stuck at home: answering prompts with Asian-authored reads | book tag

I remember my country being on lockdown in early 2020 for about three months and not stepping out of the house at all. Other than reading, I probably didn't do anything else which meant that I quickly surpassed all my goals of the year, and the first time I read over 40 books in a… Continue reading stuck at home: answering prompts with Asian-authored reads | book tag

blackpink (in your area) | book tag

blackpink in your area~ i don't talk about my love for kpop often in my social media but blackpink is definitely a group that blew up when they first debut. all of their songs are pretty addictive and poppy. becky, the original creator, tagged me in her book tag last year but procrastination is real.… Continue reading blackpink (in your area) | book tag

the sunshine blogger award | book tag

i believe this is the second time that i was tagged for the sunshine blogger award but it was years ago. i was tagged by both cherelle @aboltoutofthebook and becky @dustsofmagic last year. so yes, my procrastinating self finally stop dragging things out and started answering these questions by the wonderful bloggers. thank you, cherelle… Continue reading the sunshine blogger award | book tag

percy jackson/heroes of olympus edition | book tag

first book tag of the new year is dedicated to PERCY JACKSON/HEROES OF OLYMPUS. one of my mission is to finish reading ALL of rick riordan's mythological series from percy jackson and the olympians to the trials of apollo. i'm still left with the three magnus chase and the gods of asgard books, the last… Continue reading percy jackson/heroes of olympus edition | book tag

the outstanding blogger award | blogmas day 5

hey~ procrastination has truly overtook me hence why i'm only at blogmas day FIVE but it's already december 17. i already knew this would happen before i even started blogmas so i'm not very surprised. i do feel bad about not posting as much as i promised. however, still going to take this at my… Continue reading the outstanding blogger award | blogmas day 5

baby it’s cold outside book tag ❄️️| blogmas day 2

welcome back to blogmas day two! i know it's not december 2nd by the time i post this, but i'm taking a very liberal take on blogmas. still, there'll be at least 12 blogmas-related posts this december. anyway, today's post is a book tag which i was kindly tagged by the original creator, the lovely… Continue reading baby it’s cold outside book tag ❄️️| blogmas day 2

the pumpkin spice latte book tag

hello everyone, welcome back to a book tag! in celebration of the spooky season, i was tagged to do the PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE book tag by Rafaela @The Portuguese Bibliophile. fun fact/confession: i've never drank pumpkin spice latte before. not even from starbucks. oops? i hope everyone's having a wonderful october~ now, on with the… Continue reading the pumpkin spice latte book tag

spring time, cozy time | book tag

hi friends! i know it's wayyyyy past the season of spring but i had been busy reading, reviewing and dealing with life. to be frank, i have no concept of seasons since it's always summer in sunny singapore. the varying weather only includes blazing sun or the rain during monsoon season. despite never experiencing spring… Continue reading spring time, cozy time | book tag