10 books i wanted to read in 2021 but didn’t..

Now that the year is over, it's time to reflect on the books that I've read and those that I neglected because too many books, too little time! Past September, I didn't pick up as many 2021 releases as I wanted since I was trying to check quite a bit of backlisted books. A lofty… Continue reading 10 books i wanted to read in 2021 but didn’t..

2021 releases: june

hello, i've edited this whole 2021 "on my radar" series so that there's better visibility of the book releases in the year. instead of the previous idea, i think organising the releases based on months is much easier. ❀❀ ❀❀ one last stop – casey mcquiston hold up! nobody told me that there's an element… Continue reading 2021 releases: june