author check-in: chloe liese

Fourth author check-in is for Chloe Liese books. Out of the three series now currently out, I’ve already picked up two. Both of which have upcoming releases in 2023. The only series I haven’t touched is Tough Love. I’ll probably read these very quickly since Chloe Liese contemporary romances are fun and easy to digest.

Let’s go!


bergman brothers

status: ongoing
remaining to read: if only you, only and forever
published in 2020-2022 [more in 2023]
read in 2022

Read all of the existing Bergman Brothers books within the year of 2022. They were so addictive because of the characters and the romance! I just love the whole dynamic within the family as well. What a heartwarming and supportive group of people.

There are two more books that are expected to be released in this series!

Honestly, I read this because I fell in love with Chloe Liese’s Bergman Brothers series. Two Wrongs Make A Right was originally a standalone when I picked it up but I’m glad it’s expanding to include, at least, one more book!

the wilmot sisters

status: ongoing
remaining to read: better hate than never
published in 2022 [more in 2023]
read in 2022

the mistletoe motive

status: completed
published in 2021
read in 2023

Read in early January this year. I adored the Christmas festive cheer and the cozy vibes within the bookstore. Jonathan and Gabby are different people but the mixture was perfectly done.

to be read

  1. tough love series πŸ’œ released in 2019

upcoming releases

  1. if only you (bergman brothers #6) and only and forever (bergman brothers #7) πŸ’œ coming in 2023
  2. better hate than never (the wilmot sisters #2) πŸ’œ coming in 2023

That’s the end of my check-in for Chloe Liese’s books. I’ll be picking up the Tough Love series as soon as I can, but I’m hoping to finish the upcoming releases first.


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