grandmaster of demonic cultivation volume 3 – moxiang tongxiu

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Volume 3
by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

Series: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation #3
Published August 16th 2022 by Seven Seas Entertainment
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Representation: M/M romance, Chinese cast


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Shoot Down the Sun

The bloody war against the Wen Clan once led Wei Wuxian to seek power in demonic cultivation, and the dark acts he committed drove a wedge between him and Lan Wangji. Now, those old sins come back to haunt him as his reincarnated identity is revealed to the cultivation world. But even as the other clans call for Wei Wuxian’s death, Lan Wangji stands by him, making Wei Wuxian realize what he took for disapproval in the past might have been a much deeper emotion.

🪷 🪷 🪷

Before you venture further, just know that this post will contain all sorts of spoilers you don’t wanna know if you haven’t read the book and have intentions to do so. You’ll be spoiled from the start to the end. Wanna know what I think of the other book? Click the links below.

Volume 1 | Volume 2

Oh man… We’re entering the part where Jiang Clan of Yunmeng was massacred leaving behind Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng. Subsequently, Wei Wuxian will lose his core, thrown into Burial Mounds, and emerged as a demonic cultivator. All these time, Lan Wangji will be searching and waiting for Wei Ying’s return. I liked that we are jumping back and forth in the timeline instead of it being linear. It makes things more interesting.

@ Yunmeng

Introducing the coldest woman ever: Madam Yu of Yunmeng

  • Yu Ziyuan from Yu Clan of Meishan
  • Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli’s mom; Jiang Fengmian’s wife
  • Nicknames: 三娘子 [San Niangzi]; Purple Spider
  • Trusted aids: Jinzhu, Yinzhu

Wen Clan wants the other clans to send 20 sect disciples, including members of the core family, to Qishan to train under them. Basically, holding them hostage.
For Jiang Clan, Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian will go.

“The disciples of Jiang Clan of Yunmeng are not so weak that they cannot withstand a single storm in the outside world.”

@ Wen Clan of Qishan

Each clan was there.

Sons of Wen Clan

  • Wen Chao: Youngest son
    • Wen Zhuliu aka Core-Melting Hand: Personal attendant
    • Made every cultivator surrender their swords
    • The one in charge of their “education”
  • Wen Xu: eldest
    • Declared Lan Clan was guilty of some crime and forced them to burn down the Cloud Recesses. When Lan Wangji refused to burn down the Library Pavilion, Wen Xu broke his legs.

Wei Wuxian noticed that Lan Wangji was walking weirdly. Then, was distracted by Mianmian’s perfume sachet and received one from her.

During one of the Night Hunts, Wen Chao made them find a cave without letting know what yao beast roams within.

Mianmian was chosen as bait because Wen Chao’s woman doesn’t like the attention he gives to Mianmian. Everyone moved away from Mianmian except Jin Zixuan and Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian was stopped by Jiang Cheng.

Wei Wuxian purposefully triggered Wen Chao and managed to capture him. The rock they’re standing on started rising. Instead of a rock, it’s a giant tortoise. Wen Chao was saved by Wen Zhuliu. While everyone was fighting, Wang Lingjiao was aiming a Wen Clan branding iron on Mianmian’s face. Wei Wuxian saved Mianmian and was branded instead.

Wen Clan managed to fly away on their swords. They cut the vines so that the rest can’t climb up and sealed the entrance of the cave. They rest of them are trapped with the beast.

“There are maple leaves in the water,” Lan Wangji stated.

Jiang Cheng found a tunnel out of the cave underwater. Wei Wuxian lured the beast away from the tunnel so that Jiang Cheng can lead the rest of them out. A Lan Clan disciple accidentally shot Wei Wuxian with an arrow. The blood drew the attention of the beast. Before it can bite Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji pushed him away. Instead, the beast bit down on Lan Wangji’s leg. Prying its jaw from Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian brought him to the shore.

wei wuxian carrying lan wangji
    Tumbling onto shore, he hauled Lan Wangji onto his back and bolted.
    “You?!” Lan Wangji blurted out.
    “Me!” Wei Wuxian confirmed. “Surprise!”
    “What surprise?!” Sprawled on Wei Wuxian’s back. Lan Wangji had a rare and obvious disturbance in his tone. “Let me down!”
    Wei Wuxian’s mouth didn’t take a break but kept pace even as they ran for their lives. “Wouldn’t I look bad if I let you down just because you asked?”

