author check-in: chloe liese

Fourth author check-in is for Chloe Liese books. Out of the three series now currently out, I've already picked up two. Both of which have upcoming releases in 2023. The only series I haven't touched is Tough Love. I'll probably read these very quickly since Chloe Liese contemporary romances are fun and easy to digest.… Continue reading author check-in: chloe liese

author check-in: rick riordan

Hello! Welcome to the third Author Check-In. Today's author is Rick Riordan who has written many novels with interesting and diverse characters. Unlike most, I didn't grow up reading Percy Jackson's adventures but when I started my blogging and reading journey in 2017, it felt like a must. Six years later and I've caught up… Continue reading author check-in: rick riordan

author check-in: anna-marie mclemore

Hello everyone! It's time for the second Author Check-in! I'll be talking about the books I've read, haven't read, and upcoming releases by that author. As it's Pride Month, I want to spotlight an author whose writing is beautiful, lyrical, and atmospheric. Ever since the first book that I read from ✨ Anna-Marie McLemore ✨,… Continue reading author check-in: anna-marie mclemore

author check-in: roshani chokshi

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new type of post on my blog. I've been thinking about this for a while but never did anything about it until now. Since it's Asian Heritage Month, I thought I should just go for it. For Author Check-Ins, I'll be picking a specific author and highlighting all the books… Continue reading author check-in: roshani chokshi