author check-in: rick riordan

Hello! Welcome to the third Author Check-In. Today's author is Rick Riordan who has written many novels with interesting and diverse characters. Unlike most, I didn't grow up reading Percy Jackson's adventures but when I started my blogging and reading journey in 2017, it felt like a must. Six years later and I've caught up… Continue reading author check-in: rick riordan

the trials of apollo – rick riordan | series review

Hello! With this series review, I'm done with all the books within the mythological universe created by Rick Riordan. I think this may be in my top 3 series by the author. I really love Apollo. Navigate through this post with the titles below:🏹 The Hidden Oracle | 📜 The Dark Prophecy | 🔥 The… Continue reading the trials of apollo – rick riordan | series review