Wei Wuxian took Lan Wangji’s forehead ribbon to stop his bleeding. Within the perfume sachet that Mianmian gave, there were medicinal herbs. Wei Wuxian purposefully triggered Lan Wangji so that he can puke out all the pent-up blood. Lan Wangji pressed some herbs on Wei Wuxian’s branding.

    Wei Wuxian: “don’t worry, i’m not into guys.”
    Lan Wangji: “frivolous!”
    Me: uhm……..
    Wei Wuxian: “at least now mianmian will always remember me.”
    Lan Wangji: “so you knew she’ll never forget you for the rest of her life!”
    Me: hmm…………..
unless…. you like her!
    “Lan Zhan, you’re so weird today. So rough. You’re not speaking like you normally do either.”
    “Do not flirt with others when you have no deeper intent,” Lan Wangji stated. “You do as you please and throw their hearts into turmoil.”
    “It’s not like you’re the one I’m flirting with,” Wei Wuxian said. “You’re the last person I’d expect to be thrown into turmoil. Unless…”
    “Unless what?” Lan Wangji snapped.
    “Unless, Lan Zhan… you like Mianmian!”
lan zhan shows his teeth
    Lan Wangji shot a look at Wei Wuxian–someone who never learned his lesson, someone who forgot all about pain once the wound had healed. Wei Wuxian was about to give him a cheeky grin when he suddenly saw Lan Wangji lower his head.
    Wei Wuxian let out a horrible scream. “Ahhhhhhhhhh! Stop! Stop stop stop!”
    Lan Wangji had buried his face deep in the crook of Wei Wuxian’s arm and latched on with his teeth. Not only did he not stop when Wei Wuxian started screaming–he bit down even harder.

The yao beast is similar to Xuanwu/Xuanming, a chimeric tortoise-snake that reached divinity. However, this one failed to achieve divinity and became a yao. Wen Chao brought them there to hunt this 400 year old Xuanwu of Slaughter.

Lan Clan is in disarray:

  • Lan Wangji’s father is dying
  • Lan Xichen is missing
wei wuxian noticed lan wangji crying 🥺 also, is this the first time he’s calling wei wuxian “wei ying”?
    “Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji said quietly. “You really are such a loathsome person.”

3 days passed without anyone rescuing them.
How they measured time in the cave: Lan Wangji’s sleeping and waking time.

Day four:

  • Lan Wangji suggested killing Xuanwu of Slaughter using The Killing Chord from outside while Wei Wuxian attack from within.
    • The Killing Chord: secret technique created by Lan Yi, the only first female family head of the Lan Clan of Gusu
    • Wei Wuxian found a sword that when touched, started screaming. With Lan Wangji held on for 6 hours hours, they killed the tortoise together.
lan wangji the lap pillow
    Wei Wuxian: “lan zhan, i’m dizzy. can i use you as a lap pillow?”
    Lan Wangji: “no.”
    Wei Wuxian: “we’ve been through life and death together and you still don’t wanna lend me your lap to rest on?”
    Wei Wuxian falls asleep. Lan Wangji lets him sleep on his lap and stroke his head.
“what’s this song?”
    “When do you usually retire for rest?” Lan Wangji asked.
    “Man, your opening topic is so boring,” Wei Wuxian said. “It’s sooo dry that I don’t feel like answering at all. But I’ll answer out of consideration for you, so here goes–I always sleep after chou time back at Lotus Pier. I often stay up all night.”
    “Such profligacy. A bad habit,” Lan Wangji commented.
    “You think everyone is like your family?” Wei Wuxian retorted.
    “You need to rectify it,” Lan Wangji said.
    Wei Wuxian covered his ears. “I’m sick. I’m running a fever. Lan-er-gege, can you say something a little more pleasant? Comfort pitiful little me?”
    Lan Wangji kept his mouth sealed and said nothing.
    “Dunno how? All right. I knew it. Then if you don’t know how to talk, can you sing? Will you sing me a song?”
    Lan Wangji kept his mouth sealed and said nothing.
    He was just running his mouth to while away the time, prattling on and on. He never expected Lan Wangji to agree. But to his surprise, after a moment’s silence, a soft, gentle voice started to resonate through the spacious cave.
    Lan Wangji was actually humming.
    Wei Wuxian closed his eyes and turned over to stretch out his limbs. “That sounds nice.”
    Then he asked, “What the name of that song?”
    Lan Wangji seemed to murmur something under his breath.

