2021 year-long reading challenges ✧*

one reason that helped me achieve my strongest reading year ever is the year-long reading challenges that i had set out to complete at the start of 2020. i had the best time coming up with a tbr. stuck to some initial reads and changed others when i found necessary. though this might feel like… Continue reading 2021 year-long reading challenges ✧*

2020 reading challenges

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's already 2020. Time flew so quickly. So, it's the time of the year when I scout for multiple year-long reading challenges to participate. In the new year, I'm going to participate in 5 main challenges. That is, until I find more in the upcoming weeks. Without further ado, here's… Continue reading 2020 reading challenges

romanceopoly | tbr

This is the last TBR for a year-long reading challenge. I promise, I hope. I found out about Romanceopoly recently and was immediately intrigued. It's romance books infused with the well-loved game of Monopoly. There's two different ways of playing Romanceopoly. Instead of exploring street by street, I'm keeping it authentic to Monopoly and play… Continue reading romanceopoly | tbr

year of the asian 2020 | tbr

It's another year for YARC! I had so much fun participating in Year of the Asian as it made me read much more books written by Asian authors. hosts: CW – The Quiet Pond | Lily – Sprinkles of Dreams  | Vicky – Vicky Who Reads | Shealea –  Shut Up Shealea These awesome ladies are continuing with… Continue reading year of the asian 2020 | tbr

#startonyourshelfathon | tbr

Hi! Sorry for bombarding you guys with TBR for year-long reading challenges but here's another one. StartOnYourShelfathon is another challenge that deals with reading backlist books before 2019. It's hosted by CW @TheQuietPond so check her website out if you're interested in finding out more! It's going to last from Dec 18, 2019 to Dec… Continue reading #startonyourshelfathon | tbr

#BeatTheBacklist2020 | tbr

Onto the second TBR list for another reading challenge for 2020. I found out Beat the Backlist recently and immediately set my sight on completing all the prompts because THERE'S A BINGO CARD INVOLVED! Instead of choosing the less stressful route, I went with the 9 by 9 bingo card. Where did this overconfidence come… Continue reading #BeatTheBacklist2020 | tbr

popsugar reading challenge 2020 | tbr

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first reading challenge post (out of many). Ever since December arrived, I had been searching for year-long reading challenges to participate. As I enjoyed participating in the Popsugar reading challenge 2019, I'm going to continue in 2020! A quick update on how I did for this year, I almost finished… Continue reading popsugar reading challenge 2020 | tbr

#YARC2019 | tbr

Another? ANOTHER????? yes, another. it's the last one, i promise. Will I ever stop finding more reading challenges to complete within the year of 2019? No. I get tempted far too easily and there's nothing to stop me from joining (well, expect for school). So yes, Belle is back with another reading challenge tbr. The… Continue reading #YARC2019 | tbr

#HPboardgamechallenge | tbr

As some of you may know, I'm a reading challenge/readathon fanatic. Don't think it's a surprise that I'm joining yet another one. Alongside the popsugar challenge, I'm also participating perksofbeingnoura's year long Harry Potter Board Game Reading Challenge! To ensure that I don't exhaust myself with two different sets of books for the entire year,… Continue reading #HPboardgamechallenge | tbr

popsugar reading challenge’19 | tbr

Doing something a little different from the past two years with my yearly reading challenge! This year, instead of coming up with my own list of books, I'll be ticking off books based on prompts given by Popsugar. To motivate myself to pick up some of these books, I chose new titles that are coming out… Continue reading popsugar reading challenge’19 | tbr