mar 2023 releases: familiar authors making an appearance

Hello everyone! It's a new month again and March is bringing in great books. I have been eyeing many books in this list since forever. Most of the authors I've read from before except Meng Xi Shi's Thousand Autumns but am familiar with the animated show. Thousand Autumns Volume 1 was supposed to be published… Continue reading mar 2023 releases: familiar authors making an appearance

feb 2023 releases: asian authors takeover

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well. January flew by so quickly because of the Lunar New Year celebrations. It has been about two years, because of COVID, since I met my extended family. Despite how busy everything was, I managed to read quite a bit of books, but only three 2023 books. Regardless, I'll… Continue reading feb 2023 releases: asian authors takeover

jan 2023 releases: to new beginnings

Hi friends! A year has passed and the new year has arrived. I always love the start of a year because it offers another twelve months worth of new books by authors we know and authors we aren't familiar with. New authors, new books, new favourites. Similarly to 2022, I'll be blogging about my most… Continue reading jan 2023 releases: to new beginnings