@ Lotus Pier

The next time Wei Wuxian woke up, he’s back beside Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli. Shijie made pork broth soup for Wei Wuxian. Jiang Cheng trekked for 5 whole days back to Yunmeng by himself. Jiang Fengmian’s treatment towards Wei Ying made Jiang Cheng bitter.

“When you become the family head, I’ll be your subordinate. We’ll just be like our fathers. Who cares about the Twin Jades of Lan? Our Yunmeng has Twin Heroes!”

Lan Wangji went home. His father is dead.

Wen Clan spread that Wen Chao was the one who slew the Xuanwu of Slaughter.

The adults’ past:

  • Cangse-sanren established a friendship with Jiang Fengmian while passing through Yunmeng
  • Yu Clan of Meishan proposed a marriage alliance with Jiang Clan of Yunmeng between Yu San-Niangzi and Jiang Fengmian.
  • Due to San-Niangzi’s assertive personality, Jiang Fengmian declined multiple times.
  • In the meantime, Cangse-sanren and Wei Changze, Jiang Fengmian’s most loyal servant, became cultivation partners. They had Wei Wuxian.
  • Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan married in the end but they weren’t happy.
🪷 my thoughts about Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan
  • Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan’s unhappy marriage has caused a rift within Jiang Cheng. He always thought that his father will never be satisfied about him. I think being the heir to the Jiang Clan is a huge responsibility that Jiang Cheng is afraid about. At the same time, Jiang Cheng witnessed how Jiang Fengmian treated Wei Wuxian and Yu Ziyuan’s own bitterness about the marriage just made things worse for everyone.

  • In the donghua, it kinda hints that Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan actually have feelings for one another with their hands stretching towards each other while they died. Not sure if I missed it in the novel but it seems like they weren’t that close.

  • The Wen Clan came to visit while Jiang Fengmian and Jiang Yanli were away.

    • Wang Lingjiao captured Liu shidi for shooting down a kite that looks like the sun [aka “shooting down Wen Clan of Qishan”🤨]
    • She taunted Madam Yu with the rumours about Jiang Fengmian and Cangse-sanren.
    • Madam Yu punished Wei Wuxian by lashing him with her whip, Zidian. Wang Lingjiao thinks that that’s not enough. She wants Wei Wuxian to loose his arm.
    • Wen Clan wants to set up Lotus Pier as the Wen Clan’s Yunmeng Overwatch Office.
    • Angry, Madam Yu slapped and beat up Wang Lingjiao. Wen Zhuliu [original surname: Zhao] came to protect Wen Chao’s woman.
    madam yu humbling wang lingjiao
      “Shut your mouth!” she ordered. “You lowly maid. My Yu Clan of Meishan is an esteemed family with centuries of history. Never have I heard some ‘Wang Clan of Yingchuan’! What vulgar hole did they crawl form? Are they all worthless like you? Hierarchy! I’ll teach you what hierarchy is. I am superior, and you are inferior!”

    Wang Lingjiao called for backup. Knowing what’s coming, Madam Yu dragged Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian to the pier. She made Zidian recognize Jiang Cheng as its next owner. Binding Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian with Zidian, Madam Yu sent them away to find Jiang Yanli and made Wei Ying promise to take care of Jiang Cheng.

    On their way down the river, they came across Jiang Fengmian who was coming back. When he touched Zidian, he wasn’t sure if it would listen to him since it belonged to Madam Yu. He didn’t know that Madam Yu had instructed Zidian to acknowledge Jiang Fengmian as a master. Upon knowing what has happened, he bound the boys with Zidian again, sent the boys down further, and went back to Lotus Pier for Madam Yu. 

