author check-in: rick riordan

Hello! Welcome to the third Author Check-In. Today’s author is Rick Riordan who has written many novels with interesting and diverse characters. Unlike most, I didn’t grow up reading Percy Jackson’s adventures but when I started my blogging and reading journey in 2017, it felt like a must. Six years later and I’ve caught up with most of his books, except Daughter of the Deep.

Without further ado, let’s see what I already read, what books are left, and what are coming up soon!


percy jackson and the olympians

status: ongoing
remaining to read: the chalice of the gods
published in 2005-2023
read in 2017-2018

While this Percy Jackson and the Olympians series was published in early 2000s, I didn’t read it only until a few years ago. Unlike many, Rick Riordan’s books wasn’t in my TBR at all.

In 2023, Rick Riordan will be adding another book in this series!

Diving into the Roman mythology, Rick Riordan introduced new characters we all came to know and love. I loved the crossover between Roman and Greek mythologies.

the heroes of olympus

status: completed
remaining to read:
published in 2010-2014
read in 2019

the kane chronicles

status: completed
remaining to read:
published in 2010-2012
read in 2020

As Rick Riordan ticked off Roman and Greek mythologies in the list, he explored the world of Ancient Egypt. The sibling duo, Sadie and Carter, are interesting characters to follow. Their connection with the Egyptian gods and goddesses were well developed.

A novella series set in the Greek and Ancient Egypt worlds.

percy jackson & kane chronicles crossover

status: completed
remaining to read:
published in 2012-2015
read in 2020, 2021

magnus chase and the gods of asgard

status: completed
remaining to read:
published in 2015-2017
read in 2021, 2022

Magnus Chase finds out he’s the son of a Norse god and went on an adventure he wasn’t expecting. Another mythology checked off for Rick Riordan.

I only read this series in recent years and I absolutely adored Apollo as Lester. His fall from godhood was humiliating at first but in his time as a mortal showed him the human side of the world.

the trials of apollo

status: completed
remaining to read:
published in 2016-2020
read in 2020, 2021


  1. my life as a child outlaw in the cursed carnival and other calamities: new stories about mythic heroes

to be read

  1. daughter of the deep 🏛 released in 2021

upcoming releases

  1. the chalice of the gods (percy jackson and the olympians #6) 🏛 coming in 2023
  2. the sun and the star (camp half-blood chronicles #17) 🏛 coming in 2023

That’s the end for today’s check-in with Rick Riordan’s books. I really cannot wait for The Chalice of the Gods and The Sun and the Star ❤️


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