author check-in: jesse q. sutanto

Followed Jesse Q. Sutanto's author career ever since she released Dial A for Auntie and have read all her books except for her debut. Not because I'm not interested in The Obsession, but Jesse Q. Sutanto is the Queen of multiple releases in a single year. I don't know how to she does it but… Continue reading author check-in: jesse q. sutanto

apr 2023 releases: romance is dominating my tbr

Hello everyone! April will bring in some of my most anticipated romances of the year. Oftentimes, contemporary romances and historical romances are the easiest genres for me to read. I'm definitely reaching for all the love stories in my TBR in this month. For standalone, Fonda Lee is releasing a short story, Untethered Sky, and… Continue reading apr 2023 releases: romance is dominating my tbr

author check-in: chloe liese

Fourth author check-in is for Chloe Liese books. Out of the three series now currently out, I've already picked up two. Both of which have upcoming releases in 2023. The only series I haven't touched is Tough Love. I'll probably read these very quickly since Chloe Liese contemporary romances are fun and easy to digest.… Continue reading author check-in: chloe liese

9 nov releases: little bit worried about reader’s burnout

Hello everyone! Now that November is here, we are only two months till the new year and honestly, there's still so many books to read!! I can't even catch up even though I read relatively fast. Sigh. Anyway, while I'm bummed that I wouldn't be able to read all the books in the world within… Continue reading 9 nov releases: little bit worried about reader’s burnout