng Xin for fighting beside him. Little he knew what would happen later.
Xie Lian showing his appreciation to Mu Qing and Feng Xin for fighting beside him. Little he knew what would happen later.
    His other arm circled around Mu Qing’s shoulders, and Xie Lian sighed. “Thank goodness you two helped today. Thank you for staying by my side.”

    Xie Lian squeezed the other two close and said earnestly, “Not just for today but for always–thank you both so much. I hope the sight of the three of us standing tall and fighting together will inspire a story for the ages.”
Xie Lian caught an older Honghong-er listening in. He’s now a young soldier.
    “Your Highness, you don’t remember this brat? During the battle today, he kept charging forward, throwing himself ahead of you at the front of the formation.”

    Feng Xin was sure. “It’s him. I remember this brat. His charge was quite aggressive, like he didn’t care about his life at all.”
  • Young Hua Cheng wanted to save Xie Lian from an arrow shot by Lang Ying. Qi Rong was kidnapped and only Xie Lian went to trail Lang Ying; young Hua Cheng followed.
  • They found out that Yong’an refugees are working with yao (spirits) and an odd figure wearing a crying-smiling face mask.
  • Xie Lian recommended young Hua Cheng to train with a saber instead of a sword

In the forest,

  • Xie Lian was lured by a young woman getting killed. The young woman was a flower yao that survived by sucking away the essence of men. Xie Lian inhaled Land of the Tender’s fragrance. Once the Tender Fragrance entered a man’s body, he would enter a state of agitation.
  • Xie Lian’s method of cultivation required a pure body aka untouched by earthly desires, but Xie Lian is tempted after inhaling the Tender Fragrance.
  • Young Hua Cheng brought Xie Lian to a cave and Xie Lian drew 2 circles (1 within the other) with Honghong-er on the outside preventing any flower yao from entering. Xie Lian, unable to handle the Fragrance, borrowed Honghong-er’s sword and asked Honghong-er to cut off a lock of his hair. Because it was dark in the cave, Honghong-er had to blindly search for the hair and accidentally touched Xie Lian’s bare skin which caused the effects of the Fragrance to flare up again. Since Xie Lian borrowed Honghong-er’s sword, he tied the hair around Honghong-er’s finger as a protection against the flower demons.
  • Xie Lian stabbed himself through so that he wouldn’t move out of the cave. Feng Xin and Mu Qing came soon after.
  • After that, Honghong-er was kicked out of the army.

On the street,

  • A young man with a face on his face screamed for help. Another man stepped forward, letting Xie Lian know that he has a face on his body growing too.
  • The “Human Face Disease” started to spread like a plague in the city. Only the Yong’an citizens weren’t affected; the crying-smiling man is working with Lang Ying, who had the aura of a king that even the gods can’t injure. Xie Lian was even stabbed by Lang Ying
    • i guess this shows that the people’s faith in Xie Lian is fading. 😔
  • Xie Lian is the cause of the disease because he was the one who tipped the scale when Xianle Kingdom was destined to fall. The crying-smiling man wears Xie Lian’s face beneath the mask.
  • When Xie Lian was discussing the cure with Mu Qing and Feng Xin, Qi Rong was eavesdropping.
  • The statue of Xie Lian in the Celestial Pagoda was falling. Someone was setting fires in the Royal Holy Temple, but it seems like it was slowly extinguished by someone else
    • I bet it’s Hua Cheng
Honghong-er yelling that he’ll never forget Xie Lian 😢
    “Even though your palaces and temples are burned down…don’t be sad. I will build you many more temples in the future–bigger, more magnificent, better than anyone else’s. No one will be able to compete with you. I’ll do it!”
    “Your Highness! Do you hear me?! In my heart, you are god! You are the only god, the one true god! Do you hear me?!” He screamed with all he had, to the point where all of Mount Taicang echoed with his voice: “Do you hear me?!”
    Xie Lian breathed a sigh and said to him in a soft voice, “Forget me.”
    However, the boy they left behind in the great hall suddenly muttered, “I won’t.”
    The three of them looked back and saw the boy’s eyes, shining bright in the black night they pierced the soul. That battered face was both furious and sorrowful, both joyous and wild. In the midst of pouring tears, he cried: “I won’t forget!” ”I will never forget you!”

