trilogy review | dreamer – maggie stiefvater

Hello, friends! I finally got around to reading the finale, Greywaren, recently and here are the individual reviews for the three books in the Dreamer trilogy. While this is set in the same world as The Raven Cycle, it feels different following a Dreamer/Dream/Dreamer-Dream-adjacent family of brothers. Like the cast in The Raven Cycle, the… Continue reading trilogy review | dreamer – maggie stiefvater

the raven cycle – maggie stiefvater | series review

Hello, welcome to the series review for The Raven Cycle that I've adored for many, many years. Although the individual reviews were written years ago when I first read the books, many of my opinions still hold. Navigate through this post with the titles below: 🗡 The Raven Boys | 💤 The Dream Thieves |… Continue reading the raven cycle – maggie stiefvater | series review

14 oct releases: sharing my birthday with them~

Welcome to the best month of the year! Just because it's my birthday month, hehe. With October here, we are left with only three months of the year. In October, we are finishing up some series including Kylie Lee Baker's The Keeper of Night duology, Mia P. Manansala's Tita Rosie's Kitchen Mystery trilogy, Maggie Stiefvater's… Continue reading 14 oct releases: sharing my birthday with them~

percy jackson/heroes of olympus edition | book tag

first book tag of the new year is dedicated to PERCY JACKSON/HEROES OF OLYMPUS. one of my mission is to finish reading ALL of rick riordan's mythological series from percy jackson and the olympians to the trials of apollo. i'm still left with the three magnus chase and the gods of asgard books, the last… Continue reading percy jackson/heroes of olympus edition | book tag