    “be well”
      Jiang Fengmian gazed steadily at him. He suddenly reached out. His hand paused in midair for a moment before slowly stroking Jiang Cheng’s head.
      “A-Cheng. Be well.”
      “Jiang-shushu,” Wei Wuxian pleaded. “He’ll never be okay if anything happens to you.”
      Jiang Fengmian shifted his gaze over to Wei Wuxian. “A-Ying… Look after A-Cheng.”
    🪷 my thoughts about the last moments in lotus pier
  • oh man, i cried so hard at this scene. i think it’s the only moment when madam yu’s love for her kid shone the most.

  • also, jiang fengmian thinking that Zidian won’t recognize him and would probably zap him AND THEN finding out that Zidian actually listened to him. OMG. my heart freaking hurt.

  • for jiang cheng, his relationship with his father isn’t super well also. with how it is, the rumors flying around about jiang fengmian and cangse-sanren as well as his parents own unhappiness in their marriage, it made them a little distant. but in these final moments jiang cheng had with his parents, it’s obvious they really love him a lot. but it’s only when they will be separated forever that such emotions came out. i just couldn’t deal. i’m sad.

  • Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian managed to go back to Lotus Pier, they heard that Jiang Fengmian and Madam Yu were killed. Wei Wuxian brought Jiang Cheng away.

    When Wei Wuxian went to buy food, Jiang Cheng ran back to Lotus Pier. There, Wen Ning helped Wei Wuxian to retrieve Jiang Cheng from the hands of the Wen Clan.

    • Wen Ning (Wen Qionglin) is the boy shooting arrows at Qishan Grand Symposium that Wei Wuxian saw from afar.
    • Wen Ning brought them to an outpost, to Wen Qing, his older sister, a high rank officer in the clan.
      • Wen Qing: descendant of one of Wen Ruohan’s elder cousins on the maternal side, excelled in literary arts and medicine.

    Jiang Cheng’s spiritual power was gone. Wen Zhuliu, the Core-Melting Hand, dissolved Jiang Cheng’s golden core.

    • A few days later, Wei Wuxian told Jiang Cheng that Baoshan-sanren (Cangse-sanren’s teacher) can help him get back the golden core.
    • Jiang Cheng was blindfolded and brought to a mountain. He was instructed to never take down the blindfold and insist that he’s “Wei Wuxian” when asked.
    • Wei Wuxian will wait for him at an inn at the bottom of the mountain.

    Before Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian can meet, Wen Chao found Wei Wuxian first. They brought him to Burial Mounds in Yiling and threw him down.

    • Burial Mounds: an ancient battleground with mountains of corpses. Resentment and hatred was strong there. When a living person enters, they aren’t coming back.

    3 months later,

    • Wen Xu was beheaded.
    • Jin, Nie, Lan, and Jiang formed an alliance and revolted under the banner of “Sunshot Campaign”
    • Lan brothers and Jiang Cheng took back everyone’s swords. Only Wei Ying’s sword hasn’t been collected by him.

    Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji are trying to find Wen Chao. They found reversed talisman, that attracted evil rather than repel, all over. While following the clues, Wei Wuxian appeared. Wen Chao’s leg flesh was torn and fed to him. Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji saw Wei Wuxian with two ghostly figures, as if he was controlling them. Suibian was returned to Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji knows that Wei Wuxian has cultivated the deviant path.

    Lan Wangji said, enunciating each word as clearly as he could, “Return to Gusu with me.”

    @ The Cloud Recesses, after Wei Wuxian was stabbed by Jin Ling

    Chifeng-zun’s body is in Nie Huaisang’s custody. While Lan Wangji believes that Wei Wuxian is speaking the truth that he saw Chifeng-zun’s head at Jin Guangyao’s secret room, Lan Xichen believe that Jin Guangyao is innocent. To prove that he’s speaking the truth, Wei Wuxian played the song of purification that Jin Guangyao played to Nie Mingjue before the latter’s death. There was a part in Cleansing that shouldn’t be inside.