Back to reality

  • Qi Rong, possessing the father, was captured by Xie Lian and brought him and Guzi back to Puqi Shrine. Qi Rong realized that Xie Lian was wearing Hua Cheng’s ashes fashioned into a necklace.
  • Pei Xiu came into Puqi Shrine to steal Banyue away because Pei Ming was coming here to destroy Banyue. Lord Wind Master also came to Puqi Shrine and have already sent Banyue to the Rain Master’s mountain retreat at Mount Yulong.
  • Pei Ming’s other descendant went to make a ruckus at Lord Rain Master’s territory in the past and was beaten up, sent to the heavens, and exiled to the mortal world. Pei Ming was then traumatised by Lord Rain Master.

@ the Mid Autumn Festival Banquet,

  • Xie Lian was invited to sit beside Shi Qingxuan, and meets Shi Wudu.
  • Battle of the Lanterns is a competition to see which heavenly official was offered the greatest number of Blessings Lanterns. The more number of lanterns lighted up for the god, the more popular the god.
    • 1 Blessing Lantern of Everlasting Light = 1000 gold.
where’s nan feng and fu yao?
    Xie Lian smiled. “I forgot to ask–how are Nan Feng and Fu Yao? Why didn’t I see them come out to play today?”
    “Nan Feng… is…” Feng Xin said.
    Mu Qing replied evenly, “Fu Yao is in detention.”
    Feng Xin replied as well, “Nan Feng is also in detention.”
    Xie Lian made a neutral noise. “Both of them are locked up?” he commented. “What a shame.”
  • Top 10 for the Battle of the Lanterns:
    • 10th: Palace of Qi Ying (Martial God of the West) = 421 lanterns
    • 9th: Palace of the Earth Master = 444 lanterns
    • 8th: Palace of the Wind Master = 523 lanterns
    • 7th: Palace of Ling Wen = 536 lanterns
    • 6th: Palace of Nan Yang = 572 lanterns
    • 5th: Palace of Xuan Zhen = 573 lanterns
    • 4th: Palace of Ming Guang = 580 lanterns
    • 3rd: Palace of the Water Master = 718 lanterns
    • 2nd: Great Martial Hall (Jun Wu’s) = 961 lanterns
    • 1st: Qian Deng Temple (Thousand Lights Temple); Palace of the Crown Prince = 3000 lanterns ❤️🏮

This just made me love Hua Cheng even more. 😍 Nobody even knew where Thousand Lights Temple was located and suddenly Xie Lian has 3000 lanterns lighted up for him. Definitely a loyal devotee.

@ Puqi Shrine,

  • Ruoye tied Qi Rong upside down as instructed by Xie Lian if Qi Rong were a nuisance while he was away.
  • While finding food for Lang Ying, Guzi, and himself, Xie Lian helped a wealthy merchant in expelling a black smoke from his expecting wife’s stomach.
  • Xie Lian pretended to be a pregnant lady and slept in the wife’s place. When he woke up, he was in a mansion and found a protection charm that was designed in the Kingdom of Xianle 800 years ago. The voice of the child spirit at Mount Yujun reappeared. To save Guzi and Lang Ying who were both pulled into the dream, Xie Lian opened his mouth which caused the black smoke to enter his body.
  • Xie Lian jumped into the lake. Hua Cheng kissed Xie Lian [first kiss!!!!] in the lake and transported them back to the Ghost City. Hua Cheng captured the fetus, which was used for some sinister magic.

Hua Cheng laughed. “I promise, you will not find another person more sincere than me in this world.”

