may tbr: purely asian

Hello! It's officially Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Happy AAPI everyone! I hope you'll be reading tons of books written by Asian and Pacific Islander authors. I'll be totally busy travelling for the first week of May, which means that my book count for this month will be lower than usual. Regardless, in… Continue reading may tbr: purely asian

april tbr: just a little ambitious. teeny, tiny.

Hello, everyone! Did you have a wonderful March? Time has flew quickly, once again, but I'm having a great time, especially with reading. I'm already 100 books into the year and have reached my initial Goodreads goal. Now, I'm going to raise it to 180. One small milestone at a time! For March, I'm joining… Continue reading april tbr: just a little ambitious. teeny, tiny.

march tbr: accelerating my reading with three readathon

It's March and I'm back at it again with three readathon! This will be the first month of the new year that I'll be joining more than one readathon. Nothing too exciting in my personal life will be happening this month so I'm putting all my effort on reading and checking books off my list.… Continue reading march tbr: accelerating my reading with three readathon

february tbr: celebrating black history month and romance

Hello everyone! Sorry this month's tbr is later than usual. I was busy stuffing my face with steamboat, bakwa, and all the Chinese goodies this past few days. By the time this post is up, it'll probably be a few more days till the end of the Lunar New Year. 🧧 Because of COVID, LNY… Continue reading february tbr: celebrating black history month and romance

will i read 400 books this year? | december tbr

With December here, I believe everyone is in the festive mood of celebrating Christmas! 🎄🎄 Personally, I don't really celebrate the holiday since there isn't such a tradition in general. I hope wherever you are, you're spending time with your loved ones and cherishing every moment. There aren't a lot of personal updates but I've… Continue reading will i read 400 books this year? | december tbr

november tbr: huge books and larger tomes

Hello! November is here which means we're only two months away from 2022. What this means is that I'm very behind on completing the 4 year-long reading challenges. Oops. It turns out that the books left to read are freaking huge 😭 I should've thought things through and spread out the bigger books throughout the… Continue reading november tbr: huge books and larger tomes

celebrating my birthday month with disney and spooky reads | october tbr

Hello friends! Since it's October, I'll be celebrating my 24th birthday this year. Holy moly, how is that we only have three more months to the new year? I can barely phantom the speed at which things have been moving and the days just blurred together. Even with my job, everyday is simply over too… Continue reading celebrating my birthday month with disney and spooky reads | october tbr

having a magical september | tbr

Hello, welcome back to a monthly TBR readathon post. I hope August was a successful reading month for you! As usual, I managed to read quite a bit. Since I only participated in two readathon in August, I found myself enjoying and relaxing much more. I wasn't too concerned with checking books off the list.… Continue reading having a magical september | tbr

keeping it chill in august | tbr

Hello! We're seven months into the year and I still feel like I'm in March. Why does this feel so exhausting? Although it's hard to find the silver lining in this already incredibly long marathon, I'm looking forward for an end to all of this mess we find ourselves in. Got fully vaccinated during the… Continue reading keeping it chill in august | tbr

can i balance work and reading? | july tbr

As an overambitious and competitive person, I couldn't resist joining three readathon this July with an insane list of books to read. With me just starting work (yayyy!!!), the chances of me finishing 70% of this TBR is super low but I'm going to try. My goal for July is just to have fun. Most… Continue reading can i balance work and reading? | july tbr