winter wonderland book tag 🎄✨

Welcome to the Winter Wonderland book tag! ❄️ Born and raised in a hot and sunny country, I've never experienced true winter before. Always been fascinated with celebrating Christmas during this season when it's cold and snowing. I was tagged by the lovely Tasya @ The Literary Huntress, and had a fun time coming up… Continue reading winter wonderland book tag 🎄✨

the aesthete blogger award

Hello! I was tagged by Susana @Susana Loves Books to do The Aesthete Blogger Award ❤ Thank you so much for nominating me, Susana. I had a wonderful time answering your questions and coming up with new ones. Haven't been posting much recently because there are some pretty big changes in my life. Also, since… Continue reading the aesthete blogger award

never have i ever book tag

Hello, welcome to a book tag! Becky @ Simply It's Blue tagged me last year and it has evidently taken me months before I started on answering the questions. Better late than never, right? This probably can be my tagline nowadays, especially with book tag posts. 💬🍻💬🍻💬🍻 Rules Link back to original creator: Madame WriterLink… Continue reading never have i ever book tag

check in for the first half of 2021 | mid-year freakout book tag

Can't believe half the year has gone just like that. Seems like everything is expedited because of the COVID situation. Even though nothing much really happened in my life from January to June, I'm enjoying life as it is. Certain days are easier than others… Continue reading check in for the first half of 2021 | mid-year freakout book tag

stuck at home: answering prompts with Asian-authored reads | book tag

I remember my country being on lockdown in early 2020 for about three months and not stepping out of the house at all. Other than reading, I probably didn't do anything else which meant that I quickly surpassed all my goals of the year, and… Continue reading stuck at home: answering prompts with Asian-authored reads | book tag

blackpink (in your area) | book tag

blackpink in your area~ i don't talk about my love for kpop often in my social media but blackpink is definitely a group that blew up when they first debut. all of their songs are pretty addictive and poppy. becky, the original creator, tagged me… Continue reading blackpink (in your area) | book tag

percy jackson/heroes of olympus edition | book tag

first book tag of the new year is dedicated to PERCY JACKSON/HEROES OF OLYMPUS. one of my mission is to finish reading ALL of rick riordan's mythological series from percy jackson and the olympians to the trials of apollo. i'm still left with the three… Continue reading percy jackson/heroes of olympus edition | book tag