@ Ghost City,

hua cheng casually building a temple for his gege
    “It was the Mid-Autumn Festival a few days ago, and I figured gege would probably join that rabble in their frivolous games. So I set this place up to provide gege with some amusement while attending the banquet–to make things interesting and relieve your boredom.”
    Hua Cheng’s approach to “relieving boredom” was much too sensational. For the sake of Xie Lian’s “amusement,” he had built a temple and raised three thousand Blessing Lanterns of Everlasting Light!
  • Hua Cheng brought Xie Lian to the Thousand Lights Temple in the Ghost City. Xie Lian finally saw how horrible Hua Cheng’s handwriting is. And taught Hua Cheng how to write calligraphy properly~~~~
  • Paradise Manor caught on fire, but it was all a distraction because someone stole the fetus spirit. Only the mother of the fetus can keep it inside her stomach. That person is Lan Chang.
  • Lan Chang also possess a Golden Belt.
    • If a male official were to gift his belt to another, it was a gesture to signify affection.
  • Xie Lian brought Lan Chang back to the Heavenly Realm, and she pointed to Xie Lian as the father. Using a sword and a drop of Xie Lian’s blood, Jun Wu proved that Xie Lian’s still a virgin.
you…… held hands?? kissed????
    Shi Qingxuan: “I bet His Highness has never even held anyone’s hand before”
    Xie Lian: *flashback to Hua Cheng holding his hand out of the bridal carriage and doesn’t say anything*
    Everyone else: “…”
    Shi Qingxuan: “Even if he’s held hands, he must’ve never kissed anyone before.”
    Xie Lian: *flashback to Hua Cheng kissing him in the lake while transporting him to Ghost City recently and doesn’t say anything*
    Everyone: “…………..”
  • When Lan Chang started accusing every other official as being the father, she was dragged away. Feng Xin warned Xie Lian that Lan Chang acted weirdly when Mu Qing walked in. 🤔

@ Puqi Shrine

  • Hua Cheng came to visit. Xie Lian cooked a disastrous meal which he fed to Qi Rong to force him out of the man’s body while Hua Cheng happily finished his bowl.
  • The next day, Wind Master Qingxuan and Earth Master Yi came to visit. They saw Hua Cheng inside doing chores
expectation vs reality: how you would react to one of the Four Great Calamities
    In an instant, Ming Yi’s pupils shrank, and she backed a meter away. Exceedingly alarmed, Shi Qingxuan flung out her Wind Master fan to strike an attacking stance.
    ”Crimson Rain Sought Flower.”
    Outside the door, the ashen-faced Qi Rong roared with rage. “AND I’M THE NIGHT-TOURING GREEN LANTERN! How come none of you recognised me when kicking the shit out of me, but you knew it was him with just one look?!”
  • Ming Yi took one mouth of Xie Lian’s food and fainted. 😂
  • Shi Qingxuan asked Xie Lian about a Venerable of Empty Words, a creature that thrives in misfortune
  • Xie Lian dealt with 2 in the past. How to handle it:
    1. Stop it from speaking
    2. If it speaks, don’t let the subject of its curse hear
    3. Surround yourself with happy occasions and ignore it completely.
  • The second time, the Venerable of Empty Words latched on Xie Lian. However, because of Xie Lian’s misfortune and lack of happy moments, it had to leave Xie Lian after a while.
  • A fortune teller once warned Shi Qingxuan’s parents not to surround him with feasts and celebrations. However, they didn’t listen and the Venerable of Empty Words found Shi Qingxuan when he was younger. The family pretended to send Shi Qingxuan away and brought him back disguised as their adopted daughter.
  • Shi Wudu and Shi Qingxuan depended on one another after their parents passed away. But at age 10, Shi Qingxuan was found by the Venerable of Empty Words again. A few years later, Shi Wudu ascended and then brought Shi Qingxuan to the Middle Court and eventually ascended as well.
  • Recently, Shi Qingxuan heard the voice of the Venerable of Empty Words again. Shi Qingxuan didn’t want to tell Shi Wudu about this because his brother is due for another Heavenly Tribulation. If he passed, his divine ranking will increase.
  • Shi Qingxuan asked if Xie Lian could help him find out the truth behind this Venerable of Empty Words that has latched on him, and Xie Lian agreed.
  • Ming Yi, Shi Qingxuan, Hua Cheng, and Xie Lian were transported to somewhere.

Volume 3 is packed. Xie Lian’s past is one of the hardest things I had to read for a while. He truly wanted to help his people because he had received so much love from them, not realising that him descending means the situation would worsen. I’m glad the book flip-flopped between past and present so that it’s not all just depressing shit. We still have Hua Cheng’s interactions with Xie Lian to tide us through the tougher parts.

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