    In the Room of Forbidden Books, they looked through musical scores to find that part of the song.

    lan xichen is the OG
      After having stared at tiny, tightly packed words for so long, Wei Wuxian’s vision was getting a little blurry. He had several books still left in his stack, so he planned on coming back to them after he took a short break.
      Lan Wangji had already finished reviewing his own pile. He quietly took the books that Wei Wuxian had set aside and lowered his head as he continued to flip through them.
      Lan Xichen witnessed this scene when he glanced up. He seemed to want to say something but ultimately held himself back.

    Lan Wangji found the missing piece that is from the Collection of Spirit Turmoil. Jin Guangyao most likely took the musical scores and infused it in Cleansing, played it to Nie Mingjue when Lan Xichen wasn’t there.

    gay panic
      With their heads so close together, Lan Wangji’s voice was right next to his ear, low and magnetic. Wei Wuxian’s hand trembled slightly, and the book nearly slipped from his grip. With some difficulty, he collected himself and forced himself to tear his eyes away from Lan Wangji’s long, fair, slender fingers.

    Story of Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen’s parents

    • Qingheng-jun fell in love with their mother during a Night Hunt and vowed to marry her.
    • But she has no feelings for him and then she killed one of his father’s mentors.
    • They still married.
    • Lan Wangji’s father went into seclusion while his mother was kept within the clan.
    • The Lan brothers were taken away and raised by Lan Qiren.
    • One day, their mother died. Lan Zhan was six.
    poor baby lan zhan
      “He was too young to understand what ‘gone’ meant. No matter ho much others consoled him or how shufu scolded him, he continued to come here every month and sit under the veranda, waiting for someone to open the door. Even when he grew older and came to understand that Mother would never come back, that no one would ever open the door again, he would still come.”

    Lan Wangji came back with two jugs of Emperor’s Smile. One of the jugs was filled with plain water by Wei Wuxian in the past.

    An uninvited guest arrived: Jin Guangyao. His travel token, that allowed special access into Gusu clan, was revoked. Corpses are moving towards Burial Mounds. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji will head there while Lan Xichen goes to Golden Carp Tower.

    Leaving Cloud Recesses

    Lan Wangji humored Wei Wuxian by holding the donkey reins. Just like how Wei Wuxian’s father did for his mother while baby Wei Ying was on his father’s shoulders.

    we just need a little one now.
      It was one of the few memories he had of his mom and dad.
      ”Lan Zhan. Hold the reins, will you?”
      “Why?” Lan Wangji asked.
      “Humor me, won’t you?” Wei Wuxian pleaded. “C’mon, hold them.”
      Although still puzzled as to why Wei Wuxian’s smile was so dazzling, Lan Wangji did as he was asked and picked up Little Apple’s reins.
      Wei Wuxian voiced his thoughts aloud. “Mm-hmm. All that’s left now is a little one.”

    Wei Wuxian realized that the song he played at Mount Dafan is how Lan Wangji recognized him. Now he knows that no one heard the song before.

    They arrived at a farmhouse.

    wei wuxian lying on lan wangji
      But this pounce meant he had Lan Wangji pinned underneath him in the soft straw. This half-forceful, suggestive pose evoked a strange feeling of excitement in him, and he decided to simply not get up. Feigning seriousness, he raised his index finger to indicate Lan Wangji was not to make a sound. Then, pretending he had no other alternative, he lay on top of him without any qualms. His heart overflowed with a secret and indescribable delight.
      Wei Wuxian grinned broadly as he winked at Lan Wangji. “What a coincidence,” he whispered. “To think one of the farmhouse’s owners is also an er-gege.”
      His words had an upward tilt to them, making his teasing obvious. Lan Wangji swept a profound look at him and then twisted his head away. Wei Wuxian’s heart fluttered, and he leaned over to whisper in Lan Wangji’s ear.
      Lan Wangji’s breathing appeared to hitch. The gaze he turned on Wei Wuxian carried with a hint of warning.

    Noticing that they haven’t come out of the farmhouse, Wen Ning made a fierce corpse sound to chase away the farmhouse owners. Wen Ning had been clearing the way off of fierce corpses for Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji without them knowing since Golden Carp Tower.

    @ Burial Mounds,

    A skeleton told them that a group of people were captured and held hostage at the peak.

