author check-in: chloe liese

Fourth author check-in is for Chloe Liese books. Out of the three series now currently out, I've already picked up two. Both of which have upcoming releases in 2023. The only series I haven't touched is Tough Love. I'll probably read these very quickly since Chloe Liese contemporary romances are fun and easy to digest.… Continue reading author check-in: chloe liese

author check-in: rick riordan

Hello! Welcome to the third Author Check-In. Today's author is Rick Riordan who has written many novels with interesting and diverse characters. Unlike most, I didn't grow up reading Percy Jackson's adventures but when I started my blogging and reading journey in 2017, it felt like a must. Six years later and I've caught up… Continue reading author check-in: rick riordan

author check-in: anna-marie mclemore

Hello everyone! It's time for the second Author Check-in! I'll be talking about the books I've read, haven't read, and upcoming releases by that author. As it's Pride Month, I want to spotlight an author whose writing is beautiful, lyrical, and atmospheric. Ever since the first book that I read from ✨ Anna-Marie McLemore ✨,… Continue reading author check-in: anna-marie mclemore

author check-in: roshani chokshi

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new type of post on my blog. I've been thinking about this for a while but never did anything about it until now. Since it's Asian Heritage Month, I thought I should just go for it. For Author Check-Ins, I'll be picking a specific author and highlighting all the books… Continue reading author check-in: roshani chokshi

2022 check-in: 27 asian releases i read from january to april.

For Asian Heritage Month, I decided to do a quick check-in for all the books I've read within 2022 from January till now. Although my Asian readathon TBR only has five books, the unofficial list is basically all the new releases of 2022 and the forever backlisted novels in my never-ending TBR. By the end… Continue reading 2022 check-in: 27 asian releases i read from january to april.

15 february 2022 releases: xie lian meets hua cheng, the only romance that matters

February is ushering in some amazing new releases. Weirdly, most of the books on this list are mainly fantasy and only a handful reflects the romantic month that celebrates Valentine's Day. Although I'm looking forward to many February releases, I confess that my mind, heart, eyes, and body crave for Heaven Official's Blessing Volume 2… Continue reading 15 february 2022 releases: xie lian meets hua cheng, the only romance that matters

14 january 2022 releases: my chang’e prayers were answered

Happy New Year, everyone! 🍾✨ I hope that 2021 treated you well despite all the chaos that went down, especially since COVID is still disrupting our lives. Personally 2021 was filled with great moments. I've reached milestones and reflected upon the highlights. Last year was pretty hectic but I managed to read and blog. While… Continue reading 14 january 2022 releases: my chang’e prayers were answered

happy birthday month to these books and me!

Hello! This will be the third year I'm shouting out my most anticipated releases that share the same birthday month as me. Although I have many books on my radar, these are on the top of my list for October 2021. The release dates are subjected to changes. Also, if you know any trigger and… Continue reading happy birthday month to these books and me!

2021 releases: september

hi friends, hope you're having a wonderful day! a goal of mine is to read as many new releases as i could this year, and i'm actually succeeding in that. here are the release i'm looking forward to in july and august! ☽☽ pahua and the soul stealer – lori m. lee Worried that her… Continue reading 2021 releases: september