    This particular trip has been hard on Wen Ning.

    As the saying went, “things remain, but people change.” While the things remained, there was nothing left her to remind him of the people that were long gone.

    In the Demon-Quelling Cave, they found the young disciples of the clan bounded by ropes. Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian, and Lan Wangji released the kids. When Lan Shizhui and the rest went to help Wen Ning clear the road of fierce corpses, the adults arrived. Instead of going to Lan Qiren’s side, Lan Wangji stood by Wei Wuxian.

    Back to the past,
    @ Mount Baifeng Hunting Grounds

    Not wanting Jin Zixuan to be the best, Wei Wuxian blindfolded himself and shot a bullseye. Upset that Wei Wuxian upstaged him, he bet that Wei Wuxian wouldn’t go through the whole hunt with the blindfold on.

    Wei Wuxian was dozing off on a tree when someone approached. Lan Wangji kissed Wei Wuxian.

    🪷 kiss!!!!!!!
  • LOL. wei ying thinking the girl has such strength to pin him down. and there were some tongue action going on. omg. it’s their first kiss. and when wei ying saw lan zhan losing his composure and shouting him to leave him alone…. is it cause he’s angry at himself or he’s too turned on and evidence is showing?
  • wei ying was holding while dozing off on the tree. it was taken by lan zhan. is this the peony bookmark???

  • Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan were taking a walk when Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji encountered them.

    Why Wei Wuxian don’t like Jin Zixuan:

    • Jiang Yanli have been cooking a third serving of soup for Jin Zixuan at Langye. A servant girl saw this and pretended that the soup was cooked by her instead and Jin Zixuan started showing her favor.
    • When Jiang Yanli was caught leaving his room, Jin Zixuan didn’t believe that she was the chef.
    • Wei Wuxian saw his shijie burst out crying and fought Jin Zixuan.
    • When the truth came out, Jin Zixuan had no rebuttal but soon, his attitude towards Jiang Yanli changed.

    Jiang Yanli was about to leave but Jin Zixuan tried to stop her. Before Jin Zixuan can grab her, Wei Wuxian pushed him away. A group of Jin disciples appeared hearing the commotion.

    At the start of the hunt, Wei Ying played his flute and a third of the preys went into the traps themselves. When Jin Zixun shouted at Wei Wuxian, Jiang Yanli stood up for her shidi.

    i love this scene so much. jiang yanli’s not a weakling. and she’s willing to protect a-xian.
      “Madam, A-Xian is my little brother,” Jiang Yanli said quietly. “When others insult him, it is no small matter to me.”

    Before Jiang Yanli can leave, Jin Zixuan screamed out his confession.

    jin zixuan finally showed his true feelings!
      “That’s not it, Miss Jiang! It wasn’t my mother! It’s not her will! I’m not reluctant, I’m not reluctant at all!” He held himself back for a few seconds, then yelled, “It’s me! It was all me! I’m the one who wanted you to come!!”
      Jiang Yanli was speechless. “…”
      Having made his declaration, Jin Zixuan’s fair face flushed so bright red it seemed ready to pop.


    Background story of Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian:

    • Due to his father’s closeness with Wei Wuxian, young Jiang Cheng was jealous and angry, especially after giving away his precious dogs because Wei Ying was scared.
    • One night, Jiang Cheng chased Wei Wuxian out of his room causing the latter to climb a tree and subsequently injure himself.
    • While finding Wei Ying, Jiang Cheng injured himself. Jiang Yanli brought the two of them back home and cooked them soup. After that night, the two became best of friends.
    🪷 jiang cheng’s painful past
  • honestly, this just showed how entrenched jiang cheng’s feelings about his father’s affection towards wei ying is. it’s gonna sour their relationship so badly.
  • 🪷 🪷 🪷

    That’s all! Honestly, majority of my feeling were dread. I knew the death of Jiang Cheng’s family will tear him apart and I didn’t want to read it. The turning point for Wei Wuxian has arrived. Forced to cultivate a deviant path, Wei Wuxian is consistently misunderstood, even by Lan Wangji. With the new confrontation at Burial Mounds, I’m glad he’s standing by Wei Wuxian’s side now.


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